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The Danish Viking: back to 531: Road to 2-3-4 Plates

woke at 79,8 kg - 175,9 lbs

Lots of calories yesterday at least 3500 :slight_smile:

Todays training

Bike at work 2 x 10 km
Rowing ergometer 6 min - 1500 m
Run 2 km 11 min.

a bit of mobility and pull downs not much for fun :slight_smile:

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woke at 79,4 kg - 175 lbs
calories yesterday - 2500
I’m gaining a bit every week I think.
Eating as clean as it gets, within calorie goal.
Deadlift in a couple of hours, will post a video, if I can manage that technical thing to upload the damn thing.

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Todays training

28 week of training 5/3/1 from Beyond

Cycle 6 week 1 day 4 Deadlift

Warm-ups agile 8, lazy lifter, jump rope, yoga stuff, standing long jumps

Powerclean + push pres
3 x 40, 45, 50 kg 1 x 55 kg 121 lbs
DB incl row
3 x 16 x 22,5 kg
DL Worksets (did some sumo practice 5 reps at 70 and 95 kg)
105 x 5 good double overhand video
117,5 x 5 felt heavy double overhand
130 x 3 loose belt hook grip. Thought now way I’m gonna PR today
130 x 9 286 lbs Belt tight, mixed grip PR by 1 rep, first 5 where good, last 4 not so good. Video.

Dropping the prescribed AMRAP of TM. They are to taxing after a PR set.

Back off
2 sets of 105 kg x 5, no belt + straps.

Front squats

40 x 7
50 x 7
55 x 7
60 kg x 6 132 lbs video
40 x 5 backoff for the camera.
DB bench
4 x 25 kg x 10

Not as fast and strong as I would have liked, but hey got the PR. Still pr’s every damn workout for 6+ cycles.
Took videos today, will post them in a minute, have to figure out how to.
Well first time ever I’ve looked at myself in training. That’s funny.
I think I forgot all the cues I had in mind :slight_smile:
Brace, engage lats by bending the bar around shins.
So @MarkKO, @JMaier31, @TriednTrue, @guineapig, @The_Myth, I’ll tag you guys for some feedback.
I really really hope the videos will load :slight_smile:


Easiest way is YouTube or Instagram

105 kg x 5 reps

130 x 9 reps PR

And some front squats

60 kg x 6 kind of PR

Back off 40 kg x 5 perhaps better angle

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Your back doesn’t start out super flat but you maintain the same spinal position so I’d say that’s alright. I noticed on a couple of reps that your hips shot up first. You might need to focus on “pressing the floor away” with your feet or trying to keep your chest up. You might also be starting with your hips too low. If I get lower in my setup then the first thing to move is my hips. If I just start with my hips a bit higher than it doesn’t happen.

Overall they looked pretty good. I try not to turn into a form Nazi; I look for obvious issues that stand out. I had to look close and get a bit picky with your reps. You could make some minor adjustments and improvements but I wouldn’t stress about it unless you’re goal is to pull 500 lbs or something big that requires you to be perfect. I’m all about safe technique/form and I think you’re good in that aspect.

Front Squats
The 40kg backoff sets looked much better than the 60kg sets. The weight was pulling you forward on those reps. It’s going to happen when you get tired or really push yourself but I saw it on most of those 6 reps. I try to think about keeping my elbows up when I’m coming out of the hole. I’m sure the other folks will have some cues and tips for this as well. My advice is simple–try to apply your 40kg form to all weights.

Good stuff and thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the comments.
Yeah I do have a bad posture, tend to have a bit of a hunchback.
I’ll try to start a bit higher, next week.
Well goal is to pull 440 pounds 200 kg. Might not ever happen… With this log I’m even more into doing it, in 16 months that is.
The front Squats I do not like them :slight_smile: hope they’ll help building a bit on the upper back and quads.
Trying to keep back as straight as possible and trying to lead with elbows, that doesn’t show much :slight_smile:

You were doing good on the lighter set! And, yes, front squats are the devil.


I tweaked my back doing front squats - I was using slightly too heavy of weight, got pulled forward, and slightly twisted to recover, which wrenched my spine. I advise being very careful when doing front squats with a fatigued upper back.

I’ll echo @JMaier31 observation about your upper back being a bit rounded. Years of bicycling does that! Concentrate on retracting your shoulders and pinning your shoulder blades down and back. This is healthier and adds exercise value to the deadlift, creating an isometric hold for the upper and middle back.

The second form correction I noticed is you often lock out your knees before your hips, transferring all the weight to your back and turning the second half of the rep into a Romanian deadlift. People commonly fall into this, and I had to detrain myself from it, too.

