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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Do you have any way to track your heart rate? You can also try to do a mini grip or vertical test when you’re feeling this way to see if you’re getting run down (require a baseline measurement for comparison).

Here is the spike in resting heart rate I saw right after my max effort deadlift day. It is crazy what a tough session (or multiple sessions) can do to your body without you realizing it!

Hopefully you can move past it quickly and figure out what it is.


Woke at 83,9 kg - 185 lbs
had about 2300 calories today - 234C, 150P, 82F
Almost totally vegan today… Weird.

@JMaier31 thanks and yes I think when I’m above 80% or so I’ll just feel my way down. I’m sure it’ll be much better in a couple of month.

@littlesleeper I’ve tracked my resting heart rate for years when I was bikeracing. That’s a good advice Sleepy.
I think I’m treating myself a bit hard, on this small calorie deficit and my workouts that are pretty hard.


Great! You’ve got a handle on programming, so you’ll get the wrinkles ironed out :+1:

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Woke at 84,4 kg - 186,1 lbs
2500 calories today - 217C, 173P, 106F
I’m eating to much fat. I’ll try to reduce that a bit… probably not during the weekend.

Todays training:

Viking Power Builder protocol

C2W3D3 Bench press 70% Deload’ish

Warmup: Ergorower, BPA, kneeling bottom up KB press, McGill big three + fluff

Bench warm up giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 40 kg, 5x60, 5x65 kg

Bench 10 x 20, 40 kg, 5x60, 65 kg

Bicycle crunch 4 x 10 each side

Bench and Row Main lift

Bench press 8 x 3 @ 73,5 kg EMOM


BB Row 8 x 3 @ 75 kg EMOM
Pull up x 8

35 minutes + 10 min warm up

Good day today, bench moved well not super speedy, but felt strong.

BB Row took a couple of sets to loosen up, but from here it was strong.

I kind of miss my assistance lifts here on the upperbody 70% day.

Oh BTW damn I’m still sore from Tuesdays squats… Nice something is right.


Woke at 83,8 kg - 184,7 lbs
Gonna put my calories for today on tomorrows log.

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol

C2W3D4 Deadlift 60%

Warmup: ropeskips, BPA, lazy lifter, McGill big 3, yoga flow + fluff

Quick complex bar x 6: DL, row, cleans, front squat, press, back squat

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 4 x 5 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 60, 70, 85, 95 kg

Ab wheel 4 x 7

Deadlift main

DL 4 x 5 @ 105 kg (60%) 15 seconds pause all DOH

1 minute rest belt and straps on

18 x 105 kg

Assistance No giant set today

Front squat 8 x 20, 30, 40, 50 kg


Ring dip: BW x 6, 6, 6, 5, 5

Pull up BW 5 x 3

Plank 5 x 15ish seconds.

Took 15 second pause before the last round.

40 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

DL 15 second pause on the first 4 sets was okay.

I could have pulled 20 reps, but damn the last 2 I did the bracing was gone and I suppose my lower back was beginning to be compromised, so ended it. Pretty happy though.

Front squats were good as well.

I’ve decided to lower the intensity on my DL day, so no second giant set.

But I’ve kept the finisher. Not as brutal as the others, working on my dips which I really suck at.


Wise choice, my friend. Pretty much every time I’ve hurt myself on deadlifts or squats, it was from pushing through after I knew I should have stopped because my form was degrading.


Woke at 83,4 kg - 183,9 lbs
Calories 2500: 167C, 187P, 93F
Protein is coming up, Fats still on the high side.
Rest day today, badminton tomorrow.
Slept terrible last night, nothing common, just annoying.

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That’s a side effect of not enough queen music mortdk

One thing in common I see around here myself included is sleep problems. Maybe it’s too much training lol

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Probably a higher demand in sleep compared to less active people which doesn’t fit most people’s lifestyles. If you train intensively you need the sleep for recovery but can’t fit it in due to schedule and obligations.


Totally agree. Plus I think too much training can offset the CNS and cause a heightened state, like adrenaline runs a little higher making sleep more difficult.


I’ll put some Queen on the stereo right now :slight_smile:

It’s not something that is very common for me, it was a one off I hope.

It could be of course because I too agree that to much and to intense training could ruin the sleep.


18 X 105kg is a damn fine effort mate.
Sleep issues suck mate, I suffer the same. When I have breaks from lifting and exercise my sleep suffers, but depending on what’s happening at work (I sleep like I’m in a coma in the holidays) my sleep is shithouse too, always wake up after a couple of hours, head ticking away about shit that needs to be done. Glycine and ZMA work ok for this I’ve found.


Thanks Luc, they took a lot out of me.
I did them “Mark way” first 4 sets of 5 with 15 seconds rest, then I had a minute to put catch my breath and put on belt and straps of I went.
So it was 38 reps in something like 4 minutes, it’s absolutely a killer.
But being about 60% of my 1RM I think I can recover pretty quickly from it.


Ahem. Panora way. Next, skip the minute rest.


That’s a lot of work in a very short amount of time, I can imagine they took a lot out of you.

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What!?! I thought you had the four cluster sets then a minute break before the amrap.
I think I’ll keep my format, I like it a lot.


woke at 83,7 kg - 184,5 lbs
2200 calories: 237C, 182P, 57F

Badminton later today, Hoping to give my buddy some resistance today :slight_smile:



We either do clusters, all with the same rest times between sets. Sometimes the reps vary for a set or two, sometimes not.

We used to have five sets of four followed by an AMRAP, but not any more.


Ohh I see.
But now you’re on a peak so that makes sense.
I might try to build that into my next program. (Or I’m just going back to some ordinary 531 program for some time).
I actually likes the way I’ve set it up.
Using different weights and different reps schemes every 4 weeks.
I don’t know if I’m becoming stronger :slight_smile: I’ll do another 4 weeks this way.
Then I’ll do a 2 week peaking phase using CT’s 5,4,3,2,1 rep scheme.

I’ve beginning to sneak peak on this conjugate thing everybody is running right now, so let’s see where I end up.

EDIT: not to pick on you or your programming, I know what you’re doing right now is probably the best you’ve ever done… BUT it was much more fun last year, when you were doing kind of your own, reflecting on how and why you did the stuff you did.


Haha we might all be running conjugate before it’s all said and done