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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Where have you guys been? I’ve been bragging about this program since June. :laughing:


I’m Hardheaded but not dumb.


PRs baby! Nice work Mort!


Woke at 88,4 kg - 194,9 lbs
The holidays should provide the extra calories needed to reach 200… If I don’t It’s okay.

Thanks guys
Yeah I’m really happy with how this have turned out…
I’ll keep a fairly heavy load next week and then I’ll see if this program can produce big results.
Or should I say bigger.

Btw if you want to watch the squat video I think you can right click on the video, copy the URL and put in your browser. It worked for me.


Nah, still blocked


Woke at 88,6 kg - 195,3 lbs

Todays training

The Danish Viking: SGSS by coach Thib

W14D3 5-4-3-2-1 reps upper body realization phase

Warmup: ergorower, armswings, BPA, kneeling KB press, yoga flow – mac Gill stuff.


Bench press

  • 5 @ 85 kg

  • 4 @ 90 kg

  • 3 @ 92,5 kg

  • 2 @ 95 kg

  • 1 @ 100 kg

Supersetted with

BB row

  • 5 @ 80 kg

  • 4 @ 82,5 kg

  • 3 @ 85 kg

  • 2 @ 87,5 kg

  • 1 @ 90 kg


  • 6 @ 47,5 kg

  • 5 @ 50 kg

  • 3 @ 52,5 kg

  • 2 @ 55 kg

  • 1 @ 60 kg

Pull up

  • 5 @ 3,5

  • 4 @ 7,5 kg

  • 3 @ 10 kg

  • 2 @ 12,5 kg

  • 1 @ 15 kg

50 minutes + warmups.

BP and Row kept the rest shorter than monday, was a bit tired and worn out.
OHP was a true horrible grindy pushpress’ish thing.
Pull up a bit angry shoulder.

I don’t think I’ll make the last workout of the program.
Time to deload a little bit over the next week or so.


Woke at 88,7 kg- 195,6 lbs


Woke at 89,3 kg - 196,9 lbs BIG PR :slight_smile:
and a big laugh from the missus.
Let the holidays begin.

In DK we celebrate christmas the 24th in the evening, I know all you guys do it on christmas day, but here it’s christmas eve.
I’m on duty christmas eve, first time ever, lots of new year eves though.
So today I’m of to the my mother in law for a big lunch,
tomorrow we’ll have my parents and my wifes parents for dinner and celebration.
Christmas eve is on duty (lots of food here as well)
Chrismas day we actually have nothing to do, will eat big anyway.
The day after we have a massive christmas lunch to attend.

So I think the 200 mark is going down within a couple of days :slight_smile:

I wish all of you a blessed christmas and a happy new year.


We celebrate on Christmas eve as well here in Finland.

Always wondered how aussies celebrate Christmas, I’m assuming no snow and no pine trees in the living room


I hope you and your family have a merry Christmas. You probably have some good snow in Denmark. Over in Tennessee where I am it’s in the 40s F with no snow (about 5-10 C)


We have trees :evergreen_tree: and decorate the house same as up there. Christmas Day is a little different mostly due to it being summer here rather than winter. Because Australia is so culturally diverse people celebrate differently. My neighbour is Swedish so they do presents on Christmas Eve and then a family meal on Christmas Day. I’m from England so we do presents on Christmas Day and have a big Christmas dinner which usually includes roast turkey, glazed ham, etc etc followed by Christmas pudding. We generally eat too much and finish the evening with some sort of games !!
The traditional Aussie Christmas is presents on Christmas Day and a big family get together, the meal would include seafood like prawns, glazed ham, maybe some meat on the bbq, with salad and veggies, Followed by a big pavlova. The day is spent outside and usually involves back yard cricket.


No snow I was about to say, but we had 2 centimeters this morning, it’s gone by now.
And temperature has been around 3 - 10 C until now, it’s dropped to around 0 C.
It’s fairly warmer than when I was a kid, we would have had snow by now and the small lakes and ponds would have been frozen and kids would have skated around on them.
No more, very rare we have the opportunity to ice skate.
Dinner christmas eve is duck with brown potatoes (small potatoes caramelized on the pan) ordinary potatoes, red cabbage and brown sauce made from the ducks fat. Dessert is something called “ris a’la mande” it’s gold rice porridge with whipped cream and chopped almonds. There will be one whole almond at the person who gets it, wins a small present.
We do have roast pork as well, but most people have duck.
I love christmas :slight_smile:


Damn Mort that sounds great! Family is the best part, but food is a close second


It’s good to see you repeat those lifts with less rest!

I have Christmas three days in a row this year. Tomorrow is dinner at my grandparents’ house. Christmas Eve is dinner and presents with my parents and brother’s family. Christmas Day is at my in - laws and starts with breakfast and goes most of the day.


woke at 88,5 kg - 195,1 lbs
Will try a OHP day from my own program today :slight_smile:


Viking Power Builder protocol log

Test week OHP 90%

Warmup: rope skipping, kneeling bottom up kb press, bpa, yoga flow, Mc Gill

OHP warm up giant set

Pull up 3 x 3 BW

OHP 10 x 20 kg, 5 x 30 kg 3 x 40 kg

Sit ups 3 x 10 each side

OHP main lift

1 x 47,5 kg

3 x 1 55 kg

Backoff Amrap not today at least 3 more eash set.

5 x 47,5

7 x 42,5

10 x 37,5

Assistance giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 40, 50, 60 kg

CGPB 10 x 20, 40, 50, 60 kg

Side plank 4 x 10 seconds each side

Finisher WOD

pull up x 3

DB press 5 x 8 kg

Burpees x 5

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes 7 rounds 20 seconds left on the clock

The Viking Power Builder Protocol is on it’s way.

Took 45 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

OHP and giant sets was fine was in a bit of a rush today, need more time to warm up before the 3 90% singles.

WOD was heartpumping action… Buck Furbees.


No snow here for us Aussies, it’s usually stinking hot where I am, in fact 2 years ago it was 44*C on Xmas Day!
We used to have the old roast when I was a kid, but now it’s some roast and seafood, and booze, haha


Workouts with less exercises are definitely harder. I was huffing and puffing after my lunges yesterday and had to catch my breath a bit before doing pull ups. I’m learning to try to sneak in an exercise that let’s me catch my breath while I do it. I haven’t really found any though… Maybe calf raises? :laughing:


It’d fucking roast itself in that weather


Surprisingly, if your hip allows it, try jump roping. I sometimes do a deadlift workout that I learned from sealfit.com that’s 10 rounds of 225x5 deadlifts and jumping rope. Their program calls for 20 double-unders. I cant do them yet, so i do 20-30 regular hops, and I’ve found the rope to be good for conditioning and a chance to catch my breath.