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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


Euphoric! The crust was very soft and chewy in a good way. It was also sweet. It would’ve been great just as bread.

It was a four cheese pizza so it was light on toppings but it was delicious. I could’ve eaten five more slices.

It wasn’t my cheat meal by any means but I needed some carbs. I’m hoping the constant hunger subsides for a bit.


I know basketball is rough but I’ve just started playing again. I quit playing at Thanksgiving. I developed this IT band syndrome while not playing (and not really doing much of anything with my legs).

I’m frustrated. I’ve been dealing with injuries for way too long. Rest hasn’t helped so I’ve adopted the “screw it” approach for basketball, but I’m not going to be able to play until this pain stops
It’s not even enjoyable. I fear I may be developing a hitch in my giddy up.

I go to PT next Wednesday. Hopefully he has some ideas.

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Woke at 223.6 lbs. I skipped my breakfast shake and I regret it already. I normally would have had it about 45 minutes ago.

Gained 0.2 lbs from the pizza and I’m still hungry. Dang.

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I’m all likliehood your probably just holding a little water from the sodium. Have a good one J


Hey J wish I could cheer you up someway, but you’re in a somewhat miserable place and I don’t blame you.
Keep up the training that you can do. I know you will.
Hope the PT can help you


I consider a 0.2 lb gain a success! I was expecting to be 225-226 :laughing:

I wouldn’t say I’m miserable. I’m not happy in the gym. Outside of that, I’m doing alright…except for my wife telling me that my shoulders are smaller. That hurt! :joy:


That’s the misery I’m talking about.

And this is what keeps you sane my friend.
Except you’ve got small shoulders :slight_smile:
That’s the downside of being tall I guess.

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I might have to do another bulk and only train shoulders. I could also eat at maintenence except on shoulders day and then eat like a 300 calorie surplus to try to gradually grow my delts while not getting fatter.

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Hey J, I find it near impossible to do the calorie surplus guideline of 500 over maintenance and make steady progress. I Don’t notice anything until I up the calories plenty. I use my carbs wise, fast acting around training and slow acting when resting. The fast actors are in and out of the system in a few hours and will mostly be used up when training. The slow actors don’t create such as big an insulin spike and work better resting.

I also get in that empty stomach cardio first thing on wake. I find this minimises fat gain. As the body is already in a depleted state it burns away excess and starts the furnace up nicely for the day ahead. I would also get in a 30 min hill walk with the dog after dinner, just enough to work up a good sweat.

Them Rich Piana feeders will keep that calorie burn going while adding size in the right places. If shoulders is your main aim then use the 100 rep side lat raise constant superset with front raise for 60 reps constant burn for 2-3 sets with a few mins rest in between. Might have to start lower to begin, it’s tough going. I’d do this say half hour before bed. No food after. The constant pump on the muscle sticking to the same movement over and over I find is superior to a mixed superset type exercise were the focus shifts to another movement. Doing that kind of gives the muscle a breather in a way.

I guess we are all different though in how our bodies work when it comes to food and fat etc. If the goal is just pure fat lose then Jacks approach is the best. If you want to grow some areas while not getting fat you could try something like this. Its just some ideas I’m throwing your way buddy that I use.


Last year was my gaining phase. I went from 217 to 250. I’m on my way back down to 215. I wasn’t comfortable at 250 and I like being lean.

I’ll keep lifting to grow but I’m not sure if I’ll eat enough for it to happen. I’m done adding fat so any growth will be very slow.


That’s a great gain 250. I have a buddy 6ft5 and its staring up in the sky to talk to him, haha… big guy


Unfortunately it didn’t look the way I’d hoped. It was spread over 10 months but I think it was still mostly fat. I’ll do a photo check-in once I hit 215 lbs and I’ll put it side by side with my 217 physique to see what, if anything, has changed.


I’ve learnt you don’t get to choose the compliments you get. I’ve even managed to be quietly pleased with being described as “toned” last year. 10 years ago and my blood would have been boiling, but the intention was good so I took it.

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Try getting called a bloody midget haha. I used to hate it when people described me. Example - “here mate what will I do with this box”… “ just give it to that wee lad over there “ grrr! . It’s not so bad nowadays but I’d love to be taller. Around 6ft at least. Any workouts for this? Ha.

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I think medieval torture proved that you can’t stretch bones.


Chest & Shoulders

(@ home after work)

2 x 25

3 x 10 ea

2 x 25

SEATED OHP (no back support)
95 x 8, 8, 8, 8, 6
I was supposed to do push press but I can’t do overhead lifts in my basement unless I sit. This was probably a better shoulder workout anyway.

60 x 10, 10, 7

25 x 20, 15

superset with

25 x 20, 15
I went to failure on fly’s and immediately switched to presses. It feels awkward when I reach that type of fatigue. My arms kind of do their own thing.

25 x 10, 10
25 x 10, 15 x 10, 10 x 15, 5 x 15

20 regular
10 standing partial reps to the wall


Your analaogy (and brother’s experience) are perfect for this situation. Maybe it’s a male thing; maybe it pertains especially to competitive people; whichever the cause may be, I can echo what you said, both experientially and observationally. My brothers, friends, and myself, particularly before full adult responsibilities kicked in, would go through cycles of wanting to be healthy - putting on mass and gaining strength - focusing more on training and the gym - enjoying it less - getting burnt out, injured, or both.

Exactly right! Stated another way - “I praise you, for I am awesomely, wondrously made; Your work is wonderful; I know it very well.” Psalm 139:14


3.2.19 (Rest Day)

Woke at 223.0 lbs. I was hoping for 222 something. Overall, I’m still trending downwards. I got spoiled but the 221 and 220 readings from early in the week. I was hoping that was my new normal since it occurred several days in a row.

I was 500+ calories over budget Thursday and 400+ under yesterday so I think I successfully snuck my pizza treat into the mix without sabotaging myself. Looking forward to my chicken wing binge. I think I’m going to make a night of it with a couple co-workers.



Woke at 222.0 lbs. Finally!

Last night’s family dinner turned out much better than expected. We ended up getting a couple rotisserie chickens from Sam’s. My wife made potatoes in the oven and my parents brought salad and veggies. I ate way more than I’ve been eating in one sitting but I still came in under my calories. My wife bought a pack of chocolate chunk cookies at Sam’s for some reason. They’re 220 calories a piece. I ate one and then opted for a Clif Builder protein bar for the rest of my dessert. It was only 50 calories more and had 20g of protein. The cookies are also a little dry and firm. That’s too bad but it’s also saving me from eating them three at a time.

I’m due for my shoulder workout today but the wind chill is going to be below 0 Deg F all day. That means I’m dressed warm. I have my flannel pajama pants on under my work pants and a long sleeve under my uniform shirt. If I work hard then I’ll get hot and sweaty and then I’ll have a wet undershirt. I definitely won’t be doing push press. I could opt for regular OHP again.

Speaking of work pants. I’m wearing my smaller pants with another pair of pants under them. These pants were getting snug at the end of 2018 and now I’m layered up and they’re still loose.


Amazing how fast you are losing weight man. Nice work.

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