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The Danish Viking: Coach Thibs SGSS. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


That makes perfect sense J … but I’m stubborn and I think front squats are really good for me in all kinds of planes.
And I hate unilateral work :slight_smile:
I will keep it in mind though.


Great conversation in here but where is all the lifting !?


All the mental gains going on in this log are obscuring Mort’s workouts :joy:


Woke at 85,9 kg - 189,4 lb
3100 calories yesterday.
Gain weight plan is going well. The only downside is that my pants are starting to get smaller :slight_smile:

@simo74 who cares about lifting, but it’s hidden somewhere. At the moment It’s stupid amount of volume and no pr’s or anything.

@muskratlifts :slight_smile: but we’re getting clever are we.


“I like to break a mental sweat too.”
—White Goodman

The first two phases aren’t exactly exciting to post and share when you see people hitting heavy weights all over the forum. You just have to pay your dues with the volume so you can get to the heavy stuff.


Woke at 86,1 kg - 189,8 lb
3100 calories yesterday.
Breaking the 86 kg barrier closing in on 190 lb.

Today’s training

The Danish Viking: SGSS by coach Thib

W5D4 5 x 8 reps lower body preparation phase

Warmup: Rope skipping 1 minute, BPA, yoga stuff, BW Squats, walking lunges, Lazy lifter.



  • 5 x 8 @ 85 kg


  • 5 x 8 @ 115 kg first two sets doh, the rest 4 doh + 4 mixed grip.

front squat

  • 5 x 8 @ 42,5 kg


  • 5 x 8 @ 67,5 kg


Done in 55 minutes + about 10 minutes warm-ups.

Skipping assistance and core work, no supersetting of anything, keeping rests short, about 1 minute the last 2 sets of DL closer to 90 seconds. And btw haven’t used my belt yet.

Holy smoked I got smoked today.

Squats were awesome ending in a rpe of 7 or 8 (did 9 reps on the last two sets).

DL kicked me hard ending in an rpe of 9

Front squats and RDL survival mode on.

Looking forward to this, the last day of 8 rep sets. Next week it’s only 5 reps, should be a bit easier and volume will be a fraction of the last 5 weeks.

BW is going up ever so slightly, and I hate it. Hadn’t I had this forum I would have been cutting by now, but I won’t let you guys down.

There better be some mighty gains coming my way about new year.


Great work with both the lifting and the weight gain. I am going to have to up my old man game ss you are catching my weight up fast,


woke at 86 kg - 189,6 lb
3000 calories and a bit I think.
After yesterday’s lifts I went home to mom and dad, and did 3 hours of gardening for them cutting down a hedge full of thorn bushes and shit. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck and scratched by a dozen cats.
In 4 hours of so I’m of to play badminton … this old body is telling me hey idiot you’re not 25 anymore.


Gardeneing surely takes it’s tol hey, cutting , moving stuff and digging wrecks me, especially when it’s hot


Pretty much this. I was astonished when she said this. It was as if she had created a double standard for her very own selfish purpose right in front of my eyes when she was telling me this story.

Obviously it’s not okay to fuck somebody while they’re asleep. As far as I’m concerned, waking somebody up is almost too far unless their life is in immediate danger. But her openly admitting to having done that and then turning around and calling him a rapist for it? I don’t know. That was the culture that was created, nurtured, strengthened, and perpetuated in that relationship by both parties. They both took part in it. Therefore, they are either both rapists or neither of them are rapists. Either they’re both guilty, in which case it’s the pot calling the kettle “black,” or they’re both innocent, in which case I don’t want to hear about her made up problems. The whole conversation felt like it was set up by her so that she could talk shit about her ex-boyfriend. She came up to me while we were folding towels in the laundry room and asked me how my girlfriend was. I said “She’s good, thanks!” and I was expecting a follow-up question, but instead she just launched straight into this “do you know ‘so and so’? He’s such a shitbag blah blah blah.” I knew immediately that I was about to have my ear talked off for something I didn’t really care about too much. And when she finished, I really just couldn’t believe that she was taking herself seriously.

