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The Dark Knight


I just saw a full length trailer this weekend and I'm now looking more forward to this movie than Iron Man. Here's a link to it:


It's only going to get better because they don't even show Scarecrow or Harvey "Two Face" Dent. Batman is going to have his hands full in this one.


yeah, ledger actually looks good in this one too....as opposed to anything and everything else he's done


Next year has a bunch of movies I want to see. This is probably the one I most anticipate. The first six minutes or so/the prologue of the movie is being played at the Imax showings of I Am Legend. A little searching on YouTube will turn up a bootleg copy of it... The Joker is intense. It looks like they really nailed him in this one.


Brokeback Batman baby!

The scene they are playing before I am Legend is the bank heist scene, but I don't think it's the first scene of the actual movie.


I dunno man, I heard it was the first 6 minutes and after watching it.. its kind of an introduction to the joker which lead me to believe it was actually the first 6 minutes.

Either way, the best part of I am Legend was the Batman trailer.


You know, I really liked "I am Legend", yet I still may agree with your statement.

That was a friggin' awesome Batman trailer.

Are they showing the same extended trailer in regular theaters that they are in the IMAX?


I heard just at the IMAX. Hopefully they can squeeze out a good Batman movie still. Batman begins was ok, but holy crap did the three before it suck ass.

[hijack]So Legend isn't worth seeing? [/hijack]


batman begins is more than ok.

and holy shit, Heath Ledger looks awesome as the joker.

Michael Caine said Heath put in the scariest performance he has ever seen!!


There were four previous Batmans. So are you saying the Michael Keaton/Jack Nicholson Batman was good, and the next 3, immediately preceding Batman Begins were horrible? I agree with that. Or did you just forget or not know there were four?

As a side note, Joel Schumacher actually apologized for making Batman and Robin. What a piece of crap movie.


I disagree. The Four Feathers was an absolutely excellent movie.




Enjoyed the trailer, and to answer the other question. I Am Legend is worth seeing, but it seems to be a movie you either like or don't like. Love it or hate it. Either way Smith did an excellent job with his acting.

I'm looking forward to this new Batman, Joker looks to be more in line with the comic book version, which can only be good.


Agreed. Although I'm not sure how you could "hate" the movie, some people just seem to instantly rebel against any movie that experiences a lot of box office success.

I thought it was excellent. The flashbacks throughout the movie, explaining how the current situation came to be, were very well done.

Either way, if you live near an IMAX, go see it. You get an absolutely awesome Batman trailer, and a great acting performance by Will Smith.

Sorry to hijack, back to the Batman discussion.


The Adam West Batman movie was also great.


Absolutely when he's running through the street with the bomb in his hand that is comedy


Best ever. Best ever scene was when the dolphins intercepted the torpedos so that Batman and Robin could escape doom. All you saw was the dynamic duo tied to some floating device with the torpedo approaching...then they were free and on jet skis or something...you didn't actually see dorsal fins or an explosion, but these profound words from the greatest batman ever explained things aptly:

"The almost humanlike intelligence of the dolphin is something we may never understand."


I didn't think anyone else remembered that one.

"Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb."