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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


Are your family and. Friends on board with your dieting? It happens to me all the time… I’ll be hands down the fittest one of our group when we’re out and trying to order something that works. (You know like getting romaine leaves instead of tortillas with fajitas) and it never fails. Someone is always like, why don’t you just eat normal? Your already in good shape. I find dedication and discipline to be a very admirable characteristic. I’m moticated when I see someone staying strong and not caving to temptation. It feels like it’s the opposite for most people. They think your weird for denying yourself at times. Sorry… rant over. Just annoying to me


@JMaier31 bring an extra undershirt/pants???

@jackolee yeah that’s annoying. I’ve learned to just ignore it. People just dont understand it, so they question it. The real idiots make jokes about it. I take customers out to lunch pretty much daily and the same 5 or so always have some smart ass comment. Everyone of them are fat as hell. I laugh it off with them bc I need them to keep buying from me so I can buy my lean protein :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Luckily you can force weight loss (unlike adding muscle). My goal is to lose two pounds a week. I don’t want to drag this out.

I think they know me well enough by now to understand me. My wife is more picky than I am. She’s vegan and she sticks to it. She doesn’t impose her eating on others; she just abstains from the meat and cheese.

I’m pretty sure my parents think I’m crazy because I’ll still weigh my food when they’re over. I’m just not good at estimating. Every time I stop weighing and tracking I don’t get the results I want. I’m always unpleasantly surprised when I track my food for a day just to check myself. I’m always underestimating everything. I think I’m eating six ounces of meat and it’s 10. I think I’m having two servings of a condiment and it’s five. I suck.

I get this crap at work. The fatter people say crap like “Eat a donut.” “Eat a cheeseburger.” And I’ve heard the same stuff about already being thin or in good shape so go ahead and eat some garbage. I can’t ever speak my mind but I’m thinking “Well, fat ass, the reason I look this way is because I don’t eat like you.”

And then when people see me eating junk, they like to talk about how I’m lucky to be able to eat that and be thin… freaking idiots. “You spend zero hours a year in the gym and I go six days a week. I also weigh and measure my food nearly every day. I’m not lucky; I’m obsessive. This doesn’t happen by accident.”

I can never speak my mind because apparently I’m a jerk. :joy: :joy: :joy:


I don’t even take the time to change during my lunch break workouts. I get 30 minutes. The gym is like 10 minutes from my patrol area. My Sgt told me to check enroute to the city building and then officially check out for my lunch when I’m actually ready to start my workout. I’m usually already “busy” for about 20 minutes before I start my workout. I train for my 30 minutes and then take any extra time I can get after that. Dispatch (should) automatically show me “available” after 30 minutes. I’ll keep training until I’m done or until I get sent to a call.

I don’t really have time to change clothes. Well, I guess I technically do but it would just take me that much longer to get back to work and I feel bad enough the way it is. It’d be nice if we had a gym at the station because it’s one block off of my patrol area.

When I get to the gym, I take off my vest and duty belt and get to work. I also plan my training week so that I can do what I need to do in this clothing and footwear.


Like you, I’ve thought this many times but then I swallow my pride and respond with something much kinder lol! I really wish that I could be an ass for a day without retribution.


Yeah, I’m pretty lucky at work. For the most part I just get some funny looks at my giant salad and can of tuna or chicken, but when we’re doing a group feed in the department there’s always some comments and some peer pressure to pig out, but I just laugh it off. My cheats are (almost) never at work, but out with the family at nice restaurants.

I’m actually wearing a pair of jeans right now that I had relegated to the back of the closet as unwearable a couple years ago. There’s some definite benefits to this ‘getting thinner’ thing.


That’s like me mate. I’ve a few items of clothing in my wardrobe that I can only wear when I’m skinnier



95 x 8 x 2 sets
95 x 13-3-3 double rest/pause

20 x 10 x 3 sets

20 x 10, 8
20 x 6, 10 x 10 dropset

DB OHP (dropset)
30 x 19
20 x 10
10 x 16
5 x 30 lateral raises

23 minutes. I did a few sets of hip strengthening exercises to finish. My knee is still hurting pretty bad on stairs. Sometimes I feel the stabbing pain in my knee and hip at the same time. It feels like the two ends of the same muscle/tissue. The IT stuff will be my focus for PT Wednesday. And I won’t be playing basketball this week.


Hahaha we are all alike in here, that’s why I like this place, we’re all one of a kind. A bit obsessed.
When people ask how much I train and stuff like that, I just respond… well I try to get to the gym 2 - 4 times a week… And I know I workout at least 4 times a week, knowing exactly what to do. The same with eating, at the moment I say no thanks to everything and they just look at me asking why…


Stick with it man, training with injuries is the worst. And if physical therapy isn’t helping after 2-3 weeks- might be time to fire your therapist. I hear there are plenty other out there. And I don’t know how much you love basketball, but that’s the first thing I might cut out (for a while) if I were you. I’m rooting for ya.