One of the reasons I have no respect for America’s far left is because it is full of people like the girl I worked with. Nice girl overall, but not intelligent, not a hard worker, believed she was the victim of everything–I have several stories about that that are not sexual but I won’t waste anyones time with them–pretty much the epitome of the far left millennial. So, like I said, nice girl overall, but extremely flawed judgement. She just views the world differently than I think a normal adult should view the world.

Also, for mort and allberg: is it true that the left in America is pretty similar to the right in Europe?


In what sense? That the far right is filled with girls like you describe? That the political spectrum here is inverted? Or something else?


Woke at 85,9 kg - 189,4 lb
3100 calories yesterday

Damn despite being absolutely thrashed yesterday I won the badminton match against my friend yesterday… today Ouchh hard to move.
But 3x5 upperbody coming up later.

@lava2007 as Allberg says I’m a bit confused as well.


Over here we tend to call Republicans conservatives and the extreme ones are referred to as the far right. The Democrats are liberals and the extreme ones are referred to as far left.

It’s hard for me to describe the extreme ends of the spectrum but people like me are conservative or on the “right”.

I’m anti abortion and pro gun. I believe people should work for their money. I believe life is not fair and we’re not entitled to the same things. I believe in God.

The left/liberals are anti gun and pro abortion. They’re offended by everything and try to force their views on the rest of us. The young ones think they’re entitled to a life of luxury just because they exist. They think everything should be given to them. They adopt a victim mentality. Nothing is their fault.

And worst of all they’re cry babies and they protest and riot when they don’t get their way. They even think gender is fluid. If you feel like a girl but you have a penis then you can act like a girl and even use the girl’s bathroom. They will take offense if you call a girl a girl. How dare you assume their gender! They’ve lost their damn minds.

Obama won his first election in 2008. Republicans didn’t like it but we put our heads down and went about our lives for four years. We lost the next election too so we lived our lives for another four years.

Trump won the election and the Democrats have done nothing but protest, riot, and make false allegations about him. Not one allegation has had one bit of evidence. In several cases the Democrats have been exposed as being corrupt.

It’s starting to look like the average “right” is an adult. We don’t like everything in the world but we continue to take care of business.

The average “left” acts like a child and throws temper tantrums because “it’s not fair”!

Well, maybe that’s not the average left, but it’s the one we’re seeing most often.


I think the main issue is that the conservatives and liberals we see on youtube and news sites do not represent the majority of conservatives and liberals. I have many friends and acquaintances who hold all sorts of political beliefs, and thankfully, none of them act like the extremists I see on the internet.

IMO this problem is a symptom of the political echo-chamber that results from an individual only watching and reading from sources that share his ideological foundations. I’m not saying that your characterization of the left applies to nobody, but I am saying that most of the conservatives and liberals that don’t act like wankers aren’t crazy enough to garner the internet attention that the insane wankers end up getting. These insane wankers are then hoisted up as strawmen for the other side to tear down. Once the other side destroys the strawman, they feel even more cemented into their political beliefs.


Probably not as YouTube’s algorithms tend to favour the extreme: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/feb/02/how-youtubes-algorithm-distorts-truth Also worth looking into is the insanity revolving Peppa Pig on Youtube.


This is like saying the average “Right” is a neo-Nazi. A very broad brush with which to paint.


Alright, I’ll make an attempt to address this.

First, I’d like to start of with that I’m not that interested in politics, and that my understanding of European politics is somewhat lacking.

Secondly, not all European countries operate the same way politically, so I will not even try to make statements that can apply for all European nations and instead I’ll try to keep my observations closer to home. Mort and I are both from Scandinavian countries which are, by and large, very similar in many respects.

So, while there are aspects to my neighbouring countries politics I’d wish we’d adopt I reckon we’re not so dissimilar that Mort won’t recognize a lot of what I write (although it would be very interesting to hear anything he has to say on the matter, if anything, just to challenge my view that we - as nations - are so alike. @danteism is from Finland, he can also hopefully add some nuances to this if he feels keen).

