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The Danish Vikings Darkhorse. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Workouts looking good!! Are you switching routines too??


Hey LL

I am, have been doing 5/3/1 for about 18 months now.
To a program by Alpha (he has a log at TN: Alpha V).
I linked it 4 days ago it’s called Darkhorse.


Wow…18 months is a long time!! I look forward to seeing your progress on the darkhorse! Good luck!!


Except it really isn’t. It’s enough time to learn the basics of running a system if you’re smart like @mortdk; and it’s about long enough to figure out the basics of training if you’re not so smart like me. Apart from that it’s a pretty short time.


woke at 80,5 kg - 177,5 lbs
2600 calories yesterday.

@littlelee I think it’s pretty long time, and despite @MarkKO saying it’s just enough to learn the basics, I think 18 months gets you beyond the basics. If you are totally beginner yes 18 month is not that long time. But I have been lifting weights for a long time, not serious though. For some points I still think I’m beginner - that would be squat and DL, My press has come to it’s limits or at least I have to figure a way to push through the plateau I’ve been stuck at for a very long time.

18 months gives you the opportunity to reach a plateau for a lift and gives and if you manage to push through it gives you valuable lessons about how your body responds to differents stress.
It gives you a good insight of the program.

I think Mark is the smarter by miles of the two of us. I’ve learned a lot by following along and asking some questions. I do know a lot about Jims work, enough to throw in some advise based on my own experience and by what I read in these logs and what I’ve learned by Jim himself in his private forum.

Mark on the other hand, knows a lot about how to train to get stronger by using a lot of different programs, and he knows his body very well and what to expect from it, when it’s put to different stressors.

In the end those or most of those that has put a log on this forum knows a bit about training because we care and would like to make progress.


I think changing it up is how you get through the plateau. The key is making an intelligent change and not changing just for change’s sake.

In the ultimate scheme of things, eighteen months isn’t a long time. But on your learning curve, with respect to getting serious, it is a long time. And, if you consider things from a programming perspective, you are probably not considered a beginner in any of your lifts (age considered).

Keep it up!


To echo what @The_Myth said, change it up a bit, I had good luck switching from Standing Barbell OHP to seated DB OHP as a mix up, maintained and pushed my pressing strength up a bit, I maintained the same 5/3/1 principles and pushed it that way.


This is partly why I choose to abandon Jims work for a time, I’m sure I’ll get back to it.
It’s also to change the pase a bit and try something new.

This I am not so sure, My lower body lifts is something I have never done before about 2 years ago. As in never ever.

@Despade That was another way to do it, keeping 5/3/1 but doing different lifts. I’ve considered this as well, but ended up choosing Darkhorse.


Today’s training

Rise of the Viking 5/3/1

Warmup: airdyne, yoga stuff, kneeling bottom up KB press, band work

Dynamic warmup

2 rounds of
Bear crawl, Gator walk, burpee broad jump, AirDyne 30 sec
1 round
Complex 1 round of Bar x 8 DL, BB row, Hang Clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, push press.

5x40, 4x50, 3x60, 2x65, 1x70 kg

Giant set
BB row 40 kg x 8 //band obligue crunch (all bench sets)

Bench Press
5 x 67,5 kg all paused
5 x 75 kg all paused
2 x 5 @ 82,5 kg first rep paused

Overload unrack for 10 sec
1 @ 105 kg

Back off
3 x 5 @ 67,5 kg paused

6 x 2 @ 37,5 kg

Giant set 3 rounds

Hyperextension x 10
Push up x12
DB curl 10 @ 8 kg
Russian twist 12 x 8 kg KB

Done in 1 hour 5 minutes
Nice workout today. Topset at bench were a bit hard, but everything was good.


woke at 80,4 kg - 177,3 lbs
2500 calories yesterday, would have eaten more , but at the end of the day it just didn’t happen.

A bit anxious about DL tomorrow 4x3 at 142,5 kg - 314 lbs should be kind of easy, but last week 4x5 at 135 kg was tough.
The real test is next weeks 4x1 at 150 kg.


You’ll kill it Mort!


Thanks Irish, I really hope I will.
I should be able to do it.
I have to be driving my car most of the day today. Going to the border school my boy is attending. There’s a choir and small concert they are performing and my mother and mother in low would like to go and see it.
My boy is so thrilled that they would like to come… so I had to do it.


Happy birthday @mortdk Hope you have an awesome day!


Happy birthday brother!


Happy B’Day mate.
Don’t stress about the deads, the 3 plates will be your warm up soon if you keep at it!


Late to the party, have a great birthday mate.



Woke at 81,1 kg - 178,8 lbs
Didn’t count yesterday.

Yesterdays training.

Woke at 80,6 kg – 177,7 lbs
2600 calories

Rise of the Viking 5/3/1
C4W2D4 The kroc deadlifts

Warmup: jump rope, yogastuff, stretches, band work.

Dynamic warmup
2 rounds of bear crawl, gator walk, burpee broad jumps, 40 jump ropes.
1 complex Bar x 8 DL, BB row, Hang Clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, push press.

Powerclean to pushpress (more activation)

3 x 40, 50, 55 kg, 60 kg Misgrooved the last rep, and had to lower the bar to shoulder and redo it.
1 x 65 kg easy

Deadlift Kroc program

Warm up
giant set KB/DL/Plank
KB sving 5 x 5 @24 kg
One arm Side plank 5 x 10 sec each side

5 x 70 kg Double overhand
3 x100 kg
3 x 120 kg last rep Hook
1 @ 127,5 kg Double overhand
1 @ 135 kg DB overhand No way! Hook great

Working sets

3 @ 142,5 kg 314 lbs Tried without belt No way, Belt on + straps hard but good
3 @ 142,5 kg straps still hard, getting used to straps finally.
3 @ 142,5 kg mixed got the best brace and think I had at least two more in the tank.
3 @ 142,5 kg mixed left overhand would have gone for 4 or 5 if it was strong. Grip was giving in.

Squat a 1 count pause in the hole
6x3 @ 60, 70, 80, 70, 60, 60 kg Again these where very good.

SS with

6x3 BW

Done in just under an hour.

Deadlifts were good today, finally am learning to use the straps. Mixed I get a better brace, probably because I am squeezing the bar much harder.

Powerclean to push press were good and strong today, tied PR from a couple of month ago, but it was much better and stronger.

Had to rush it a bit today were at a family tradition day, with a dip in the cold sea, playing around with all kinds of sports, great food (lamb) and lots of cake, every family have to make a cake for a cake competition.
Great day today


Happy Birthday man!
Awesome to see your killing it in the gym as well


Sounds like a really fun day! What type of cake won the competition? Happy birthday!! Thats anamazing tradition!


@painter27, @littlelee, @MarkKO, @simo74, @I_Luc, @duketheslaya

Thanks for the wishes guys and Gals, had a great day.

My wife made an awesome cake mazarin pie, with chocolate and fresh berries, didn’t win. She came in third, there wasn’t enough for everybody.
It was a kind of oatcookies with buttercream between. They were good and it was one of the 6 year old girls that made them (with her mom). But they were very good.

Birthday spend cruising with a couple of friends in his T-bird 1966 to a marked with old cars and entertainment.

Great day.