What type of injury is it ? Was it caused by lifting ?


This will be my first trip back to PT since my post-op rehab a year ago. He’s supposed to evaluate my hip and look for anything that’s off. I’m guessing there’s a weakness somewhere in there that’s causing me to compensate. I have a lot of tight muscles in the area and I can’t seem to find any relief. I tried a lot of tissue work at the chiropractor in January and the tissues/muscles wouldn’t let up. Something is off and it’s causing the tightness.

@Rizla81, the muscle tightness in my hip has caused IT band syndrome (I think). You know how it works. A problem in one area of the body eventually affects another area due to compensation patterns.

Oh, and @trimtabber79, basketball is my favorite sport! I love playing but it’s time to stop. Unfortunately, I also just started.

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I had to look that up as I’ve never heard of it. The diagram shows the link from hip to knee. This muscle is tight or inflamed? One source said complete rest for 6 weeks clears it up, yet another source is saying it’s very difficult to stretch it ( if it can be done at all ). Sounds like an annoying sore problem. Hope you are able to get some relief eventually bud.


Well, it’s called a syndrome for a reason - it’s a complicated combination of problems. The Tensor Fasciae Latae muscle starts at the hip and attaches to the outside of the knee. The lower portion of the muscle is the IT band. The TFL is tight and it causes the tissue in the knee to rub when the knee bends. I guess that causes inflammation in the knee and causes the knee pain. The cause of the knee pain is always in the hip though. I have to figure out why the TFL is so tight.

I’ve read several treatment protocols. Some say to foam roll it. Some say don’t roll it because it might agitate the tissue. Some say to “release” the tissue by doing light massage. The one consistency in treatment is rest from painful activities and strengthening the muscles in the hip (abductors, glute medius and minimus).


I didn’t read your whole log, but any history of lumbar pain on that side? Strengthening those muscles can help, as can stretching of the hip itself. A good PT will screen all areas in the location and try to address them all. Soft tissue work alone can be hit or miss.

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It sounds complicated and way out of my anatomy knowledge. Probably best left to a professional physio to get to the bottom of it. Have you tried complete rest? That might be hard with your work and lifestyle commitment. Would yoga stuff help, you tried that? Maybe that might make things worse I ain’t got a clue


No lumbar pain on that side until my initial symptoms surfaced in the first half of 2017. That pain was more from the muscle tightness. One theory I heard from a chiropractor was that my body was guarding an injury. Eventually I found out that I had a torn hip labrum. I had surgery December 2017 and life was great until July of 2018 when my pain returned. A recent MRI showed that the surgery was holding up, but I have bone growth that isn’t supposed to be there. It may or may not be causing my hip pain. If it’s the problem then it’s possible that my body is guarding the area again resulting in all these tight muscles.

Over the past two years I’ve spent a lot of time with two different chiropractors and a physical therapist. We’ve tried a lot of things to find relief.


Close. December was my bodyweight month. I only did bodyweight work with my legs. I dropped squats, deadlifts and spinal loading in mid November. I ran in December for conditioning and dropped that for three weeks in January. I also dropped the body weight stuff in January. The funny thing is my IT symptoms surfaced after I started trying to rest.

All of that rest/modification was to let my hip rest. I still have pain in the joint. The IT band pain showed up when I resumed my activities. Talk about a kick in the pants.


Yeah rest- except post surgical or post fracture for more than a day or two is almost never the answer. If I were you I’d track any treatments that were helping relieve pain even a little and sort out what exercises were on the low end of the pain scale vs those that cause crazy pain immediately. Keep working through pain, but there is a point where sharp pain may turn into 24 hour inflammation or make you start missing lifts. Basketball just seems too unpredictable and reactive if it’s full court and the jumping and landing too risky for your problem.

I suspect that either your hip capsule is tight and tightening everything else around it, or the nerves around your low back are contributing to something here. Either way, a good PT should either find an answer or - onto the next thing.


PT is the next and probably last stop. This whole time I’ve been thinking that I need to find someone who really evaluates movement. And I mean really evaluates it - like, can watch me perform an exercise and see dysfunction and know the cause and possible effects. But I really don’t know of any profession that does that. We have tons of different types of doctors, but I don’t know of any who can do that type of analysis. I’m hoping the PT can spot something.

I’m pretty sure he’ll be able to treat the IT band problem even if he can’t solve the other issues. I’ll take that for now.

Before I shut things down the only things that bothered my hip were squats and deadlifts. I really like deadlifts but I could avoid those if that’s the only problem I have left. I’m done with squats. It doesn’t make sense for my hip structure to continue doing that movement. I would be happy to get back to where I was in November. Deadlifts made my hip ache but compared to now that was great. I could also play basketball pain free.

Regardless of what happens next, if problems with my hip continue then I might push for another surgery to remove the bone. The hip surgeon told me he’s not certain if it’s the problem or not.

Here’s a recent post that describes the bone thing: