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The Danish Viking: Coach Thibs SGSS. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


And he’s back folks! Good squat day Mort


Unless it’s long enough that you’re nearly crippled when you return to the weights!

@mortdk, I admire your dedication. I’ve seen your weight room and you have less space than me but you make sure to get all of your work done including jumps and farmer’s walks. I can’t seem to force myself to do anything other than my core lifts when I train at home.


Well to be honest I did 1 week of 5’s to get used to it and then a half week working up to a heavy single and no volume work.

That being said, I think it’s a good change of pace.

I find the giant sets very good a lot of work in little time.
I’ve never really done variation lifts to work on weakness. So far I like it.

For me there’s a world of difference between upper and lower days.

I am totally exhausted by the end of the main giant set and the 10 min EMOM. I am supposed to do assistance after the emom set. And one day I will be doing assistance.

Upper body I feel drained after the main giant set but then the emom set kind of recharge the battery and I’m ready for some assistance.

But it’s early days, I’ll make a little write up after about 3 weeks.


woke at 81,1 kg - 178,8 lbs
Eating a bit untracked thesie days, I’m fine with it.
Summer is closing in fast. Not really sure how it’s going to mess with my program.
Btw sore af, not used to having doms, so this program does something new :slight_smile:


Hey just wanted to throw some props out for ya, you seem to be all over the place in folks’ logs offering positive thoughts and encouragement to pretty much everyone, it’s good to see and very appreciated, man!


Thanks man, I find it very inspiring to follow all you strong guys.
My boys have almost left home living their own life, and I have some spare time when the wife’s at work. But it’s also a time burglar (that’s the directly translated word).


Todays training
The Danish Vikings Darkhorse
W1D3: Bench variation

Warmup: jumprope, stretches, BPA, yoga stuff

Dynamic warmup:
Metcon 10 minutes 5 rounds:

  • SGHP x 5 @40, 50, 3 x 60 kg,
  • 8 x kneeling buttom up KB press each arm
  • BPA x 12,
  • Bear crawl about 20 – 25 seconds


  • BB x 8, DL, row, hang clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, GM, push press

Main Giant set:

  • BB row: 2 x 10 @ 45 (Math is not my strong side) 6 x 10 @ 55 kg
  • 1 ¼ bench 5 x 40, 60, 70, 75, 4 ½ x 77,5
  • Standing band oblique crunch 8x8 each side
  • Medball chest throw 8x5

Volume 1 ¼ bench (the giant set continues)

  • 60 kg x 11, 7, 7, 2+2+2 as restpause to catch up.

OHP emom

  • 10 x 3 @ 35 kg

Assistance Giant set:

  • Band face pull 3 x 12
  • Push up 3 x 12
  • Sit up 3 x12
  • EZ bar curl 3 x 10 @ 32,5 kg

Done in 1 hour.

I think the medball chest throws took a bit away from the bench press won’t to that again.
I thought I had the last rep with 77,5 kg it came down nicely went up quarterway came down to chest, and decided to stay there. Roll of shame again.
The volume sets with 1 ¼ rep sucks big time. Hope they’ll help.


Nice work as always, Mort!

I’m seriously considering part of this program. I think a way for me to at least maintain (and possibly improve) my strength is to do a ME day up to a 1, 3, or 5 rep max followed by the EMOM with the other exercise of the day. I’ll do the same thing you’re doing—squat day will be deadlift EMOM, bench will be OHP EMOM, and so on. I might change up the variation of the lifts a bit too. This will be followed by my CrossFit WOD.


I like the idea of a variation of the lift. Not a completely different one, but cg bench or paused bench. Deficit dead paused dead, you get the idea.
work on the weak link of the comp lift. Emom sets are comp lift with bands or chains. I do them without it.
If you skip the dynamic warm up, da a main giant set and the emom followed by a WOD you will be laying floored afterwards like a fish on the ground.
Conditioning will skyrocket.


That’s true. I’d like to contribute a lot more to some logs and follow a lot more closely but it really takes time away.


Sounds like you hit maximum effort just right. Strained and got tight there to the failure point. Nice work man!

The accessory work looks great too!


If I hadn’t done medball chest throws I think I might have had the last rep.


If we (older guys) can recover fast enough in this style of workout, then gains in gpp will be seen for sure! I hope we crush some serious PRs on this!


Me too hog, me too.
But I have serious doubt that this old body has much more to gain, but that won’t stop me from trying.


You might surprise yourself :muscle:


You have the mental and testicular fortitude to succeed no matter the age Mort, your doing a bloody good job and staying consistent which is a big key to any program


woke at 81,3 kg - 179,2 lbs
Had some good Sirloin steak yesterday, celebrating our 21 year wedding day, and next weekend we’ve been together for 32 years.
Thanks for the support guys, I hope you’re right, I bloody will be doing everything to reach 2-3-4 plates.


Congrats on that milestone that TBH is way more important than 2/3/4


Congratulations, that is quite the milestone!!


Wow that’s some time spent together. I love to read that. To many years more!