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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


I’m about to hit the gym for my lunch break and blasted this during the drive. It played right at the start of my leg day Wednesday and got me pumped (too bad I wasn’t deadlifting).

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This was me earlier this week.

My missus actually asked me if I was having a piece of little man’s birthday cake. As if it was a serious question and there was any way one earth I’d say no.


That’s more a question of are you only going to have one piece…

Light Upper Body Session

BW x 8 x 4 sets
Used a little knee raise action to do set three and the final two reps on set four.

superset with

45s x 8 x 4 sets

135 x 8
155 x 8 x 3 sets

superset with

135 x 8
145 x 8 x 3 sets
Bent over rows sucked. I feel no MMC. I need to do something else or lighten the load and do slow eccentrics.

(front raise, lat raise, bent over rev fly)
15s x 10 ea (front/lat/rear)
15s x 10 ea (lat/rear/front)
15s x 10 ea (rear/front/lat)
I changed which movement went first in the circuit to mess with fatigue a bit. I was basically doing clean pull lat raises on round three :smile:

Total Time: 32 minutes and I got sweaty. Oh, well.


Nice and quick little one you got in there J

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Funny thing with BB Rows. Once I stopped trying to be overly strict and cheat a lot more I started feeling WAY more MMC in my back. I think when you are too strict or too slow with the movement it becomes an arm movement vs a back movement.

At the 4ish minute mark Ed explains it pretty well.


Unfortunately I misjudged slicing it up at the party, so there was only enough left for one piece. Next year though.


My thoughts on this (for what they’re worth) is that if you stop the set when you start reaching perfect technical failure, you never get a good pump on these. I start out really strict with pauses etc., then get slowly more and more lax as the set goes on. I’d rather do more shitty reps than stop the set because I can’t do perfect ones.


Well, I stuck with my plan for Taco Bell but I didn’t account for birthday cake. I had a small piece of lemon cake with marshmallow frosting. It was delicious. I also had some extra chicken from my wife’s meal since she’s a vegan.

I think I went a bit over budget but I also adjusted my calories for my new weight. I dropped my daily cals to 2420 from 500. It’s not much but I’m 24 cals over today due to the change (although I’m just guessing about the cake).

I bought a new toy today! It’s glorious.

I also just ran through some new hip exercises.

Prone Straddle Hold
No YouTube video so here’s a screen shot.


Ice cream is my Achilles heel!



Woke at 220.6 lbs. Up 0.2 lbs from yesterday and my highest weigh-in for the week by 0.4 lbs. I think I’ll call that a win since I ate crap food for dinner the last two days. I’m expecting to see 219 on the scale on Monday because I have no reason to stray from healthy foods the rest of the weekend.

My high school alma mater is playing in the 4A State Championship game tonight and my parents are going. That means we won’t have our usual dinner with them after church. That’s a good thing for my nutrition because it means there won’t be any bread, guacamole, or dessert. I can eat what I want.

Work is probably going to suck today but the time should go fast. We have five officers which means we can cover two active calls and one report call at a time (two officers for every call except reports where only the victim is on scene). We had 12 officers Thursday and 10 yesterday. The weekends always suck.

I kind of want to work out today but it goes against this new split/program. I hit everything upper body yesterday to get me through the weekend. I could do some light cardio but I don’t really want to work up a sweat during my shift. I might not have time for a workout anyway.


I think I’ve finally settled on my training split. I opted to try the four day template from the Tried and True Bodybuilding Template so I didn’t have to train three days during work. I looked at the layout again and was able to move some things around so I can train five days a week while still only training on two work days.

I think, repeat, think, this will be my split going forward:

Monday: Chest/Abs
Tuesday: Back/Calves
Wednesday: Quads/Abs
Thursday: Off
Friday: Shoulders/Hams
Saturday: Arms/Abs

This leaves with me only one legitimate training day during work and I can still do all of my training at my work gym or the Y. I have the itch to do something every day to keep my metabolism up and keep my body active. I know rest days have their place but I feel like I’m just wasting opportunities. Saturday’s arm day will give me something to do without adding much stress to my body. I don’t think it’s going to affect any other days of the week either.

So now I have a reason to sneak down to the gym today! Unfortunately, my biceps tendon is going to prevent arm day from being what it could truly be, but I’ll do my best.


Sounds like a good training plan for your personality haha

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I like that clam shell against the wall. I’m stealing that one.

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The prone straddle hold is my favorite. You basically extend your hips to raise your legs off the ground and spread them as far as you can and hold it. I did 15 second holds at first and then I tried doing pulses or quick reps. I went out as far as I could and then brought my legs in 5-6 inches and then went back out just to get some movement. Talk about feeling the burn!! I feel these better and think they’ll work better than the reverse clams and side lying abduction.

I have to make sure I don’t use my TFL and the best way to do that is to have my hip extended. It’s tough to get much resistance with a band when my leg is going back and up during the side lying abduction.


I think with the kind of split you’re doing you’re fine with minimal rest days. Since you’re not doing a large volume of heavy compound lifts you’re always resting something, even on your training days. Also, lemon cake sounds delicious. Lemon bars are a particular weakness for me.

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I like your new split J.
I’m going the BB way too after my program.
I’m really finding it hard to do only one day of each muscle group.


Everything will get plenty of rest. Adding the arm day just gives me an extra day to train. I feel strange sitting on my rear for two days in a row.

It was good, but my favorite is anything with chocolate.

I haven’t even officially started this program since I just decided to try it a few days ago. I’m also struggling with the once a week thing. I’ve never done it. I have always hit everything at least twice a week so I feel like I’m losing gains if I don’t train frequently. However, I like the idea of only having one leg day a week :smile:. I also think it will give my joints more of a break since I won’t be pressing three to four days a week. There will be more volume, but less sessions so I think they’ll like it.

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135 x 8
155 x 8, 8, 8, 6

superset with

25s x 8 holy crap my tendon stayed in place!
30’s x 1 nope, just a cruel trick on set 1

So, as you can see those curls did not work out. Once my tendon pops out of the groove I have to move my arm in a circle to get it to go back in place. I decided to skip that and try to curl with it out of the groove. It was just going to pop out anyway, right? Well, that freaking hurt and I had no strength.

50 x 8 ea x 4 sets

130 x 10 x 4 sets

3 x 10

100 x 10
80 x 15 x 2 sets

90 x 10 x 2 sets
70 x 15 x 2 sets

45 x 50

10 x 15, 15, 10 ea
Just alternated back and forth without resting.

Total Time: 31 minutes



Woke at 220.8 lbs and a little hungry.

I really thought I might see 219 today. I’m hoping the issue is my late protein shake. I’m usually a little heavier if I drink casein right before bed.

I’m not quite ready to add morning cardio or anything crazy like that.

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Either today or tomorrow I bump to morning and evening cardio… oh joy!!!

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