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The Danish Viking: Coach Thibs SGSS. Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Woke at 82,1 kg - 181 lb
around 3000 calories yesterday.


Looks like you need to add some more food mate ?


I’m a little late to the party on this one but I honestly probably don’t warm up as much as I should. I’m in a weird middle ground right now between wanting to stay as fresh as possible for my working sets but also wanting to be sweating hard before I get under a bar.

Some of my best workouts have come after playing basketball with some of the boys for 45 minutes, and some of my best workouts have come after rolling out of bed and having a fuckin cupcake for breakfast. So it’s pretty hard for me to narrow anything down right now.

Possibly the only positive that has come from my SI joint issue is that now I’m forced to implement core work into my warm ups. My warm ups consist of about 90% side planks, McGill curl ups, bird dogs, and front planks. The rest is just arm/shoulder circles, some groin stretches, calf stretches, and occasionally some hip stretches.

So I wouldn’t say that I just show up and lift, but I’ll be the first to admit that I probably don’t do anywhere near as much as I should before getting up under a bar.


@simo74 I will start adding calories, starting as of today I think. Was on duty working with hooligans in a soccer game. I think I had about 2000 calories (None of them could be called clean eating) on top of the 1500 I had before leaving home :slight_smile:

Todays training

The Danish Vikings Darkhorse

W8D4: DL variation 5RM

Warmup: Rope skipping, yoga stuff, stretches

Dynamic warmup: 5 minutes hip circles, bearcrawl, lazy lifter, more rope skipping, BPA.


  • BB x 8+8, DL, row, hang clean, front squat, strict press, back squat, GM, push press

Lats activation drill

  • Sweeping deadlift with band 10 @ 60 kg

Main Giant set

  • KB sving 8 x 6 @ 24 kg

  • Deficit DL 5 x 95 (D), 110(D), 120(3D2H), 130(B+M), 140 kg (B+M) Rep PR

  • 110 kg x 10, 10, 10 all sets (B+S)

  • Plank 8 x 5 seconds bracing hard

  • Ring dips 8 x 5 @ BW

DE Squat emom

  • 10 x 3 @ 77,5 kg

Assistance giant set :smile:

  • air squat 3 x BW

  • Glute bridge 3 x BW

  • RDL 3 x 10 kg

Done in 50 minutes.

Was in a bit of a rush again, did the main work and EMOM.

Assistance just so I could write it, Had I not been in a rush I could have done it, wasn’t wasted today.

Good workout and I could have done assistance, but as stated was in a rush, had to get to work.

One week left before deload. Having 3 days off due to MC road trip to Germany.


Yessir! Good job


woke at 82,8 kg - 182,5 lb
yesterday well over 3000 calories.
Roadtrip in rain, damn I hate it, the past 3½ month we’ve had nice sunny weather and absolutely no rain. It changed and now rain clouds coldish.
You all have a wonderful time guys, I’ll be back for the final week of the Darkhorse either thursday or friday.


Have a great road trip mate


Enjoy the road trip big fella.


Nice work on the PR and have fun on the road trip man.


Just thinking about @mortdk on his road trip is making reminisce about days long past when I used to jump in the car with some mates and head off on a road trip. I don’t necessarily miss those days but I do remember them fondly. Maybe it’s time to grab the boys and head for the hills !


Woke at 81,8 kg - 180,3 lb

Todays training

The Danish Vikings Darkhorse

W9D1: OHP variation 1RM

Warmup: Ropeskipping, yoga stuff, stretches

Dynamic warmup: 10 minutes

  • Bear crawl 5 x 20 sec

  • kneeling bottom up KB press 5 x 8 each arm

  • BPA 5 x 12

  • rope skipping 5 x 25 seconds


  • bar x 8, 6: DL, row, Hang clean, fr Squat, press, squat, GM, push press

Main Giant set:

  • pull up BW 7 x 5 bw 1 x 8 bw

  • Seated press 5 x 32.5, 3 x 37.5, 1 x 42.5, 47.5, F x 55, 1 x 52.5 kg

  • 42,5 kg x 7, 5, 5

  • Dynamic side plank 8 x 6 each side

  • Farmers walk stairs 8 x 30 second 20 kg each hand

Speed bench emom

  • 10 x 3 @ 77,5 kg.

Assistance Giant set:

  • band facepull 3 x 12

  • DB press 3 x 12 @ 15 kg

  • sit ups 3 x 20

Done in 55 minutes + 25 minutes warmup.

Seated press has been better each time, tried 55 kg for top set felt certain I could get it, but failed almost before I started. 52,5 kg went up, but a bit of a grind.

Btw had a great roadtrip to Rügen Island located in the former East Germany.


That is something you really should do. It’s so much fun to have a couple of days of. Being with the boys is just great.


Rügen is cool, I went there on vacation like three or four years ago with my sister.
Did you visit Stralsund as well? I like that city.


On the way back we stopped in Stralsund for a stroll around the city centre and lunch. A very nice city.


Woke at 81,7 kg - 180,1 lb
Really not counting calories, hat a bad stomach flu on the road trip. recovering a bit from that right now.

Todays training

The Danish Vikings Darkhorse

W9D2 Squat variation 5RM survival mode

Warmup: airdyne, yoga stuff, stretches.

Dynamic warmup: 8 minutes of kb goblet squats, airdyne, ergo rower, BPA and some other stuff I can’t remember


  • bar x 8, 8: DL, row, Hang clean, fr Squat, press, squat, GM, push press

Main giant set:

  • jump 8 x 3

  • High barsquat 5 x 60, 70, 80, 90(B) 3 x 95(B) kg

  • 72,5 kg x 10, 10, 10 loose belt on last set.

  • hanging leg raise 8 x 6

  • 20 kg bumper plate floor to overhead press 8 x 6


  • 10 x 3 @ 117,5 kg 1 x DOH, rest mixed grip.


Lying on floor trying not to die.

Done in 50 minutes.

Damn 5 rep days are the worst. 2 workouts left before I’m ready to deload and test.


Woke at 82,2 kg - 181,2 lb
3000 calories yesterday.
bench tomorrow, DL monday or tuesday. One week maybe 1½ week deload.
Then it’s hammer time :slight_smile:


I wish at least one of my gyms had this




Band Pull Apart.
We just got the airdyne this spring at the gym at my work.
It’s an absolute killer. Did a tabata workout on it. Damn it’s hard.



It always looks it whenever I watch Fittest on Earth (Crossfit documentary). I attend two gyms, the manager at one could maybe be coaxed to get one but they just got new spinning bikes so I doubt it. The manager at the other gym is not open to anything so there is really no point in trying with him even.

There is a Crossfit gym in town that I might end up living closer to in a year’s time. So, worst case - I’ll be on one in a year x).

I’ll be following your log!