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The Danish Vikings Darkhorse. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Woke at 81,3 kg - 179,2 lbs

Yesterday about 3000 calories lots of cake and danish.


I love cake


Careful, @simo74, I’ve heard Australia is catching the US in obesity rates :pig::pig:


Today’s training

Rise of the Viking 5/3/1

Warmup: jump rope, agile 8, some goblet DB jumps and stretches, lazy lifter.

Frontsquat – backsquat
5 – 5 @25, 35, 45, 55 kg

5 x 70 kg
3 x 80 kg
3 x 90 kg - 198 lbs
12 x 90 kg belt on PR Lost count at the end did maybe 13. But I’ll take it at 12.

Overload Squat walkout
3x1 @ 115 kg – 254 lbs10 seconds No belt

Squat Back off no belt

8 x 80 kg The first 3 reps, Thought I’d have to bail, got trough somehow
10 x 70 kg Better almost easy

SS pull ups between squat
3 x 6 reps
7x5 reps

Lat raise with 5 kg plates hanging from bands with the last sets of squat
3 x 10 @ 5 kg

6 x 2 @ 80 kg
Hanging leg raise
3 x 10

3 x 10 @ 30 kg.

Workout took 1 hour.
Squats felt heavy from the start, but ended up doing what I was supposed to do.
Overall an average workout, did grind the last couple of reps on squat.


That is true but not sure my house is contributing. I’m 5ft 8 and 84kg which is deff considered overweight ! But the wife is a little taller than me and only 62kg so no fat there and the kids all look like they get fed once a week lol


Five foot nine (or whatever 176 cm is) and 99 kg here, so level two obese :joy:


Great, so by Tnation populous we’re fat :wink:
Looks like @JMaier31 is on the money


I’m on my way boys :slight_smile:
181 cm - 5 foot nine (according to the converterapp I use.)

Woke at 80,7 kg - 177,9 lbs
yesterday 2600 calories.

When I really started to look in the logs about april last I found a very ripped @MarkKO and I was just under 75 kg. End 2018 I guess I’ll be somewhere between 85 - 90 kg.


I remember that. I felt like shit most of the time. It was a great experience though, to know I can do that. Now I want the great experience of being really big and strong.


181 is like 5 11 I would be calling that 6 ft. you are a model bro


Yeah I’m pretty sure that’s 5’11
(you’re taller than me anyway)

Haha I’ll race you.
Pretty sure I had that for dinner today, went way to hard on the buffet.


Ha! What’s the race to? Checking in at 5’ 10" and 200lbs, short and stout, you know…like the teapot in the song haha


High levels of obesity… I think


I’m an American. Obesity is normal. It’s funny we have all these fat people who cry about fat shaming and how models are all thin. They’re all offended. The reality is that it’s NOT socially acceptable to tell someone they’re fat even though it’s a medical diagnosis. But fat people have no problem saying things to skinny people.

“You’re so thin.”
“You need to eat more.”

I’d be on CNN as some sort of monster if I did the opposite.

“You’re fat.”
“Stop eating.”
“I think your physical appearance is offensive and unpleasant.”


I hear you man.

Lots of fat people say that it’s because they are sick and can’t do anything about it.

Most of the time that is BS.


Woke at 80,7 kg – 177,9 lbs
Yesterday 2600 calories.

Today’s training

Rise of the Viking 5/3/1

Warmup: Jump rope, stretch, yoga stuff, kneeling bottom up KB press, band work

5x40, 5x50, 5x55, 3x60, 2x65, 1x70 kg

Bench Press
5 x 65 kg
3 x 72,5 kg
3 x 80 kg
11 x 80 kg PR

Overload unrack for 10 sec
3 x 1 @ 105 kg

Back off
10 x 72,5 kg
10 x 65 kg

6 x 2 @ 42,5 kg

Done in 45 minutes. Cut it short. Have to deadlift tomorrow so no back work or leg work.
Just like the old days only pressing :slight_smile:
Bench PR after 10 I thought I had 2 more so deep breath, tight… og, went off the chest and I found a new sticking point. But got 11 reps, PR by one rep Yeah. Very close to 1 ERM pr. So bench is moving to.

And a video, I’m pretty sure that was a 10,5 RPE


Solid set and good grind.Congrats on the PR. I would personally prefer to tuck the elbows a little more.


I really try to, you can’t see it, and I end up like that.
I’ll work on it, really. Next 6x2 session I’ll try to record a set.


It certainly isn’t the best angle to judge. Also it may not even pose an immediate problem, don’t get me wrong. To work on it you may want to try spoto presses. Pause bench may work as well but spotos force you to be tight better.


Congrats mate