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The Danish Viking: Coach Thibs SGSS. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Have a great time and have a beer for me


Yeah, my log on here is at Old Guy Trying to Get Strong
You’ll see lots of good, consistent work interspersed with months of inactivity. I keep letting personal life derail my lifting, but that’s okay. LIfe is what it is, and I always come back.


Woke at 82,3 kg - 181,4 lbs
Well that wasn’t too bad.

Todays training

The Danish Vikings Darkhorse

Squat variation 5RM coming back into it.

Warmup: Jump rope, yoga stuff, stretches.

Dynamic warmup: 5 rounds

  • Zercher squat 5 x 30 kg
  • BPA 5 x 10
  • ring dip 5 x BW
  • rope skipping 30 seconds


  • 8 x bar: DL, row, Hang clean, fr Squat, press, squat, GM, push press

Main giant set:

  • jump 5 x 3
    Front squat 5 x 30, 40, 50, 60 kg
  • 45 kg x 10 enough
  • hanging leg raise 5 x 6
  • Push up 5 x 10


  • 6 x 3 @ 85 kg

Done in 30 minutes.
F*ck me, totally wasted.
One week of way to much drinking and partying took its toll on me.
But damn it was a fun week. I wont recommend it as deload.
Hope I’ll be ready saturday last day week 4 SGDL.


You’re in good company today except I didn’t enjoy a week of eating and drinking. My “light” workout kicked my ass.


woke at 81 kg - 178,6 kg
dehydrated I guess.
Sore quads :slight_smile:


Woke at 81,4 kg - 179,5 lbs
Sweating a lot during night.


Todays training
The Danish Vikings Darkhorse
Bench variation 5RM coming back into it.

Warmup: Jump rope, stretches, BPA yoga stuff.

Dynamic warmup: EMOM alternating

  • SGHP 5 x 40, 50, 55, 60, 65 kg
  • kneeling buttom up KB press each arm x 3
  • Rope skipping 20 seconds
  • BPA x 10


  • BB x 8, DL, row, hang clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, GM, push press

Main Giant set:

  • BB row: 10 x 40, 5 x 8 @50 kg
  • ** floor press** 5 x 40, 50, 60, 65, 70 kg
    ** Volume**
  • 55 kg x 15 enough
  • standing banded ab crunch 6 x 10 each side
  • burpee 6 x 5 damn i hate these.

OHP emom

  • 6 x 3 @ 35 kg

No assistance today.

Done in a 35 minutes.

Tried starting the floor press with a kind of glute bridge. A bit wobbly.
Deloadish again today.
Beginning to return to normal.


Glad you are returning to normal after your holiday! Are you still liking darkhorse program?


Returning has been very hard, but that’s my own fault.
I think it might be the best program I’ve ever done, however it’s also been the most demanding.
But yes I like it a lot.


Woke at 81,4 kg - 179,5 lbs

Todays training

The Danish Vikings Darkhorse
W5D4: DL variation 5RM

Warmup: jump rope, yoga stuff


  • BB x 8, DL, row, hang clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, GM, push press

Dynamic warmup:
8 rounds EMOM alternating PC and squats

  • powerclean to push press 3 x 40, 45, 50, 55 kg
  • 10 BW squats

Lats activation drill

  • Sweeping Deadlift with band 2 x 10 @ 60 kg

Main Giant set

  • KB sving 8 x 5 @ 24 kg
  • Snatch grip DL 5 x 80 (D), 95(D), 110(H), 120(S), 1x125 (B+M)
  • 95kg x 7+3, 6+4, 7+3 All D
  • Dynamic plank 8 x 10 – 15 seconds
  • Jumping jacks 8 x 15

DE Squat emom
*10 x 3 80 kg

Done in 55 minutes.
Grip is still horrible with SGDL forgot the gloves stuff.
Straps with the wide grip, is not good. My pinky and thump becomes numb.
Tried mixed grip… that would be a no go as well.
Totally wasted today, it’s freaking hot here in DK and have been it for almost 3 months, loving every second of it.


You will be glad you took a mid program deload


I’m not sure the last week goes as a deload :slight_smile:


Woke at 82,1 kg - 181 lbs.
Eating big last night :slight_smile:


Woke at 81,8 kg - 180,3 lbs
I’m still at holiday mode for another week, yeah, so eating and drinking for that matter is absolutely spot on for vacation that is, not training.


Enjoy it!

Are you planning on running the Darkhorse program for a particular length of time or just running it indefinitely for now?

Brian’s workouts are fun with the giant sets and lots of variation, but I seem to always migrate back to the more simple/boring 5/3/1 style.


Thanks Sleepy, yeah I’m enjoying full time, tomorrow my best mates birthday. We’ve booked a hotel and are going to the beach, gonna see a WW2 exhibition, then more great food and probably beer and whiskey :slight_smile:
The Darkhorse is a 12 week program, 9 weeks in waves of 3 weeks. I’m changing the variation lift every 3 weeks, not really sure if I’m supposed to. Then a week deload the 2 weeks of testing 2 lifts every week. I’ll take the deload week and then one week of testing one day squat/bench one day DL/OHP I think.
Then I’m not really sure what: either CT’s simple guaranteed strength, or build for Battle… Or ordinary 531 OR a simple double progression or there are so many. I don’t think I’ll continue DH, it’s very demanding.
But it’s great fun and I love it, sweating really hard and the heart is pounding for the first part with the dynamic warmup and then the giant set. Then comes the emom set and I seem to regain a bit of strength and catch the air.


woke at 81,7 kg - 180,1 lbs

Todays training

The Danish Vikings Darkhorse
W6D1: OHP variation 1RM

Warmup: elliptical cross trainer, yoga stuff, stretches

Dynamic warmup: emom alternating

  • SGHP 8 x 40, 40, 45, 45, 50 kg
  • kneeling bottom up KB press 5 x 5 each arm
  • BPA 5 x 12

Complex: 2 rounds of

  • bar x 6: DL, row, Hang clean, fr Squat, press, squat, GM, push press

Main Giant set:

  • pull up 5 x 7, 3 x 6
  • Z press 5 x 30, 3 x 37,5, 1 x 45, 50, 55 kg PR (neural adaption)
  • 42,5 kg x 7, 5, 5 rest pause.
  • Russian twist 8 x 20 @ 5 kg
  • Farmers walk stairs 8 x 40-45 seconds 2x20 kg plates

Speed bench emom

  • 10 x 3 @ 62,5 kg.

Assistance Giant set:

  • straight arm pull down band 3 x 12
  • DB press 3 x 12 @ 12 kg
  • pallof press band 3 x 12
  • EZ bar curl 3 x 12 @ 27 kg

Done in 1 hour 5 minutes + 20 - 25 minutes warmup.

Z press happy with the 55 kg 1RM was a really long grind maybe a little cheat, I have a small bar in the rack I have my legs under, had to put the quads against it to get it up. Quads cramped afterwards :slight_smile: lol.
Great day, didn’t really expect it, so yeah I’m happy.


Shows my ignorance. I had watched the video awhile ago but haven’t really given it a hard look yet.

I’m the same way, I want to try them all!


Same here. The few dark horse workouts that I did were fun, but I stuck with it for like 3 weeks before I got back to 5/3/1. There’s something tempting about the simplicity of 5/3/1, idk…


woke at 81,8 kg - 180,3 lbs
Hovering just under 82 kg at the moment.
I hope I can keep it there to august 1.
Then it’s time for at bit of a bulk, I think CT’s SGSS would fit the bill fine.
Running that until new year ending up like a beast or a fat ass :slight_smile: