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The Danish Way - New on T-Nation


'Ello! I'm a new user on T-Nation. I've been logging my training on a Danish site for a number of years now, but wanted new response, so I'm trying T-Nation.

The plan is to update this log regularly, but since I'm doing HST the training is pretty much outlined already.

I'm 30 years old and have been doing some sort of physical training regularly for the last ten years. Everything from running to bodybuilding really. Now I'm training HST 3 x weekly and 1 x weekly MMA on an amateur level.

Starting out with a new round of HST.

My HST 9.0 looks like this:

Lunge 2
Barbell bench press 2
Deadlift 2
BB curl 1
Push-up (weighted) 2
chin-up (weighted) 2
Ab-wheel rollout 1
Barbell bent-over row 2
Lateral raise 1

Let's go!


The picture is from my homegym. I have a squat rack and a pair of dumbbells + other stuff like the swiss ball.


The deload phase always surprises me.

I'm sore as heck. Guess that's a good thing.

I've implemented a stretching routine at the end of my training as well. I've been noticing that my flexibility has been getting poorer and poorer the last few months.

My knee is getting better. The Eight Mobility routine seems to have helped.

I hurt my knees almost a year ago doing heavy front squatting. I took a brake from leg-training, which helped but I'm still not able to do heavy squats of any kind. That really sucks. Lunges work okay, thou.


Welcome! What are your training goals currently? Attempt to become stronger than Beowulf?


My goals? Size primely. Of course strength is a welcomed bonus as well.

Other than that I would love to have my knees functioning properly again.

And Beowulf is a puff .. I'd take him out any day.


I have been walking around with a pedometer (is it even called that in English too?) for a week now, and I walk an average of 10,000 paces every day. That's okay I think, considering I haven't been at work, where I usually walk a lot more.

The Danish Health Department recommends at least 10,000 paces every day. Is there a similar recommendation in the US?


Yeah it's the same in English. Dunno about the US, but the recommendation is the same in the UK.

If you have some problems with your knees check out Mike Robertsons Bulletproof Knees:



Thanks for stopping by

I've read the article and I'm already doing some of the stuff like using knee-warmers, mobility work and single-leg work. Unfortunately progress is slow.


Almost finished with the first two weeks of HST 9.0. I used to hate the 15 reps, but now I like them as much as the 10's and 5's.

The odd thing about HST-training is, that I used to think low reps and heavy weight was the way to go for me. I've been doing the Bill Starr program for a few years and progress was good. I was power lifting back then, so it seemed natural to lift heavy. Unfortunately I ran into shoulder and wrist-injuries.

With HST injuries have been almost nonexistent and think that's because of the lower weight. I've also been gaining quite fast. In little over one year I've gone from 92 kg to 97. That's 5 kg! Of course some of it is fat too. But I'm satisfied considering, I also have work, wife and two small children.


Finished with the first two weeks of HST 9.0.

My knees are feeling a lot better. Perhaps it's the stretching? Nice to feel some progress.

The load I ended up with was:

Lunge 15 reps of 45 kg (plenty of room for more weight)

Barbell bench press 14 reps of 90 kg + myo reps.

Deadlift 12 reps of 110 kg (plenty of room for more weight)

BB curl 15 reps of 30 kg (I simply can't understand why this exercise is so hyped. It sucks big time)

Push-up (weighted) 15 reps + 17,5 kg weight + myo reps

chin-up (weighted) 14 reps + 5 kg + myo reps

swiss ball roll out about 10 times.

Barbell bent-over row 15 reps of 62 kg (strict technique)

Lateral raise 15 reps of 5 kg (I suck, I know)

And I use myo-reps for most of my second sets.

Ah yes .. And I've lost 4 kg of weight and body fat% is down to 14%. Sure makes me a lot prettier.


Due to some irritating events I've missed a few training sessions. I'm in the middle of HST week 3-4 with 10 reps.

Accordingly to the plan the progress should be:

Lunge 10 reps of 67 kg

Barbell bench press 10 reps of 100 kg + myo reps.

Deadlift 8 reps of 140 kg

BB curl 10 reps of 40 kg

Push-up (weighted) 10 reps + 32 kg weight + myo reps

chin-up (weighted) 10 reps + 20 kg + myo reps

Some obscure ab-exercise

Barbell bent-over row 10 reps of 70 kg

Lateral raise 10 reps of 10 kg (I still suck, I know)

Bought new jeans today .. The old ones are getting too tight in the legs. A good sign, I guess.


Back from a study trip with my students. Excellent trip but it kept me away from training for 7 days. Instead of continuing with HST 9.0, I've begun a new round of HST. HST 10.0 is basically the same except for me adding a few new exercises.

HST 10.0


Bench press

Reverse Curls


Chin ups


One-legged deadlift

Bent over rows

Seated military press

Oh yeah, and I've lost a few more kilograms on the study trip.


I'm looking for a good ab-exercise. Preferably one, where I can add weight somehow. Any ideas, anyone?


How about Landmines? Video of correct technique here, about half way down the page:


but you can hold the bar at the end like this:


and put it in a corner, if you don't want to buy the special fixtures. Then you can add weight to the bar to increase.


Thanks a lot. I tried it today and it feels good. I didn't want to ruin the wood fillet in my floor, so I put a 5 kg sandbag and a towel between the end of my barbell and the wall. Works great.


Cool, glad it was useful.

I hoped it would be a good choice as you train at home.


First training session for a loooong time with no knee pain. O' joy o' happiness. Perhaps the stretching and mobility work is actually paying off.

Now, if this continues, I'll be attempting to squat again.

Oh, and the landmines totally ripped my abs apart today. Sweet!

Hr. K


Still training with no knee pain. I'm wondering if I should attempt to implement a form of squat. Perhaps lumberjack squats.

Anyways ... HST 10.0 is going as it should. I've just bought a chin-up bar from Iron Gym, which can hold a few more kilograms (up to 130 kg). My "old" wooden one is bending and cracking around the 100 kg. So I'm looking forward to adding 40-45 kg to my chin ups instead of the 20 kg plus a towel.

My t-shirts are driving me insane, by the way. Due to some mystical event they all are to short around the lower back region. The wife says it's due to my v-shape. I hope she's right. It still sucks having to buy new clothes again ...

Then again ... it's a little by cool as well.

Hr. K


Almost done with HST week 3-4. And progress is going as good as the circumstances allow. I have a baby-daughter, who keeps the wife and me busy during the night. My other daughter is an early bird, so with a bit of luck I get 5-6 hours sleep every night, sometimes less than that. That's no good for a growing viking like myself.

I've hit my old bench press plateau again. I can't seem to get 10 reps with 100 kg .. only 8-9 reps. I think it's mostly mental, really. It's beginning to really really annoy me.


I'm almost done with HST 10.0. Frankly I'm a bit bored of HST for now. And I looking for a new program.

I've found Waterbury's 25 reps approach interesting, and I think I'll try that protocol for the next few months.

Now I just need some suggestions for new exercises. My set-up can be seen in my first entry, and I only do single leg work for the legs due to my knees. 5-6 exercises should be enough.

Any ideas?