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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Maybe depends on the injury? Like inflammatory kind of stuff is all stiff and shit in the morning and loosens up through the day as we move.


Always happy to chime in, thanks for the tag!

LOL, you can do it!

I think it depends on what your goals are, because it’s only going to “work” if it gets you to your goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. SO, that being said (you’ve got a long log so please forgive me as I’m sure you’ve already written about this), what are your goals? And, what is your #1 goal? That’s a very important question, because while it’s great to have many fitness goals, you ultimately must prioritize one to get there.

If I can have a better understanding of what you’re aiming to accomplish by incorporating more bodybuilding style training, that would allow for more accurate feedback :slight_smile:


woke at 81,4 kg - 179,5 lbs
First time in the 170’s and the scale said 11,8% BF.
yesterdays calories 1950: 164C, 201P, 41F
Macros are quite up and down, but I’m relearning that it’s actually hard to reach between 180 - 200 g of protein.

That is hard, I’ve got the itch back.

But I love trying to do so, But yes you’re right.

You’re welcome Steve, don’t even think about it. I like the talks about all sorts of stuff.
Some years back I was in hospital, and I was quite a pain in the a*** to the nurses. I was at 10’th or 12’th floor or something. I walked the stairs several times each day, just to move around. Carrying all sorts of thing with me :slight_smile:

Getting stronger: 1, 2, 3, 4 plates on the big four I’ve got the pressing ones and I’m close with DL, Squat not so much, unless I can s2quat a bit high.
The #1 goal is a 200 kg DL, a good friend of mine pulled 197,5 kg some years ago, then got his knee injured on duty.
So I would love to tease him by pulling more than him.

But I would like to try to build some muscles-
I’m “old” 55 years, 181 cm just shy of 6 feet and as you can see I’m about 180 lbs. I was just shy of 200 lbs 2½ month ago.
2 years ago I was down to 75 kg - 165 lbs and was lean, but there were no muscles whatsoever.
I’m a former competitive bike race, and consists of bones, tendons and ligaments.

So I would like to try to put on some muscles. (and pull 200 kg)

Sorry for the long answer Rob, but I hope it gives you an idea of were I am and what I want to do.
Oh just to mess everything up, I’ve started to run a little again :slight_smile:


Sounds like you need some Vitamin T my friend


@guineapig took the words out of my mouth, if you want to add muscle at 55 it’s time for some help !!


Haha! Gonna have to log this one in the mental bank!

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Do you drink some of it? A couple of 24 gram shakes a day and that number gets a whole lot easier. Also something as simple as adding one meal helps. Just add an afternoon portion of protein and veggies.

People talk about not eating too late, intermittent fasting, etc. I eat my first meal around 7am and eat up until around 10:30 pm.

@guineapig and @simo74 are right though. If your wanting to put on muscle at 55 Test would help considerably. Granted I have no idea what your opinion is on TRT… that said it’s been a godsend for me. I felt like a 60 year old at 37. I’ll be 40 in December and feel like I’m 25 again. It’s a decision that I’m going to have to live with, but for me personally the pros dramatically out weigh the cons. My health is much better overall, it’s inexpensive, and I have such a more positive outlook on life in general. Just M2C


Vitamin S also works


Alright that one went over my head… :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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@simo74, @guineapig, @jackolee thanks for the advice, I’m more into vitamin N.
In my country these things aren’t very easy to find and doctors don’t prescribe neither Vitamin T or S, unless you’re serious sick :slight_smile:
I am a firm believer of natural training… that is for myself, I really don’t care what others do, it’s up to them. But I like to see how far I can go. When I raced bike I ended up in the elite peloton a couple of times with some pro’s riding there as well. And got my ass whipped.

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@mortdk, to add to this, I drink about 4-6 scoops of protein powder a day. It’s either that or go back to eating 10 lbs of chicken a week and that didn’t do my cholesterol any favors (I also hate the way chicken is raised here in the US). I had a double scoop of casein this morning when I woke up. I’ll have a double scoop of regular whey with a banana at about 1000. That gets me almost halfway to my daily goal before I eat anything. It’s the only way I can get my protein without eating chicken. If I eat red meat or pork then it’s too many calories (for now).

