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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


Lmao I’m hearing you mate, I’m hearing you !!


Are there certain lifts you cannot do or are you concerned about working heavy compounds at a certain percentage because of the risk?

Strength can be improved while working at 80 percent, and if you keep reps low and form pristine then you could conceivably do it. I’d take a page from Dan John if I was trying two absolutely minimize risk of injury while improving strength and run,

  • 1 rep @ 80%, rest
  • 2 reps @ 80%, rest
  • 3 reps @ 80%, rest longer.

Repeat three more times.

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Squats and deadlifts mostly. There was a time I put my back out in the gym and was out for months. It’s never fully recovered. I don’t want to risk that happening again so have tailored around heavy lifts. Higher volume stuff with higher reps. I could possibly work on my bench for strength. Back day has went from one of my favourite days to my least. The slightest strain worries me, even walking up a steep hill has me in agony. I think the lower discs are damaged.


Have you visited a physio?


Yeah, was given some exercises to do and told not to stay in bed but keep moving. Used pain meds until over the worst of it. It’s been years now so I’m guessing whatever is wrong isn’t going to heal. I just get on with it


I have the same feeling about myself and powerlifting. Probably would have been pretty good at it especially bench, but I’m old and my back is terrible. 4 herniated disks and scoliosis.

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Amazingly, my lowee back is the one thing I don’t have issues with.

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Feels old, haha. I’m happy just getting to the gym these days and being able to train. Just got to be smarter to prolong it



Woke at 223 and change but I expected that. My wife came home from work and went straight to bed yesterday. She thought she had the stomach flu so I didn’t go into our room. I slept on the couch. Well, I took a couple of naps on the couch.

I happened to wear my fitbit to bed and it captured my awesome night of sleep.

@Rizla81, I have a bulged disc and it shut me down back in 2014. My quad wouldn’t contract and my shin was numb.

I avoided surgery and I’m able to train how I want but I still slip out of alignment pretty regularly. Sometimes it’s minor and I can correct it and sometimes I have to go to the chiropractor.

Back injuries don’t have to be the end of lifts like squat and deadlift, but there’s basically no room for error.


Last year in January I royally threw my back out. Every muscle was spasmed and I was stuck with crooked hips and hunched over like Quasimodo for six weeks. Longest month and a half of my life. Made this whole dieting thing seem like a breeze

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You know you’ve done a good job of injuring yourself when you can see visual deformities!

How often did you go to the chiropractor to get adjusted? I would’ve been going twice a week minimum.


One of my best friends is my training partner and chiro. We did adjustments 3 times a week and spinal decompression along with e stem and massage. Still took about 6 weeks to get back to somewhat normal lol

A lot easier to do when the cares free!


My whole groin area used to go cold and numb like your shin. It must be the nerves that link up the back and legs. I wouldn’t want surgery either unless it gets worse. I can manage.

If I ever did start deadlifting again it would be from scratch with low weight to test the waters.

@jackolee that’s a crazy looking posture. how did you manage to do that ?


Damn straight. Why waste a cheat on that garbage.


I actually like Pizza Hut but I’m not picky. I’ll eat Little Caesar’s Hot N Ready pizzas if they’re fresh. You can’t reheat that crust though. Once it’s cold, it’s done. That should probably be a clue that it’s not real food.


Was being a stubborn ass and trying to put the Christmas tree in the attic by myself. Pulling it up rather than pushing it and the handle of the box broke and my whole torso simply twisted


I’m laughing man but I’m sure that was sore … ouch . See this is why I hate Christmas I picture you saying lol


Man once you eat Italian pizza you cant go back to pizza hut trash… thats like banging an 8 but then a 3 tries to smash


Haha! Worst part was I was still in the attic and had to try to get down that dumb ladder. Glad the wife and kids weren’t home cause there were some choice words flying!


Wow, the ever-elusive picture of Jack with some body fat! Not much compared to some of us, but it’s all relative.