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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


I was doing some of that during my first CrossFit experiment when I just tried doing WODs I found online. I have a jump rope in my gym bag; I probably ought to use it.


Woke at 89 kg - 196,2 kg
Had our christmas eve yesterday, damn good evening with my parents, in laws and my brother in law.
Today I’m on duty. If I get time my buddy and I are hitting the small gym at the station.
@TriednTrue I’m going to incorporate the rope skipping and DL as one of my giant sets.
Thanks for the tip.

On another note watched a film the other day, this is one to watch for all of you thinking why can’t I get rid of my fat, especially around my belly.

“That sugar film” by Damon Gameau, it’s an australian movie.
The guy is a lean dude who eats a minimum of sugar.

Then he starts eating a “healthy low fat diet”.

From an article and also stated in the film:
“I had no soft drink, chocolate, ice cream or confectionery,” Gameau told Yahoo. “All the sugars that I was eating were found in perceived healthy foods, so low-fat yogurts, and muesli bars, and cereals, and fruit juices, sports drinks … these kind of things that often parents would give their kids thinking they’re doing the right thing.”

He was eating about the same amount of calories and gained as I recall 8 kg around 18 pounds in these 60 days, all fat was sitting in his guts…

Why am I saying this, because for the last couple of month I’ve been eating and eating a bit more sugar then normal… And as you all know I’m a bit concerned about the fact my belly has grown quite big.
Starting from january 1 or second … or maybe a bit into january I’ll start to eat more healthy I’ll try to eat the same amount of calories, to see if I’m going to loose weight.

I encourage you all to watch that movie, to show it to everyone that’s a bit interested in health.

A link to the interview:


I hope it’ll stay on TN.


Sounds like bull to me lol but can’t hurt to drop sugar as long as you still get enough carbs. Don’t go to crazy

Maybe being overly cynical here but it’s fun read on if you want lol:

That’s like 160g of sugar a day. Anything in excess is gonna be bad.

Also to squeeze in that much sugar without turning into a fat cunt you gotta cut out or limit something which could be the reason for some of the negative effects. Seems he did turn into a bit of a fat cunt though so that could be more the cause of bad stuff than sugar

Guys gain fat on their gut anyways. This dude doesn’t even lift and gained a kilo a week for two months of course he is gonna get a fat belly

Fatty liver diseases main cause is being or becoming a fat cunt. This guy became a fat cunt sugar or not and did it in a short period of time so of course it’s gonna smash his body.

This should be a doco of not turning into a fat cunt but god knows we have enough of them


Working on Xmas day is a bit rough, but someone has to do it. Good effort hitting the iron at work.

Interesting movie,sugar is in absolutely everything if you look closely, I sort of avoid it by being allergic to wheat which counts out a heck of a lot of junky foods.
The Mrs has been dieting lately,she’s lost a heap of weight, but insists on skim milk, I do keep pointing out that it’s full of sugar compared to full fat but I might as well bang my head on the bench.


@guineapig the guy actually works out and he was eating the same amount of calories about 2300 each day.
The point was that our body isn’t built for heavy amounts of sugar. He did eat what was considered healthy.
He doesn’t say to stop eating sugar, he just says to be aware of all the sugar in processed food.

@I_Luc I’d say skimmed milk isn’t that bad, there’s about the same amount of carbs, but no fat… so you don’t get that I feel full feeling on skimmed milk. Fat and protein makes you feel full.

The bad news for women is that it’s very hard for them to lose fat.
There’s actually an article about it here on TN


Merry Christmas my friend from over the sea. Hope you and your family have a great festive season.


160 is a lot. Roundabout 16L of coke per day. My best is 3L lol.

Still he ate in a big surplus for 2 months and went from fit to carrying fat and felt worse and had fatty build up in his liver. I’m just saying he could’ve accomplished the same on a low sugar diet.

I’m just saying this sounds more like a warning not to put on lots of weight fast (some modern calorie dense foods like those with high sugar content being a good way to do this).

Depends on your goals I guess how you use this info. For health… I guess it’s a pretty broad category lol. Someone looking for more consistent energy throughout the day and less fatigue might have different considerations to someone looking to avoid having another potential fatal heart attack. Then there’s us trying to get bigger and stronger without turning into fat cunts.

For example for not having a heart attack a lot of recommendations are to reduce weight. In the past fats and sugars were demonised as directly causing build up in the arteries but with new info and research and re examination of assumptions we get the new recommendations. The old anti sugar stuff hangs around though.


My pleasure! It feels really good and works well for building strength-endurance.

