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The Dark Knight Rises


Chris Nolan just announced the title and said the villain will NOT be the Riddler.




The above link didn't work for me. So, here, just in case some one else is having troubles.



??? hmmm if not the Riddler then...WHO??


^Here's a hint. Good source of protein.


Jack Black as the penguin maybe?


Why is it "The Dark Knight Rises"? Wouldn't he already be considered as "risen"?


They should bring the Joker back... Oh wait.


It's about Batman getting a bat-boner.


No room for that nonsense in the Nolan batverse.


I'd like to see the Mad Hatter


He had to lay low after getting blamed for the death of Harvey Dent. He was a "vigilante" but not a "murderer" until then.


It would be cool if it was Bane.


Zack effron could play him.


what's a "Zack effron"?


I'd like to see Harvey Dent/Two-Face back, but he's dead. Maybe the villain will be someone like Hush or Hugo Strange or Black Mask.


I mean Jarod Leto LOL

Joke fail on my part.


He has said there will be old villains and some new ones. And there has been reports of 20-30 yr old women auditions, which could mean anything but i'm thinking we see Talia a Ghul with Ra's coming back.




July 20, 2012?

Holy blue balls, Batman!