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The Darden Diet?

Hi Dr. Darden,

Are you still recommending the same dietary approach in The Body Fat Breakthrough? Any thoughts on any of the new ‘concepts’ – eg Intermittent Fasting, etc.?

Also, we met years ago when you were in Dallas. And I worked with Ken Howell from your 32 Days to a 32 Inch Waist book.


If you look closely at my last book, Men’s Health Killing Fat, you’ll see that the dietary basics are still the same as my program, 32 Days to a 32-Inch Waist. But also you see that I’ve expanded my menus and added a chapter on the cook-at-home eating option. There are 22 tasty recipes that are easy to manage. Plus, there’s a complete meal-plan table that covers daily listings for 14 days.

I have tried intermittent fasting with some of my dieters, but the overall results – while exciting at first for a couple of weeks – never produced the results that my tried-and-tested 30-year-old programs had.

On page 22 in Killing Fat, I have a graphic labelled “Thermodynamic Synergy.” In the description of it, I point out that my fat-loss program consistently produces 3.5 to 4 times the results of any other plan that has been studied and accurately reported.

If this is true, and it is, why would I want to change any of my basic guidelines?

I have an archive of before-and-after measurements and photographs to support my recommendations.

It’s unfortunate that most people respond best to something NEW. That’s the nature of modern marketing. But, at least in the world of fat loss, the OLD science still has tremendous merit.

You remember well the type of results we got in Dallas in the late 1980s. Ken and Claude Howell were superb examples. I’m still getting those types of results – and better – today.

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I do remember the results from Dallas! Didn’t know Claude, but, Ken was a ‘lab rat’ due to the nature of his job and I saw him infrequently because of the nature of his job. May have shared this in the past, but, he showed up at my office one day and I honestly didn’t recognize him at first, his appearance had changed so drastically in a short period of time.

BTW, Ronnie Ray trained at our local high school gym (as did his sons) – he was doing SS in preparation for a bench press competition. Geeze…over 300lbs with a SS workout. Didn’t seem to affect his performance as he won the competition that year as I recall.