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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


You ever try doing a controlled refeed day when you hit a wall. I find them helpful both in terms of progress and mental health. More carbs for a day feels good. Although at almost 200 carbs your not too restricted. Still… could probably help get the fat burning up again.


If the squats are hard it is making the body adapt. Keep them where they are man.


I’m not really restricting anything at the moment. Maintenance is around 2400-2500 or there about I try to hit 2200 give or take. Protein should be at least 180 g and the rest from carb and fat.

My body is losing about 3 lbs in 4-5 days then it goes up by 1 - 1½ lbs for a couple of days, stays there for 1 or 2 days then drop 3 lbs again.
It has always done it I’ll put a screen shot up later.

@losthog it’s about 80% it shouldn’t be that hard, all technique was breaking down, so when I’m finished this cycle and peak, I’m off to some bodybuilding stuff I think.


You’re just fatigued. It is completely normal for everything to feel heavy. I’m just going to guess your technique went to help because your bracing was off. It tends to flow on from there. Bracing can get harder when you’re fatigued too.


Spot on Mark as always :blush: the belt helped but not much.

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Actually, this is good. You’ll go into the peak fatigued as you should. The most I would suggest is backing off over the next two weeks just enough to avoid getting hurt if that’s necessary.


That looled like a fun session, keep it going

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Woke at 82,2 kg - 181,2 lbs
Yesterday’s calories: 2100: 184C, 164P, 65F
A bit high on carbs, I have to try to eat more protein.

@MarkKO I think I can manage it, but if necessary I’ll remember and back down a bit.

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woke at 82,2 kg - 181,2 lbs
yesterdays calories: 2200: 197C, 188P, 58F
It’s hard to cut down on carbs :slight_smile:

C3W2D3 Bench press 90%

Warmup: Ergorower, BPA, kneeling bottom up KB press, yoga flow.

Bench warm up giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 40, 5 x 60 kg, 3 x 80, 1 x 90 kg

Bench 10 x 20, 40, 5 x 60 kg, 3 x 80, 1 x 90 kg

Bicycle crunch 5 x 12 each side

Bench and Row Main lift

Bench press 2 singles @ 95 kg

BB row: 2 x 5 80 kg

Back off

Bench press 5 x 85 kg, 7 x 75, 14 x 65 kg

BB row 3 x 10 @ 60 kg

Assistance giant set

Pull up BW: 5 x 5

Push press: 3 x 20, 42,5, 47,5, 52,5, 57,5 kg One clean to start.

Sideplank lifting upper leg 5 x 7 each side


Push up 5 x 14

Chest supported row: 5 x 12 @ 55 kg

Plank 5 x 30 seconds

15 seconds rest between rounds

Are you finished?

Dip @ BW: 9, 5, 3 rest pause


All up 1 hour 10 minutes + 10 min warm up

Singles were heavy so only two

First backoff was hard: rpe 9,8, second rpe 8, last rpe 8,5

Assistance and finisher moved fine, I’m really beginning to feel the fatigue.

When riding the bike to and from work, it’s just hard and there’s no rhythm and I’m just rolling and trying to chill.

Expected my weight a bit lower today.


Workout looking solid. I wish I had your consistency over the long haul. Too many multi-month layoffs when you look back through my log, none in yours.


Well, what are you going to do about that?

When life gets crazy, just do something. It’ll go long way towards maintaining what you have. Check out @bustedwheel’s log. He might just do some burpees and push ups in the morning but he always does something. He’s not at his peak but he’s not sliding backwards either.


I’m making it back to my peak, man @JMaier31! My log name is going to change to “20 by 40 in 20” - get as good as I was across the board at 20 by the time I turn 40 next year. But, yeah @OTHSteve - something. Frequency is king - when I struggled during breaks, or got hurt and did nothing, I slipped WAY back, which is why I’m still well off where I want to be, but since I’ve been sticking with it, progress has returned nicely.

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Might be true. I love working out, or I should rather say I hate when I’m not doing anything.
But I’m not getting anywhere and that is a bit annoying.
I’m going to try some BB split like @JMaier31 is doing, I would actually love to see some muscles on this old body.

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@robstein so I tagged you before i thought I would.

I’m twisting my brain about this only one bodypart a week, But I’ll try to do it.
I’m thinking about doing a 531 kind of template, so the first movement of the day would be one of the 4 big ones.
I’m using a low TM then doing a 2 sets of 5 with the topset and then amrap 1 set.
Followed by an amrap set with FSL.
Then into the BB routine from the article.
Do you think that would work?

I was thinking about doing BBB sets with the opposite lift, but that would be counterproductive in your opinion right?

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Heheh, thanks for calling me out. I have nobody to blame but myself when I slack off for months at a time. It’s just a matter of always making it A priority, even during times when it’s not THE priority, to at least do something. I also get angry when I get hurt, and let that derail me. Not that you would understand what that’s like, I’m sure… :slight_smile:


I would drop the 5/3/1 mentality altogether for a bit. The bodybuilding template has strength lifts on each day. You could keep doing squat, bench, deadlift, and OHP. You could do them for 5 x 5. If you need a 5/3/1 reference then consider it doing FSL or SSL. The weight will be heavy and require adequate rest between sets. We’re talking 5 x 5 with a 7RM.

Do you think that would satisfy your 5/3/1 itch? I guess you could do your usual 5/3/1 without the PR sets and call it your warm up for the main work.

Just don’t try to cram two programs together.

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I just tell myself that just because one limb is useless doesn’t mean I have to let the other three fall apart too. If I continue training what I can then my recovery is a lot faster when the doctor clears me to train the injured part.

Just look at my log from last year. I went from no lifting with my left leg to setting PRs in 14 weeks. That wouldn’t have happened if I’d shut everything down.


Yup, you want to know the really sad thing? 2 1/2 months of rest didn’t really do my right knee any good, it was still hurting just as much when I started training again in January. And you know what doesn’t hurt now that I’ve been using it and rehabbing it smartly? My right knee. So, 2 1/2 months of wasted time. Sorry to hijack your thread, Mort, I’ve got a bad habit of doing that…

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I’m going through the same thing with my hip. Perhaps we need to refocus and train our injury instead of resting in the future.


Blood circulation does the body good…