A sentence in an article here that helped me said the knees and hips should achieve lockout at just about the same time. A Dan John article then opened my eyes to the difference between bending forward at the waist (which is what most do, and it puts lots of strain on the lower back) versus hinging backwards at the hips, like a door hinge turned 180 degrees, so the pivot bar is like the hips, and the upper and lower pieces mirror the upper and lower body. I’ll try to find the article and link it here.

In case they help you, the DL form cues I use are: space my feet the same width I’d use for a standing long jump; stand close enough to the bar so it’s barely touching my shins when I’m holding the bar; hinge back at the waist and bend at the knees, grabbing the bar with my arms along the outsides of my legs; lean my weight back, taking the slack out of the bar and my body so the bar counterbalances my body weight; pin my shoulders back; and simultaneously push my feet into the floor while hinging my hips forward/shoulders backwards and up.

That’s probably a lot to remember, so discard anything that interferes with your deadlifting form.


There’s definitely nothing I’d worry about for safety. What I did notice is that your middle back flexes a tiny bit just as you pull - that’s a power leak, and most likely caused by not bracing as hard as you need to. It also may be why your hips come up slightly. You’re not quite tight enough, so you get pulled forward a little and then your hips rise to compensate.


Am a bit late to the party but that’s some great work. High rep deadlifts are pretty bad ass. it looked like you were kind of lightheaded after the last rep lol.

I’ll try to add something new to the discussion but everyone’s been pretty thorough.

Deadlifts looked alright and like others have said a slightly rounded back starting position is safe enough as long as it’s maintained through the lift.

If you’ve ever maxed out I’d by curious about how/where you fail like off the ground or at the knees or do you explode off the ground but slow down somewhere. This can tell you where your focus should be so you can work on your weakness until it doesn’t hold you back anymore.

Like for example if you fail a pull by having your back immediately round off the floor and consequently you can’t lockout you need to work on bracing harder with every rep right now and by the time you come to maxing out it won’t be a problem anymore.

Front squats aren’t to easy on the eyes lol. It’s a pretty demanding lift in terms of mobility all over the body from ankles to wrists. But if you can get in a good starting position then you’re mobility enough.

I’m gonna stress rep quality here because to get the most out of front squatting you need to have that sexy form. Adding more weight on when form is already going to shit isn’t worth I think.

Something that helps my front squat is slowing the eccentric down and being aware of my upper back position and how my torso descends (i.e. hips dropping down vertically). This way I can keep the position I started with much more successfully

What kind of cues are you currently using for front squat or how do you front squat?

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@MarkKO, @JMaier31, @guineapig, @TriednTrue, Thanks guys.
Hoping that the rounded back was sort of okay, I’m really trying to put my shoulderblades back and down in the pockets.
Actually as I recall it, I’m trying to brace, but as you pointed out, I’m not bracing that well. I’ll work hard on that.
At the start of the year I pulled 150 kg (Or tried to) that thing was kind of glued to the ground. A week later I pulled it, OR grinded it really bad. And It’s off the ground that it was the hardest, the second it left the ground I knew it would come up.
For the front squats I try to brace (not good enough) and lead with the elbows. I can see there are not good, well bad.
I’ll lower the weights and slow down the decent. They are assistance so light weight baby.
And a bit light headed at the end. When I did 140 x 7 I had to sit down :slight_smile:
I love DL. It’s badass and beastly.


I’ll work on that bracing.
When I lift, I got the cues I think. But the minute I grap the bar it seems like I forget the damn cues.
Do you think of several different cues all the time, like that bend the bar around shins, brace and so on, or are they kind of natural to you?

Sounds like an interesting article. If you don’t find it, I’ll try finding it myself.
Thanks for the cues. My stance are quite wide there. Video does a lot.
I know MarkKO sits back a lot, and I sometimes try to do that, it just feels awkward, but I will try.

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woke at 79,4 kg - 175 lbs same as yesterday
Calories yesterday 2750 (it’s weekend sue me)

Great cues for DL and Front squat from you guys out there, great forum this is.

Todays training

Badminton for 1 hour and a bit.
Great fun, high pulse, quick reactions breaking some sweat.

It’s about time to evaluate training so far. Really enjoyed Beyond for 28 weeks, but the last cycles where I was supposed to do jokers… well I am about to max out, so I don’t know if I’m able to do jokers at all. Might change for another 5/3/1, of course.
But still 2 weeks to see how things are going.


Here it is!

I focus on bending the bar/squeezing my lats, sitting back/dragging the bar up my shins and bracing hard. That’s five cues, I guess, although the first two pairs pretty much go hand in hand so more like three.


Thanks man, looks like great fun :slight_smile:
Might even do them twice a week.

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