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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


You’re a police officer - this isn’t ok!

I don’t know why I forget to check the training logs section; great stuff


I like donuts, but they’re actually not satisfying as a meal. They’re more of a treat or dessert.

I had to make a decision between donuts and pizza and I chose pizza.


A true Sophie’s choice, but you made the right call

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Depends on the pizza and the donuts. A New York slice vs Dunkin’ Donuts, sure, pizza, but hot Krispy Kreme’s vs Pizza Hut, I’m kremin’ all over the place.

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Pizza all day long given that choice. Not even close

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I’m with @flappinit it depends on the pizza and the doughnuts. Bad pizza is deff not better than good doughnuts.


I guess for me it’s that I don’t crave sweet very much in general. Soft pretzel and nacho cheese will always trump cinnimon roll etc. the only real exception is ice cream. Ice cream trumps all



Woke at 220.6 lbs. All of the cheats and social obligations are over so it’s time to suck it up and get back to disciplined eating.

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Hopefully after some cheats you feel mentally refreshed. That can make a big difference in your attitude towards your progress… at least it does for me. That’s what I’m struggling with most currently is that I literally cannot have any cheats. Not even a little bite of this or that. Feeling a bit like a machine. Eat, train, eat, water, supplements, sleep, repeat. Oh well… I did it to myself.

Have a good one J


I find it’s exactly the other way. I’m kind of like Paul Carter, the minute I stop being reminded I’m still too fat/weak/whatever is the minute start cheating because I’ve “earned it”, and I’ll always go overboard on it. Christmas was a 2 week event for me.


Haha! Funny… guess we’re all wired a little differently. I (struggle is a strange word) with extreme OCD issues, so for me sticking to a routine is very satisfying. But I will work myself into the ground. I’ll notice that I’m not recovering properly, and feeling crappy. It’s usually overtraining or too deep of a deficit. If I force myself to indulge every now again it’s kind of like hitting a reset button. OCD is both a blessing and a curse.


I’m lazy and greedy by nature. For me, routine is a way to override those impulses and get results.

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I really like this approach for cutting. Heavy restriction 2 days per week is much easier for me than moderate restriction for 7 days per week. I also couldn’t say that it would be any more effective, just easier for me to be compliant/consistent (and that really is the driving factor behind the success)!

That’s a good game! I’m usually content with myself when I break 100, lol. I think my best ever was a lucky 169. We are actually going next weekend for my yearly birthday bowl! (often the only time we bowl in a year)


3.12.19 Back Day

5 minutes on the bike, L11, 1.38 miles

155 x 10
265 x 5
315 x 5 x 2 sets
375 x 3 x 3 sets
These were a pretty small ROM. I put the rack safety bars at their lowest setting and the bar was right at my kneecap. I might have to try snatch grip to increase the ROM. My PT doesn’t want me to go past 90 degrees of hip flexion so I’m pretty limited.

155 x 5
175 x 5
195 x 4 x 4 sets

BW x 8 x 4 sets (last set was actually 5-1-1-1)

160 x 10 x 3 sets

40 x 15 x 3 sets

30 x 10F/7T/10B
20 x 10F/10T/10B
20 x 12-6-5 + 10 bottom half

250 x 10 x 3 sets

45 x 15 x 3 sets

20 min interval program while watching Netflix
1.80 miles, 283 calories

Physical therapy went good. I learned more about my problems. My femur shifts forward in the socket. This shortens my hip flexors resulting in tightness. It lengthens and weakens the posterior muscles. They gave me a big band to help work on this. I put the band around my leg as high as I can and position myself so that so the banding is pulling down and back on my femur. I can squat or just move through some stretches and this pulls the femur back into capsule. They do this manually with a strap at PT and I felt great afterwards.

I also received a little ultrasound treatment on my knee. By the time I left PT I could do everything pain free. Unfortunately, the knee pain came back later but I still call that a win.


At least you have a better idea what’s going on, and it’s treatable to some degree. That would make a huge difference in my outlook, for sure.

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I’m kicking myself for not going to PT sooner. I guess I just didn’t value their skills because my past experiences have been underwhelming. They just follow the script of exercises and progressions sent by the surgeon. This time is different.

The surgeon just requested that they evaluate my hip and go from there. Now I just have to wait for this stuff to work. I have a feeling that it’s going to take a while to right the ship. Looking back, I can see the signs of this slowly happening and it took awhile to get to this point (at least the IT band issues).


100% on the PTs. The gap between good ones and mediocre ones is enormous. A good one can be a life-changer, though.

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Yeah PT can really help things out. I tend to avoid it because of my coaching background. I feel like I can trouble shoot the problem on my own, but that’s just not the case. The few times I’ve gone they’ve had me doing stuff that really improves stability and range of motion that I wouldn’t have thought to do. Glad your improving man.

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3.13.19 Lucky 13!

Woke at 219.6 lbs - FINALLY!


Awesome man!!! Moving those numbers feels good

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