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The Danish Viking: Viking Power Builder protocol: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


That was what I was thinking.
But he states that the first week on 54321 the weight on the 3 rep set should be equal to the weight used on the last week of 3 reps.
I have thought about just dialing it back a little bit, and as you states use my own scheme as a kind of warm up thing.


Try it for the first week to see how it feels. But on week 12 I say do whatever you want to build up to a PR attempt. It’s the final week; you might as well go for it.


Good advice J… I’ll take it.


Woke at 86,7 kg - 191,1 lb
3300 calories yesterday

Today’s training

The Danish Viking: SGSS by coach Thib

W9D4 5 x 3 reps lower body intensification phase

Warmup: Rope skipping 1 minute, BPA, yoga flow, BW Squats, walking lunges, Lazy lifter.



  • 5 x 3 @ 100 kg first set beltless, belt on for the rest

Deadlift beltless

  • 5 x 3 @ 135 kg first 2 reps doh then 1 mix, the rest straps or mixed grip.

front squat

  • 5 x 3 @ 60 kg


  • 5 x 3 @ 90 kg


  • Farmers walk stairs: 3 x 1 minute’ish with 20 kg each hand.


Done in 1 hour + about 10 - 15 minutes warm-ups.

All in all a good workout.

Squats I’m still bothered by this little tweak in my right inner thigh/groin. Annoying.
With the belt bracing were much better and it felt quite good. Don’t tell CT but I did 5 reps on the last set, with more in the tank.

DL I’ve just got a pair of figure 8 straps, so after the first set, I did one set with my ordinary straps, good. One set with the figure 8 straps, felt loose but the set was good. The last two sets were mixed grip. Much tighter setup here.

DL were on the heavy side today.

Front squat those are just good, I’ve got the feel of these.

RDL did them with figure 8 straps twisted them a couple of times tighter setup. Good.

Did the carry thing today, good.

Off with my Kiwi friend to a sports bar later today. Rugby “All blacks” vs England :rugby_football:

Lots of Guiness to fill up the glucogen stores today.


I think I may have had a similar tweak. Paused squats helped a lot to fix it. Does it pull a bit just as you hit depth?


Yes exactly, I’ll figure something out.
I’m on the homestretch of CT’s program and intend to do it as written. I’ll use the belt for my back squats it seemed to help a bit.
I have no issues front squatting oddly enough.
If I have to use paused squats for rehab how much weight would you use?


Woke at 87,3 - 192,5 lb
no counting but something like 10 pints of Guiness last night.
And All Blacks won by a whisker. Some say the Ref gave them the victory with a bad video decision at the very last minute.


Anywhere from 60 to 80 per cent should work fine. I think it’s the atewrxh at the bottom that’s therapeutic.



I may be a lightweight, but that’s a gallon AND a quart (6 liters) of Guinness!! How’d you stay conscious AND still aware of the game?! Lol


Guiness isn’t that strong a beer and it was over 8 hours or so, must confess the last hour or two were a bit blurred.
But it was a great night, not so great a day today though :slight_smile:
Going for a long walk in the afternoon to get the blood flowing and some fresh air in the lungs.


True, Guinness is a lower alcohol beer, plus I reckon you ate a bunch while spreading it put over several hours.

A long walk today sounds like the perfect follow up :slight_smile:


What? Guinness definitely falls into the category of heavy beer in my part of the world. I couldn’t drink more than a couple pints because it fills me up. That’s why I like our light beers. The alcohol content is similar but it’s not so filling.


I agree that Guinness is a heavy beer, but heavy/light refers to the liquid’s thickness and caloric density, not necessarily the alcohol content. If memory serves, Guinness is in the 5.5-6.0 range of alcohol percentage, aka gravity. That makes it a mid-strength beer, but not high alcohol.

Broadly speaking, beers that have 7.0 and above are considered higher alcohol content, and beers with 3.0 - 4.9 are considered lower. Beer with 7.5 or higher gravity can be cellared, stored away for long periods, where it’ll condition and the flavor will richen.

Heh, the beer nerd peeked out for a second. One last note - I read an article about Guinness breweries. The Guinness company has breweries in many different countries, and each brewery follows loose guidelines for brewing. The flavor, nutrient, and alcohol content of Guinness can widely vary between countries, so it’s quite possible the beer @mortdk was drinking is at least somewhat different from the Guinness we get here in the US.


It’s about 4,2-4,5 alcohol percentage, which is a little under the local lager beer.
I often drink Belgian beers that are very alcohol heavy like 8 or percent. Those I do not drink that amount, it’s more like a pint together with some nice food.


Yep, that makes sense. The Guinness you have a is a full percentage lower than the Guinness we get here. Now I’m curious; I’ll try to remember to look at a bottle next time I’m at the store to verify.

Belgians are lighter beers, but they sure are higher alcohol! What are some brands you generally like to drink? A local alcohol store carries a decent selection of non-American beer, and I enjoy getting recommendations for new beers to try.


That’s exactly how I feel!! My quads are consistently cramping 1-2x/day, and my hamstrings are usually tight, but overall I feel great. Upper body is a little too…easy?

I don’t know if easy is the right word. It probably isn’t, actually. Since my bench has a much lower ceiling than my squat does, it’s a little more intensity-sensitive. 79% for 3x5 feels easy for me right now, but when I’m up near 86%, I’m not so sure how it’s going to be. Point being, at this moment I feel fantastic. But of course I’m a little nervous for how the second half of this program treats me.


Just noticed you were 190 now I’m so used to reading 180 haha. How are the lifts progressing?


Well one of my favorites is a brand called “Leffe” I like the one called “bruine” or Brown. But the one called “Blonde” is good as well. Then there’s a brand “Grimbergen” with “Double Ambre” and here close to christmas there’s the “Noel” version.
Germany has a brand named “Paulaner” and they have a special edition that is hard to get around here “Salvatore” it’s one of the best. Thinking about it the “Paulaner” is a very close runner up.
When it’s party time we like Brown Ales like “Newcastle Brown”


haha I am not really sure. I finished the Darkhorse very fatigued but set all time records.
I started this quite simple linear progression by CT and I have no idea where I am at now :slight_smile:
The weights is reps I can handle I think the progression must be the volume and sets.
Most of my weight gains is sitting on my belly, causing my wife to laugh at me saying I am silly :slight_smile:
By the end of the year we’ll see who is the one to laugh last.


You’ll be the one laughing when you get so big you can strict press your wife for 5x5