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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


That’s been my aim too - and have managed to add a little size to right places over last few months with a caloric deficit - but haven’t lost quite as much as I expected, probably due to 1 lazy diet day per week. But I’ve been gaining on my shoulders, arms and lower quads just from getting 2x the volume on some basic moves than what I had been doing. We’re talking maybe an extra 100 lat raises, lunges, and curls. My neck is still stuck at 16 1/2-3/4” which is annoying.

All annoying.


Well, I think I destroyed my chances of seeing 219 tomorrow. We’re implementing date night on Sundays so we went out to dinner. I had some damn good food, but probably went over my calories.

My meal was a fajita bowl - basically fajitas sans tortillas which was perfect. I also held off on the cheese and sour cream. I had a few pieces of my wife’s pita bread and hummus and then had a protein bar at home for dessert.

I’m about to really blow it with some beer or wine.

Tomorrow my mom wants to meet for donuts for breakfast and then go bowling at noon. The alley serves the delicious pizza I had on New Years. I’m not sure what I’m going to do. Right now I’m leaning towards eating pizza for lunch and only having protein shakes the rest of the day.

Going back to Thursday when I had cheap frozen pizza, this has been a rough stretch and I’ve failed miserably at sticking to the plan. Pizza, Taco Bell, tonight, and possibly more (but much better) pizza tomorrow. Stupid Spring Break.

Guess I just added another week to this process. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it but the new goal is 213 instead of 215. Seven pounds to go before this speed bump.


Think of it as a metabolic reset. And enjoy life a little bit then get back on track.


I agree with the hog, partly because it makes me feel better about my own culinary indiscretions…


Well, I only had two glasses of wine which is half of a 1.75L bottle for me.

Perhaps I’ll see 222 or less in the morning.


We do date night on Wednesday’s… man it’s awesome to have one night a week where you can just have fun together. Good for you guys!


Setbacks give us a chance to improve more times on the way to our goals :sunglasses:. What are your general thoughts on doing one day a week total fasting?



Woke at 220.2 lbs so last night wasn’t a total train wreck! Also, I’ve never seen the same number on the scale for a week straight. My weight usually goes up and down by several pounds from day to day. I think the consistency is due to consistent eating - even with the junk I snuck in there.

We used to do it and it fell apart on us. My wife has been really busy the past year and adding to our causes a lot of stress.

She’s a teacher M-F. She’s getting her Masters and has class on Monday nights. And she’s a coach on a running club and they have practice Wednesday nights at the track. For awhile she was also training with people on Thursday nights.

We go to church Saturday nights with my parents and then have dinner afterwards.

That’s a lot of evening plans for her.

I’ve done it a couple of times after some really bad days of eating and it sucks. I’m not desperate yet.


Yeah, I’ve never even thought about doing it, but then looked back over past week - and basically stayed right at 2500(ish) calories - but blew up on Saturday (actually stopped tracking after appetizer at dinner) and had a big meal, desert, and post meal drinks. Dinner + Drinks were $300 for each couple (celebration for them getting pregnant) but I don’t care where you are, $300 of food is going to be a lot of calories!

Anyway, then ate normal yesterday, but if I’d (for instance) done just 3 big protein shakes (600-700 calories) or even just water and one shake - I’d go from an average of 2700 calories per day (6x2500 and 1x4000) to 2400 (5x2500, 1x4k, 1x500) - or saving 2,000 calories per week.

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I’ve managed to go from dinner to dinner fasted but I haven’t done a full day. I think it can be a useful approach for people who can suffer for one day but struggle to stay on track all week.


I’ve done several months of 2 x 800 calorie days every week. They suck pretty hard, but they’re manageable. Couldn’t say they were any more effective than just regularly controlling calories to be honest though. It also limits your training days because no-one is going to train productively with that little food in them.

If you’re going to try, I would recommend you do them on busy days. It seems counter intuitive but I initially did them on days where I was fairly inactive (~5000 steps if you like numbers) and it was hell. I also did them on days where I was on my feet all day (~15000+ steps) and it felt more manageable. I also found it easier to manage if i cut all carb sources.



Chest gets hit on chest and shoulder day, plus possibly arm day.
Back gets hit on back, and probably quads/hams days too, and possibly arm day.
Shoulders get hit on chest, back, shoulders, and arm day.
Quads and hams usually overlap too.

There should always be some overlap in a good bro split - if not, it’s probably poorly designed.

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That’s my problem. My non training days are work days and sometimes they’re slow. I actually have the most trouble with hunger on my work days.

I think I’ll be fine. I’ll definitely throw some face pulls or reverse fly’s in on back day to hit the rear delts.

The added cardio is also burning up my legs so there’s stimulation even if it’s not traditional lifting.


It’s still doable, I did it many times. It’s more mentally demanding though. I think the days where I was tired and hungry and fairly sedentary where much worse than any other though. Even the full day of baking on 500 cals was better than those.


A little late, a date night followed by a day with your mom, should be a caloric surplus… It really doesn’t matter as long as you don’t do it everyday.
Hope you’ve had a some awesome days.

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Chest Day

We met my parents at a donut shop for breakfast, but I just had coffee. Afterwards we all split up. My mom, wife, and kids went shopping while my dad and I went to the gym. We didn’t do the same workout but it still fun.

10 min as warm up

45 x 20
135 x 5
155 x 5
185 x 5 x 4 sets

superset with
3 x 10

60 x 10, 10, 8

130 x 8
110 x 10, 12

35 x 10
25 x 10, 10

2 x 15/15/15

10 min split between two machines that I’ve never used.

After this we got cleaned up and met back up with the other half of the family for pizza and bowling. We only bowled one game but that was enough for me. My IT band is still jacked up and it hurt to throw the ball. I managed to bowl a 150 though.

It’s been a pretty awesome day and it’s not over. I’m meeting a buddy for beers at Old Chicago at 5 to catch up. I could use a nap right now though.


Man I’m the opposite. My work days are so busy I sometimes have trouble even getting my water in. It’s the lazy Sunday that killes me. Keep telling my stomach you’re not hungry you’re bored!

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@dagill2 - makes a lot of sense. Today, for instance, I could have easily just hung on till dinner with basically nothing all day - because I’ve had no time to do anything but work - including a workout break, but basically go-go-go - could have easily skipped breakfast and mid-day protein shake - and working till 7 - so dinner could skip too. Interesting concept.


Mine too. That’s why hunger is less of an issue. I don’t have time to be hungry.

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My work days during the colder months can be slow which makes not eating a problem. I tend to notice my hunger more when I’m bored.