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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


sounded like a hard session and progress along the way. Nice one bud

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Thanks man.
Yeah but it’s only one (two) part that are really hard
the bench 4x5 with short rest and then an amrap the same weight, I’m doing it for both bench and BB row.
The rest are not that hard the Z press is a rpe 9 or 10 but not going in doing it with a purpose.
My finisher is low stress but a lot of work in about a little under 10 minutes.
Lower body work is much more stress full I think.

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Still a tight looking workout whatever way you put it. When you say “I’m getting much tighter” is that one of your goals? tighten up while adding strength.

Please don’t remind me I’ve legs tomorrow arrggg! have to remember my sick bag just in case lol
I might go with Queen or ACDC on the playlist.


Definitely agree. In an ideal week, my off days are after leg days.

It looks like things are going well now, and you’re adapting to the program. I’m excited to see the results in a month and a half.

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Yeah things are going very well, some ups and downs but all in all, I’m happy.
And excited as well, to see if I’ve improved anything.
I’m losing weight at the moment so I’m a bit worried about if that takes away to much.

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Woke at 82,9 kg - 182,8 lbs heading into the 170’s soon.
Calories yesterday 2400: 248C, 206P, 52F

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol

C2W4D4 Deadlift 80%

Warmup: Bike for work, BPA, lazy lifter, McGill big 3.

Quick complex: bar x 6: DL, row, cleans, front squat, press, back squat

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 4 x 5 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 60, 100, 120 kg, 3 x 130 kg

Hanging leg raise 4 x 6

Deadlift main

DL 6 x 2 @ 137,5 kg (80%) Belt + mix grip


Front squat 8 x 20, 32, 42, 52,5 kg

Pull up 3, 3, 3, 9

Plank 4 x 15 seconds


Dip: BW x 7, 7, 7, 7, 7

Lat pull down 5 x 5 @ 70 kg

Reverse lunge alternating legs 5 x 10 each leg

Little to no rest, good one.

1 hour 25 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

Was at my works gym, there were a lot of guys and gal’s I knew very good, so it ended up in a lot of long breaks.

DL was heavy almost from the gun, had to use mix grip for 130 and the working sets were hard, took too long pauses between sets, set 3, 4 and 5 were decent though.

Front squats I just killed them, damn they were good.

Finisher was just the right stuff.

Great day with friends, lifting not so stellar, but I’ll take it.

Btw, everybody talks about how hungry they are in here, is it contagious, I’m hungry now.


Pantera, Metallica and Disturbed is guaranteed to add 10% to your squat :wink:


You never cease to amaze me bud! Nice session


Oh wa ah ah ah


woke at 82,7 kg - 182,3 lbs
calories yesterday: 2300: 187C, 210P,
I’ve hold on to this weight for 6 days, which is extraordinar.
Expecting a drop within a couple of days.

@I_Luc I’ll try them next time around.
@losthog thanks mate.

No training today, badminton have been cancelled for the next 4 weeks. Damn, I can’t go the next two weeks and my buddy is of to Thailand the following 2 weeks.
So I’ll dig deep in the shoe closet and find the old running shoes… Maybe.


Killer session you had mort


Woke at 82,5 kg - 181,8 lbs
Calories yesterday 2500: 235C, 148P, 105F
Had a big Durum Roll for lunch, so that I stayed at my weight was a little surprise.
Still thinking about the running thing later… but have some stuff to attend to today. So maybe I won’t make it.



And I got the running’ish done.
1K in 5,57 minutes
400 m 1 m 54 sec

All up 2 km.

Ohh that’s gonna hurt tomorrow


knee joint gains lol


woke at 82,9 kg - 182,8 lbs
2400 cal: 287C, 142P, 65F
Calorie wise yesterday it seemed okay, but it wasn’t the best food.

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol

C3W1D1 OHP 70%

Warmup: Ergorower, kneeling bottom up kb press, bpa, Yoga flow + fluff

OHP warm up giant set

Pull up BW 3 x 6, 8

OHP 10 x 20, 30, 35 kg, 8 x 40 kg kg, 3 x 45 kg 2 x 50 kg

Sideplank Lifting upper leg 4 x 6 each side

OHP main lift

OHP: 8 x 3 @ 45 kg EMOM

Assistance giant set

BB row underhand grip 8 x 20, 45, 60, 70, 80 kg

CGPB 8 x 20, 45, 55 kg, 5 x 65, 75 kg

Bicycle crunch 5 x 12 each side


DB press 5 x 12 @ 12 kg

Lat pull down 5 x 12 @ 55 kg

Plank 5 x 30 seconds

Little to no rest.


3 headed monster 15 x 2,5 kg, 10 x 2,5 kg


55 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

OHP 45 kg was too much weight the last couple of sets was grinding. If I’ll do the program again, the 70 % day will be lowered to about 50 %.

Would have done a bit less than last week on CGBP, but actually ended up doing almost the same.

Finisher a bit less weight a bit more reps. Bodybuilding.


@mortdk how long are you planning on running you own program or at least this training block? How will you determine if it has been successful?


I’m doing 3 cycles of 4 weeks, this is the last cycle.
Then I’ll do 3 weeks of a “build for bad’sh” thing
first week 6 sessions of 5,4,3,2,1 reps of the big lifts ending with a single at about 80% second week 4 sessions ending with a single at about 90%
and the final week 2 sessions ending at hopefully 100% of my previous max If I’m strong this week I’ll just max out here, otherwise I’ll do a max test the week after.
I’ve found that deloading isn’t very good for me before making a max effort.

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Sounds like a solid plan. It will be interesting to see where your maxes are. Also maybe consider some amrap tests as the program could improve rep strength without impacting in 1RM


That is a great idea Simo… I might go with a amrap at 80 - 85%. I’ve got all my old repmaxes written down.
So end cycle 3.
Maybe one cycle 531 PR set FSL PR, Or just the three week PR set and FSL PR. Then build for bad thing 3 weeks then MAX lift.