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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


The Miata is a notoriously great car.



Turbo it or put a V8 in it :wink:

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Are you one of them hoons that get their holdens impounded?


Haha, nope. No Centrelink Racing Crew here!


I was looking for a cheap car to drive through the winter. Then a friend at work should sell this baby for a neighbour. Fell in love instantly. Not exactly winter car not cheap. Overshot the budget by about 10.000 euro :blush: but damn it’s nice
Finally a bit sun, here’s the young son after his test drive


Mort: I need a cheap car winter in Denmark

Also Mort: oh look, a convertible.


Something like that :blush:
And it’s been cold windy and rainy. but I love the car it’s so fun. Can’t wait til the weather gets better

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Dude that’s dope as hell. Just awesome

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Woke at 81,9 kg - 180,6 lbs
calories yesterday: 2200: 178C, 160P, 89F (not the finest macro)

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol

C3W1D4 Deadlift 90%

Warmup: Ropeskipping, BPA, lazy lifte + fluff.

Quick complex bar x 8: DL, row, cleans, front squat, press, back squat

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 5 x 5 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 70, 100 kg, 3 x 115 kg, 130 kg, 2 x 145 kg

Plank 5 x 30 seconds

Deadlift main

DL 2 singles @ 157,5 kg (90%) Belt + mix grip

DL Backoff still belt + mix

9 x 140 kg Rep PR (E1RM 182 kg, 405 lbs, 4 plates)

9 x 122,5 kg

10 x 110 kg


Pull up 4 x 3

Front squat 8 x 20, 32, 42, 52,5 kg

Hanging leg raise 4 x 7

45 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

Had a long day at work today, was a bit tired going in.

DL felt good in the warm up. Up till 130 kg was DOH. 145 mix.

The top singles was hard, so only did 2 instead of 3.

Told myself that if I did 9 reps with 3 plates I could ditch the finisher.

The last 2 was uglyyyyyy but up they went. 122 and 110 was fine.

Front squats were good and strong.
I’ll take the rep PR in this totally fatigued state and after dieting for 2 months … power of the Viking Power builder Protocol


Dude this is great. Congrats on the PR


PR, woo hoo, well done big fella


Nice rep PR mate and it looks like you are lighter than me today for the first time. Nice work.’

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Woke at 81,8 kg - 180,3 lbs
yesterdays calories: 2200: 252C, 164P, 48F

Todays training

15 minutes yoga and stretching.

1KM warmup 5 min 20 sec a lot faster than last week
600m up and down
400m 1m 43 sec about 10 sec faster than last week.

EZ bar curl 3 x 20 @ 20 kg
neutral grip chin up 2 x 5

I hope I can keep the running in the mix.
BB my enormous biceps lol.

Surprised that I kept the BW today I ate the most of my calories late yesterday.
So it’s a win.
Of to work it is, yet again.


170s are gonna be right around the corner man! Seems like everyone is jumping to a new number in the second slot right now! That’s awesome. If I go into the 150s it’ll be crazy. Probably gonna happen as I was 160.0 today. That’ll be lighter than when I started lifting, and I had next to no muscle then lol. Keep it up man. Bring the fire


Woke at 82 kg - 180,8 lbs
A bit over 2400 calories yesterday I think, some junk some chocolate, so was expecting the little weight gain. Surprised it wasn’t more.

Viking Power Builder protocol

C3W2D1 OHP 60%

Warmup: Ergorower, kneeling bottom up kb press, bpa.

OHP warm up giant set

Pull up BW 4 x 8

OHP 10 x 20, 25, 30 kg, 5 x 35 kg

Bicycle crunch 5 x 12 each side

OHP main lift


4 x 5 @ 37,5 kg 15 second pause

1 minute pause

12 x 37,5 kg

Assistance giant set

BB row underhand grip 8 x 20, 45, 55, 65, 75 kg

CGPB 8 x 20, 45, 55, 65 kg 4 x 75 kg 10 x 60 kg

Russian twist w 10 kg med ball 5 x 10 each side.


DB press 5 x 12 @ 12 kg

Lat pull down 5 x 12 @ 55 kg

Heavy boxing bag 5 x 10 double punches

Little to no rest first 3 rounds, 30 seconds the last two


3 headed monster 15 x 2,5 kg, 12 x 2,5 kg


60 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

OHP was damn good today so was pull ups.

CGBP was not so great, punished myself with a backoff set.

Tried boxing bag today, not something I’ve really done before. Tried to punch like 1 jab one hard. Alternating hands. Kind of fun.


Yeah I’m expecting 170s this week.
My scale says BF around 12,5% but I’m not trusting the damn thing.
160 is damn low 150s you’ll be very lean very very lean man.
Keep it up brother saturday is just around the corner. You’re so close, now it’s all up to the judges.


Deadlift PRs and weight loss! :clap: Good work Mort.


Still killing it Viking style I see. Great progress mate with the PR and fat loss. That’s a neat car. Haven’t seen one of them in a long time. Looks in great condition.


Woke at 82,4 kg - 181,7 lbs
yesterdays calories: 1900: 183C, 196P, 37F
GRRR was 400 cals under maintenance and up again.
Well if I didn’t knew my body I’d be pissed, but everytime I’m dropping weight, it tries to hold on to it and for 2-3 days it goes up, goes a bit down and then drops to new lows.

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol

C3W2D2 Squat 80%

Warm up: rope skippig, BW squats, BPA, lazy lifter + fluff.

Squat warm up giant set

Jump 5 x 3

Squat 5 x 20, 40, 60, 80, 90 kg

Hanging leg raise 5 x 7

squat main lift

6 x 2 @ 100 kg (80%) last 3 + belt

Assistance giant set

Long jump 5 x 2

Power clean: 5 x 20, 40, 45, 50, 55 kg, 4 x 60 kg

Plank 5 x 30 seconds


Ring dip 5 x 5 @ BW

NG chin up 5 x 3 @ bw

EZ bar curl 5 x 12 @ 12 kg

Bulgarian split squat 5 x 12 @ BW each leg

About 10 seconds rest between rounds and when changing legs.


WASTED took me 5 – 10 minutes to catch my breath.


1 hour 5 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

Squats were very hard and not pretty. Damn. I’ll have to lower the weight at some point. Stupid ego.

Power cleans felt decent today, still a nice reverse curl but better.

This was hard, the programs starts to dig in to me, 2 more weeks, then peak


Thanks Rizla, I’m pretty happy with it, in about a month I’ll see if it has paid off.

And the Mazda is in great condition, except the rubber tubing along the windows, it leaks water… and it’s been raining ever since I bought the car.

Good to see you back, hope you’ll keep up the spirit and positive vibes.

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