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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


You have spotters/safeties mort? Fly me up there and I’ll spot you

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I would love to, when I win the lottery, I’ll fly you in.

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Alright I’ll remember this for when you hit the jackpot.

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On a sidenote until then I might get me a power rack or squat rack with safeties.
Helping a buddy move his stock to a bigger place. He do have a small website with lifting gear. I can buy some of the stuff really cheap.


I bought a half rack and it works well but there are times I wish I went with the full rack. I fear that my half rack will tip over if I put the bar on the safety arms when there’s no weight left on the storage spots to counter it.

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woke at 88,6 kg - 195,3 lbs
bench later
maybe some light squat technique stuff


How much are each?


the halfrack about 150 euro I guess about double for the full rack.
His a good friend and I help him out. I think he would lose a bit of money on each.


Full rack I reckon. What’s an extra 150 for a lifetimes security?

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yeah I know, It’s not the money, I’ve got plenty, it’s a matter of space as well… and I got my squat stands/rack that serves me well.
And I’m a cheap bastard.
So not decided yet :slight_smile: I would have to move the rack away from the wall for benching.

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Uncle mort you know you’re my favourite uncle. Where my money at :joy:


I use a half rack and it’s more than adequate.

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Inb4 rack flips


You might have to translate that one for me !!


In before so like calling it before it happens. But stay safe lol


I fell forward into mine with the bar on my back the other week. Safety’s caught the bar and the rack didn’t move. You would have to go very heavy and hard to flip one.


Wouldn’t falling back or dumping the bar back make for max flippage?


Possibly but I squat out of the rack and if I dump the bar it just hits the ground. I use the safety’s for bench only really. Any when your max benching 115 I doubt it’s going to do anything. Lol :joy:

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When I’m squatting heavy I have all the weight from the rack on the bar (185 lbs of my weight stays on my Echo bar on the platform). I fear that a drop on the safety arms at the furthest point from the rack could result in it tipping.

@mortdk, if you liked the band work from Dark Horse then a full rack might work better long term. Space is always the biggest deciding factor though. You’re clearly looking at an upgrade since you’re training with stands right now.


Yeah but I’m the cheap bastard uncle, and the plenty is not really plenty, but I could buy the rack if I wanted to.

@simo74 and @guineapig Haven’t really decided what to go with, if I go with any of them, I got this cheap rack that serves the purpose, I could use the safeties though I guess.
@JMaier31 I’ve considered the full rack for band work, pin press, floor press and rack pulls. But yes space is a factor.

And now for to days workout.

The Viking Power Builder Protocol

Test week bench 90%

Warmup: ropeskipping, kneeling bottom up kb press, bpa, yoga flow, Mc Gill

Bench warm up giant set

  • BB row 10 x 40, 60 kg 5 x 80, 90 kg 1 x 100 kg PR here

  • Bench 10 x 20 kg, 5 x 50, 3 x 70, 1 x 80 kg

  • Standing banded crunch 5 x 10 each side

bench press main lift

  • 3 x 1 @ 90 kg

Backoff Amrap not today at least 3 more eash set.

  • 5 x 80 kg

  • 7 x 72,5 kg

  • 10 x 65 kg

Assistance giant set

  • Pull up 3 x 5 reps BW

  • Seated BB OHP 10 x 20, 27,5, 35 kg

  • Side plank 3 x 10 seconds each side

Finisher WOD

  • Ring dip x 3

  • Pendlay row x 6 @ 40 kg

  • BW squats x 10

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes 8 rounds 20 seconds left on the clock.

Took about 50 minutes.

Warmup giant, main set and assistance giant is feeling good.

@JMaier31 WOD’s just plain sucks first round is sort of fine and from there you just want to puke.

Changed my schedule for testing, decided against OHP PR this time around.

So Squat Sunday if I’m good, Bench Wednesday, DL Saturday.