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The Danish Viking: Coach Thibs SGSS. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


That workout looks brutal. Nice work finishing everything!


it was, 12 reps on everything was tough, but I think I’ve dialed in the weight pretty good. At least on my lower days. Upper I was a bit optimistic.
Quads and glutes are sore today.
I might be going for two weeks of 10 reps just because of the change in pace. Depends a little on how “light” the weights feel by the end of next week.


This SGSS looks pretty fun. This might be my next strength phase program…


It is not :slight_smile:
The program really starts with 8 reps, I’ve just upped it a bit, starting with 12 reps for one week then 10 reps for one or two weeks.
Before entering 3 weeks of 8, 3 weeks of 5, 3 weeks of 3 and then finally 3 weeks of 1’s
@JMaier31 says when the 5’s phase is finished all then pain should disappear. And it’s a cruise till the end.
I’m sure a young gun like you would benefit from it,


Woke at 83,6 kg - 184,3 lb
3200 calories yesterday.
Had a great “Grimbergen Double Ambre” Belgian beer in the evening :slight_smile:
Today we’re throwing a 18 year birthday for the youngest boy.
In DK you’re turning adult at 18, you can go to bars, drink what you want, vote for parliamentary elections, so it’s a pretty big day for the boy … and his parents.


But buying alcohol at non-financially crippling prices is at 21 in DK as well right?


I’m not quite sure what you mean by that?
When you’re 18 there are no childhood restrictions anymore.
between age 16 and 18 you can buy beer and wine in supermarkets. Not hard alcohol like vodka and rum, that’s first legal when you’re 18.


Ah, we have slightly different rules then. I also noticed I wrote 21 when I meant 20. But, what I was referring to was that in Sweden you can go to bars (and vote and all that jazz) when you turn 18, and buy beers available at the supermarket (no wine there) but buying say, wine, isn’t possible before you turn 20. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systembolaget

The minimum age to buy alcohol at Systembolaget is 20 years.[3] At Swedish restaurants and bars the legal age to buy alcoholic beverages is 18 years, though bars and clubs may voluntarily set an age limit higher than 18 if they prefer.


The U.S. is so backward in that respect. At 18 you can vote, are expected to be independent and take care of yourself, and can be drafted into the military, but you can’t buy any sort of alcohol until you turn 21… So, you get all of the responsibilities, but don’t get all of the benefits of adulthood for another 3 years.


The age is based off of research and how the brain develops. It’s still developing at 18. Based on my experience in the police world the legal age should probably be about 30, but I really don’t think it’d improve things. You can’t fix stupid.


It’s 18 here to be able to buy booze, enter nightclubs, smoke,vote etc. But at 16 we can get our drivers licence here in South Australia.


Yeah, I understand that perspective, I just think that the responsibilities and privileges of citizenship should go hand in hand. As far as people being idiots while drinking, well, like you said, you can’t fix stupid, and there isn’t an age limit on it, either. Of course, in Europe the culture isn’t nearly as fixated on driving so there’s not nearly as much rampant drinking and driving.


woke at 83,8 kg - 184,7 lb
lots of food, beer, wine and rum yesterday.

today was badminton for an hour with my friend.
Lost every set we played, had a lot of things going on in my head, so couldn’t really focus.


You OK?


Yeah Mark I’m OK, thanks for asking.
My mom and dad are 85 and dad have dementia, and it’s going really downhill with him.
They live together and mom is just so frustrated and angry and sorry all in the same time, really taking a toll on her. She wont have any help we try to tell her they should have.
They where at my sons 18 years birthday party yesterday, and it went really well, despite a lot of people my dad had a great time.
So don’t really know why I had it that way. So yeah I’m fine.
Perhaps it was just a hangover :slight_smile:


Got you. As long as you’re all good :slight_smile:


woke at 83,9 kg - 185 lb
didn’t count yesterday but probably around 3000 calories.

Todays training

The Danish Viking: SGSS by coach Thib

W2D1 3 x 10 reps upperbody

Warmup: stretches, yoga stuff

Dynamic warmup: 2 rounds

  • Airdyne 30 seconds

  • kneeling buttom up KB press each arm x 8

  • BPA x 12


  • BB x 8: DL, row, hang clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, GM, push press

Bench Overload

  • 1 x 85 kg, 2 x 3 105 kg Unrack and 1/10 “reps”

Super set

  • Bench press 3 x 10 @ 65 kg.

  • BB row 3 x 10 @ 45 kg


  • 3 x 10 @ 30 kg

Pull up

  • 3 x 5+3+2 w/ 20 seconds pause between sets.

Assistance giant set

  • EZ bar curl 3 x 13 @ 27,5 kg

  • lat raise 3 x 13 @ 8 kg

  • side crunch 3 x 13 each side

Push ups finisher

  • 16, 13, 10, 8, 6, 4 with 20 seconds pause between sets.

45 minutes + warmup about 15 minutes.

Not much to say about this one. 10 reps is still a lot of reps.

OHP sucks big time, when doing them after bench, last week I started with OHP and did 3 sets of 12 with 32,5 kg easy, today 3x10 with 30 kg struggling a little bit.

Bench and Row seems to be fine.


Give OH press it’s own day, and smash your shoulders along with it :+1:


2nd this
I’ve noticed huge changes in my shoulders doing this plus they feel a lot healthier


Much sympathy on the OHPs. I’m struggling to set a new TM with them now. I can’t even imagine trying to train them AFTER benching.