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The Dark Knight: Official Review Thread


I just bought my Midnight ticket for Thursday and I felt like being the first to create the Dark Knight thread.

So when you step out of the theaters, this is where you come to let it all out. For example:


Also, make sure to put "Spoiler Alert". We must be mindful of what we post. Every time you release a Spoiler, Clay Aiken grows a little bit stronger.





This movie will be awesome.


I know one thing...you assholes had better write SPOILER at the top before you let loose tons of Bat-Info.


Like all movie threads before this one. I won't open this thread until I see it for myself. I don't want 1 minute of this movie ruined for me. This is the fat lady singing as far as summer movies are concerned, (at least for me).

On a side note I just picked up the New Batman Cartoon movie and I'm gonna get a brew and some Popeye's chicken and watch to my hearts content.


I made sure to put that in my first post, X. The last thing we need is Luke Cage's twin brother knocking down our doors, jacking us up, and saying:



Someone just got permanently banned from life by Prof.X.


i dont think ive ever had a stronger impression with a movie after leaving the cinema. amazing film


I've watched it twice so far and it only got better. The animation is great and the one I thought I would hate the most (because of how he was drawn...ie, the one with Scarecrow and Killer Croc), is the one I enjoyed the most.

Working Through Pain was a great one also.


I guess I should leave the thread now.

See y'all Friday afternoon.


My lifting partner from school and his gf and his buddy are comin down Friday afternoon to see this.. I've been looking forward to this since wayyyy before all the hype and it's gonna be sicknasty amazing.


SPOILER ALERT SORT OF (not really though)

its a very emotional story. more than i thought it'd be


Argh, waiting until Sunday to see this movie is going to be torture.


Brown lifter, you're a cool guy, but I SWEAR if you fuck this up for us!

Just don't leak anything. ANYTHING!


Thanks, I've been looking forward to this for a while now. Anime + Batman = NerdGasm

I spent the extra 4 bucks and picked up the two disc special edition. I can't wait to leave work.


lol, dw. i wont.

btw, that deadshot on the train part in gotham knight was cool


Was Batman freakin yoked this time? I don't want to see a plastic chest and abs piece again with a skinny Bruce under it. Who plays him this time? Not John Cena? The Marine BLEW though!!! It was horrible, all the action looked so fake I was laughing. The way they smacked each other around with death blows every time but kept getting back up for more.

Hmmm, I'll see if there's a trailer.


I think this would be wise advice for pretty much everyone.

Basically every post in this thread is going to be somewhat of a spoiler to someone who hasn't seen it yet.

I'll be returning Saturday around 1am, at which point this thread will probably be like 9 pages long...


Me thinks a troll hast wander'd into our midst...




Christian Bale looked pretty damn good in the first film. By no means "huge", and I'm not sure how tall he is (likely around 6 foot?), but I heard he was like 220 lbs or so and he musta been close to 10% bodyfat.


Is this a serious post?

No, there's no trailer for this movie and nobody knows who is playing Batman yet. They've been keeping it a closely guarded secret from the world-at-large.

While we are at it, I wonder who is going to play Wolverine in the Wolverine movie next summer. I hope it's not John Cena.