Natural is what you should do as long as your body does what it is supposed to do. I think the upper end of natural testosterone levels is around 1000 (I’m not sure what the measurement unit is). Would you consider someone on TRT who had a test level of 800 to be unnatural? Do you think 200 is good? It’s natural but it’s far from the upper end and probably feels like crap.

I’m not pushing you to get on TRT, but understanding the natural range of testosterone and how TRT works has opened my mind a bit. The word optimal is used a lot in training. The optimal training split. The optimal macro breakdown. Blah blah blah. The word optimal just means the most efficient and effect approach for you under the circumstances. Your test levels might be natural and in range, but not be optimal. Does that make sense?

I haven’t seen you talking about being drained and tired all the time so I think your test levels are probably sufficient. You train hard and I think you’d know if you had low T.

You don’t need to mess around with a bodybuilding split unless you’re just tired of your program and need a break. Otherwise run a strength program and keep pressing forward. You know SGSS gets my vote! Don’t dink around with 5/3/1 if you’re going to run another strength focused plan. Just run SGSS. We all know it works!

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Range on my labs is 300-1100 which is rubbish. That’s like saying a healthy weight for someone who is 6’4” is somewhere between - 185 and 375. I’d feel like crap at 300. 850 seems to be the sweet spot for me. Strangely enough after beginning supplementing boron ( this has been the only change to my protocol). My last labs had me at -1180. Might need to make an adjustment :thinking:

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Great. Now I have to go read that thread about Boron…

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I just figured I’d try it. Was dirt cheap from amazon. But holy hell 800ish to 1180. That’s quite a jump

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Sorry @mortdk. We hijacked.


I’ll weigh in on the test thing as well. It’s not something I’ve talked about on here because I really didn’t want to get into the ‘is T-replacement natty or not’ debate, but I’ve been on TRT for a little while. I got tested and my level was like at 134, so the doc put me right on it. I’m honestly not sure how much difference it’s made in my training, since I didn’t notice any jumps in weights I was using, although I did start during one of my lay-offs. I can definitely say it has helped in some of the ways @jackolee described, I feel better throughout the day, and I don’t have all the aches and pains to the extent I was getting them. I even sleep better. I was actually surprised how low my T-levels were, because I was still able to gain muscle and move good weights in the gym. I didn’t go in soliciting for TRT, I was just dragging and feeling lethargic, and the doctor ran the tests and that’s what came back.


@jackolee no hi"Jack" here man. Btw shouldn’t you prepare for stage brother. Get ready and pumped up. Shaving is awesome. Back in the days I shaved legs every other day. They looked smashing, my wife thinks a shaved cycle racers leg looks fantastic.

I’ve just recently read up on TRT and what it stands for. I’m sure here in DK it’s not something you’d be allowed by any doctors unless of course you were sick to a certain degree.
I am having a great time, I’m fatigued due to my training, I’m sleeping okay (I have to get up once every night to go to the bathroom).
So I think my T level is normal.
I don’t know if i would consider anyone on TRT as natural, if you’re sick then of course you should have it.

It’s interesting and I’ve tried creatine a couple of times with absolutely no effect :slight_smile: I can’t get mag10 here in DK and some of the other stuff you guys can get.
We’re on fish oil and ginger that’s about the only thing allowed around here.

@JMaier31 I’m not sure what to do. But I’m looking closely on that tried and true one. SGSS is indeed working. But it’s kind of more boring than 531 BBB.
I’ll come up with something great.


Woke at 81,4 kg - 179,5 lbs
yesterdays calories: 2200: 203C, 177P, 66F

Todays training
Viking Power Builder protocol

C3W2D4 Deadlift 70%

Warmup: Ropeskipping, BPA, lazy lifte + fluff.

Quick complex bar x 9: DL, row, cleans, front squat, press, back squat

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 4 x 6 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 70, 100, 110, 120 kg all doh

Plank 4 x 30 seconds

Deadlift main

DL 8 x 3 @ 125 kg (70%) Belt + straps

25 minutes + 10 minutes warm up

I was totally and utterly wasted today.

From the start I wasn’t there, everything felt heavy and slow.

Did the warmup sets, tweaked my lower back a little.

Put on belt and straps, somehow managed the 8 sets.

Looked at the bar and the rack, and just called it there.

Two more weeks.