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The Dark Ages, Population: Me


I was making great progress in squatting so far (225 at the beginning
to 240 off a below parallel box at 135)from September to mid November and then I threw in some good morinings to replace these squats for a while, and
I did alot of ab work. Fast forward to
January, and I can't even lift 225 on
box squats (can get out of the hole,
then I get stuck). I am weaker than
I was when I started? Why (I'm in a
great deal of agony right now)? I feel
like I can't squat worth crap right
now, and that barbell felt like 8000 pounds. I don't want to sound like
a lunatic, but WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME,


Have you taken a break from lifting to rest and rebuild? Do you squat every week? Do you squat more than once a week? Sounds like you are overtraining the lift. Give some more info please.


Timeout, you replaced Squats with good mornings ? Good Mornings work the posterior chain mainly so you aren't working the Quads which Squats tend to place emphasis on (amongst other muscles of course). So basically if you replaced Squats with GM's you were not working the Quads and suchlike so that's the prob. Drop the weight on Squats and build strength back up. You have to be in it to win it as the saying goes, if you stop squatting without replacing with some equally demanding quad exercise then you will lose strength.


Oh, I forgot: I did squats once every week. Not much, but enough to make my glutes sore to sit on for the whole week, lol. I did some thinking, and I remembered a time when I was doing traditional squats last winter through spring,and I suddenly lost some strength without replacing them.

Then I did some good mornings for a while
(without squats) and by mid summer, I started box squats, and excelled.

I was thinking about doing a different
kind of squat, and see what happens.
What is your opinion?


Oh, and usually when I lose strength,
it is difficult to regain it, is there
a strategy or routine that can help
me regain strength quicker? My goals
are to just get stronger and develop
maximal strength, though I am not a power lifter. Should I mix things up
a bit with a different squat, or continue on the box with a lighter load? Its harder for me to regain strength compared to gaining strength for some reason.


I am sure this is proving very upsetting for you, but have you considered the holistic approach? maybe is it not just your squat/training, but what of the issue of diet during these times? have you been cutting? I have an extremely hard time imagining that you have been gaining lean body mass (ie. muscle) while loosing strength. Also, what of your other lifts, is there a trend? have you been sick, under much duress during these times? Also, it is noticably easier to gain back previous size/strength than to gain those traits for the 1st time (ex. Colorado Experiment). I have been in a similar situation myself, mono floored me for 7 months, and i went from being able to do 15 wide-as-possible pullups to being able to do 0 shoulder-width grip pullups, forcing me to do (shudder) the lat pulldowns. That was 1.5 years ago, when i was 50lbs lighter (pre T-Nation). its your choice to stay commited, regardless of setbacks.


Actually, I WAS sitting on my ass alot
during the vacation (college classes restart January 17th). I think my hips
were dragging me down in the mid point of the squat. Could be inflexible/weaker in these areas, I suppose.

Yeah, it really sucks to lose strength,
and it is giving me a psychological boot to the balls, shovel in the face,
and nails to the eyes all at once, and
it is harder for me to regain strength
than to gain strength if you get my drift. No, I don't cut, I lift to get
stronger. I wasn't sick. Although I must've been too nervous when lifting.
Could be physical, psychological, or both. I'm guessing both.

Whats the deal with sticking points?
I mess up at the half squat position.
A half squat is easier than a lower
depth squat. Am I slow? Do I need to work on "straining?" If I were to half
squat like most people do (lol) I could
add a shit load of weight to the bar.
Same thing with bench. Middle point=gggaaahhh!




Can I get some advice? Sorry for being a nuisance.


I'm going to assume a few things with this post... But try this out.

Day 1:
Squat (work to a 3 rep max)
Good Morning (5 sets of 8reps)
Bench Press (5x5)
Chest supported Row (5x5)

Day 2:
Stepups (4x8)
Pushups (10x10)-- Vary hand position
Weighted Back Extensions (5x5)
Weighted Roman Chair Situps (5x5)

Day 3:
Deadlift (Work to a 3 rep max)
Weighed Chin (5x5)
Front Squat (5 sets of 8 reps)
Overhead Press (5x5)


Looks like a good basic routine. I'll have to find a belt that can attatch to plates though. Don't bench often, I
like pin presses because they're safer,
and I'm an anti-social person when I work out. But, I've never had the problem with the midway portion of the squat, I was surprised with my stronger rebound off the box, so I'm strong for the first 4 inches above parallel. I could be nervous seeing that its been a couple of months since I squatted, though I was surprised because I didn't FEEL weaker and nothing got smaller. Though last November I went for 245 and missed it
4 inches off the box, so I think I taught my body to fail at that point.
Any comments? I'm asking alot here because I know NO ONE who lifts and takes it seriously.