Moving along, as far as I understand it the Republicans and the Democrats effectively make up your two-party system and while there are other parties they are essentially inconsequential. That is not the case here, we have several parties instead, and our largest party fetches around 30% of the vote.

Our conservative parties would probably be viewed as very left in your eyes, as not a single party is anti-abortion and gun control isn’t on anyone’s political agenda. Here, if you want a gun, you have to be a hunter or an actively competing marksman. Most people don’t have guns.

We don’t really riot over much here, but tensions do run high when our farthest right political party does some demonstration or similar activity. They have their roots in the Nazi movement, so understandably emotions run high among other people when they do just about anything.

Gender-fluidity isn’t really part of our political debate, and the question seems to transcend the left-right divide.

Our left-right divide is more a question of geography and background. Our nation’s capital is right+green, and the north of Sweden tends more towards the left. This is in contrast to the US where (as I understand it) the Democrats tend to hold a majority.

Our left/right divide is primarily concerned, to my mind, with privatization. The left favours a bigger state, and higher taxes, to provide ample wellfare for all whereas the right isn’t necessarily opposed to wellfare but wants to cut taxes.

I’ve met plenty of highly educated and well-paid professionals that favour the left vote, and I’ve met other people that don’t fit that description but favour the right vote (and vice versa).


Allrighty then, I’m very little into politics, but I’m giving you my take on it.

In Denmark we have several parties that goes from right to left. We have 3-4 parties that is mostly to the right and 3-4 parties mostly to the left.
Everything has been blurred a bit so we have a couple that sits in the middle and often tends to be the last votes as to which side gets the prime minister post.

If we go to the extremes the far right is neonazis and the far left is communists.
However none of those are represented in the parliament.

So on the right we have the voters that are liberals, who thinks the taxes are to high and that we should able to support our selve, pay for school, hospitals, welfare, roads you name it.
On the right we have the social conscious people who believe we should take care of our sick and elder folks, schools, roads, hospitals and welfare is a matter for the government.
And when it all boils down everybody in DK is a bit social conscious and we like it here.
So no matter who’s in charge not much changes, mostly because the other side holds a little back to the more extreme suggestions.
We have free abortion, no gun policy, meaning it’s only the police that carries weapon, and of course hunters and marksmen. You’re not even allowed to carry a knife or teargas for that matter.
Riots tends to rise mostly from the far right side especially when it comes to environmental issues.
I’ll come back later, have to go.
EDIT: nah not more to say.


Todays training

The Danish Viking: SGSS by coach Thib

W6D1 3 x 5 reps upper body Accumulation phase

Warmup: BPA, kneeling buttom up KB press, stretches, some other fluff.


Bench Overload

  • 1 x 87 kg, 2 x 3 @ 105 kg Unrack and 1/10 “reps”


Bench press

  • 3 x 5 @ 75 kg

Supersetted with

BB row

  • 3 x 5 @ 65 kg


  • 3 x 5 @ 37,5 kg

Pull up

  • 3 x 5 @ 1,5 kg


Assistance superset 1

  • EZ bar curl 3 x 12 @ 30 kg

  • lat raise 3 x 16 @ 8 kg

Assistance superset 2

  • Band pull down 3 x 12

  • side crunch 3 x 16 each side

Push up

  • 20, 10, 10, 6, 6 (52) with 20 seconds pause between sets.


53 minutes + warmup about 5-10 minutes.

A bit wasted today after the weekend.

But everything moved well, Bench were a bit off for the first set.

OHP was the best it has been so far.

Pull up a whooping 1,5 kg extra :slight_smile:

Almost kind of a recovery/deload day.


Just that America’s left (progressive) holds the same ideals as Europe’s conservatives. I don’t remember when or where I heard that, and I have no idea if it’s true. So conventional left-wing progressive beliefs include pro gay marriage, pro choice, and anti-gun laws (generally). Those are the 3 main issues that have nothing to do with race that the American left is usually calling attention to