Another variation I like when I’m able to do pull ups is 10 rounds of deadlifts 225 x 5, rope jumps 20-30 seconds, 5 sets of pull ups, then 5 sets of pushups to complete the 10 deadlift and rope jump rounds. The order then is 5 x deadlift - rope jump - pullups, 5 x deadlift - rope jump - pushups.


I know I’m late to the party, but damn. You smoked that bench and that deadlift!!! Those looked almost like warmups. And I’m a big fan of the “bro nod” after you locked out that deadlift too lol!

Merry Christmas buddy.


I’ve seen the documentary. The dudes idea of exercise is kind of pathetic. (doesn’t train hard or exercise in a way which will produce results)

Also merry Christmas my friend!


He did NOT eat in a surplus, he ate the same amount of calories, I was a firm believer that a calorie is a calorie, but it really is not, the body handles those raffined sugars very badly.

I’m not very good at explaining this, but give the film a shot.
I’m not saying to ditch sugar by no means, I’m saying one should be aware of it, especially if trying to lose fat.


But he worked out, maybe not to be a powerlifter, but he did a bit of running and some calisthenics.
And he did not eat more calories than before, that’s the point.

This is from a TN article about losing fat:
You know how I just explained how women are at a metabolic disadvantage when it comes to exercise and fat loss? Well, now I’m going to tell you to ignore it, because it doesn’t much matter. The truth is, when it comes to fat loss, male or female, exercise is really an ineffective way to do it.

Some women (and men) try to lose weight by lifting weights, or lifting weights and taking really brief rest periods. You have to consider that the highest recorded energy expenditure during a weight lifting workout is a smidgeon higher than 8 kcal per minute, which isn’t much different than what you’d burn if you were out in the garden carrying a bucket to water some begonias.

Thanks mate and merry christmas to you.


The body uses energy in order to recover from training. For example I know I’d gain weight alot easier if i wasn’t going to the gym and ate the amount i eat now. That’s kind of what i meant

I wasn’t disputing that. Sugar in excess is definitely not good for you


Definition of caloric surplus is when calories in > calories out so like gaining weight and fat. Eating is only part of the equation.

Ok… if his calories in were matched then did his calories out/burned drop (BMR, NEAT, TEF and EA)?eg. Less protein so less thermic effect of food. High sugar might have an influence on these factors resulting in less calories burned

Like I said before if calories were matched like he claimed he’d have to make room for the 160g sugar elsewhere. So we can’t ignore that the deleterious effects could partly be attributed to lack of nutritious stuff as much as high sugar.


He did explain why the body stored all the excess sugar as fat, and of course he ate much less fat and probably less protein too.
It really isn’t that much sugar: 0,5 l Coca cola contains about 55 grams of sugar so 3 of them is 165 grams. A lot of peeps drinks 3 of these every day.


Woke at 88,4 kg - 194,9 lbs
I’m not eating enough I can tell.

Did workout yesterday during my shift:

The Viking Power Builder Protocol

Test week Squat 90%

Warm up: Airdyne, BPA, airsquats, Mcgill’s stuff, lazy lifter and some fluff.

Squat warm up giant set

Jump 4 x 3

Squat 10x20 kg, 5x60, 5x80, 1x90

Plank 4 x 20 seconds

squat main lift

1 x 100 kg

3 x 1 @ 110 kg

5 x 90 kg

7 x 80 kg

10 x 70 kg


5 x 60 kg, 5 x 100 kg, 3 x 120 kg, 1 x 135 kg

3 x 1 @ 150 kg

No backoff


3 x 10 @ 60 kg

45 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

The singles both squat and DL were a bit heavy today.

The back off was very good stuff. (I’m sore today)

Decided against the VPBP during the workout. Did the main lift as supposed to with squat. After I didn’t do a giant set of DL variation. Did the 3 singles of DL, and followed it by a straight set of SG RDL.

So I’m trying to deload a bit keeping the weights heavy so I’m prepared for the virtual meet next week.

Just a bench workout Wednesday or Thursday.

Doing OHP Sunday and probably squat Monday last day of the year. Then Bench Thursday and DL Saturday.


Merry Christmas to you and your family Mort!


Merry Christmas to you and yours, Mort!


Merry Christmas :christmas_tree:


Woke at 88,1 kg - 194,2 lbs
Really eating bad these days and apparently not enough :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. It’s been quite a good one, despite being on duty christmas eve.
Really screwed up training schedule btw, having a mini break from work, first day working will be january 7 :slight_smile: And here I am trying to deload and prepare for the Hog’s meet :slight_smile: When I could just kill myself in the basement