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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Yeah I learned it the hard way :slight_smile:
I superset during the warm up sets, that was good. I thought about leaving the heaviest rows for after the bench… but whatever I didn’t die and learned something.
Yeah I should have rested a bit longer had a 20 - 30 second pause … Next time around though.
I’m enjoying my training at the moment. Happy with my weight, a little to much, but you don’t see it when I’m wearing clothes.
Life is good to me at the moment.
Wish I could send some across the pond.


Regarding your squats, you’re going plenty deep to get the training stimulus you need, that’s all that really matters. Squat form really is a very individual thing, since there’s so much variation in hip biomechanics. There are some fundamentals that a good coach can help with, but ideal width and depth are very individual.


Off topic a bit.

We visited our church today, I’m not that christian but I’ve been there for several times now… they are hosting concerts of some popular pop and folk singers. Today there were two great sing a song writers. Really is a special room for concerts.
No band just the two with guitars and violins.
The only downside is that there’s no beer served :slight_smile:

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So I listen to KLOV, a christian radio station. I’m not christian, but I like the music.


Why would you do singles on the BB row?


*brandishes cross

Begone quarter squatting demon


Woke at 85 kg - 187,4 kg.
For the past 10 days or so I’ve been hovering between 84,7 kg and 85,5 kg. For now I’m happy staying here.

I imagine that a muscle is a muscle, so for it to become stronger I train it the same way as the bench press…
However on my 90% day I’m going up to a relatively strong and comfortable 3RM, yesterdays single was probably a 1RM.

Our winter has become kind of spring with sun and + 10 degree C.

On another note, a girl from our office department has decided to try to applicate for being a police officer.

And have asked me for guidance about the physical test.
She have to do at least 8 - 10 rep bench press with 37,5 kg and inverted row 10 reps…
There are some jumps and speed test as well along with a 2400 m run.

This is going to be fun… I have 8 weeks to do it and she has never weight trained.


That’s a logical assumption.

Except it looks like most people with big, strong lats train barbell rows in a wider range of reps. Usually sets of five and up.

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is the word for using more reps, hypertrophy.
I’ll go with more reps, my form on 1 rep i simply to bad.
So one week in the 8 range then 5 range and 3 range or something like that. Not going to failure.

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I’d recommend five to 12 for BB rows, three to six for Pendlay rows. Mix them up.


Also, super strict focus on technique helps. I’ve had best results working on keeping my torso almost parallel to the ground and driving my elbows hard behind me while trying to have no leg movement. For standard rows I row just below my ribs. For Pendlay, I go higher to just below my pecs.


Great bench work, keep it going and interesting thought on the single rep on Rows.


I do the same, I’ve found best results and feel with torso at about 45* or so pulling to just under rib cage, compared to 90 for Pendlay

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Woke at 84,4 kg - 186,1 lbs

Feeling good, watched Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday, the movie about Queen and Freddie Mercury, grew up listening to them.
Awesome movie.

@MarkKO, @I_Luc I’ll do more reps, and do them more strict. At the moment I’m using one day of overhand grip and one day underhand. Pendlay I’ve never really done. Might check it out.
Thanks Mates

@bigpappafrance welcome to the Viking log, happy to have you onboard.
Bench is really hard work and no real progress.
Rows, well as Mark and Luc said I’ll shoot for higher rep ranges. The one rep was really ugly and all body english :slight_smile:


I think strict form is important about 95% of the time. I believe what @losthog was getting at the other day might have missed it’s mark. I think he meant that it’s okay to let your form be less than perfect on occasion when you really push yourself - whether it’s from a fatigued rep or a max effort lift.

There are times when perfect form is not an option in real life. I don’t suggest training with bad form often but a little bit of breakdown on occasion is a good thing. If you’re lifting a couch to help someone move then you might not be able to get into the perfect position so your body has to work a little differently. If we never let ourselves train outside of “perfect form” then we might be setting ourselves up for potential injury outside of the gym.

This is all speculation and what-if scenarios but I wanted to clarify and build upon what Hog was saying a few days ago. Consider a max effort deadlift. Do you shut it down with the bar at your shins because you felt your back round a tiny bit or do you keep pulling and finish the damn lift?


Todays Training:

Viking Power Builder protocol

C2W2D4 Deadlift 70% (Deload’ish)

Warmup: ropeskipping, BPA, lazy lifter, McGill big 3, yoga flow + fluff

Quick complex bar x 5: DL, row, cleans, front squat, press, back squat

Technique sets for squats

5 x 40, 3 x 60, 1 x 80, 1 x 100 kg Videos below

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 3 x 5 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 70, 100, 112,5 kg

Hanging leg raise 3 x 5

Deadlift main

DL 8 x 3 @ 122,5 kg (70%) EMOM first four DOH, rest mix

finished with 3 x 3 pull ups with 20 seconds pause, well just for fun.

30 minutes + 15 minutes warm up.

DL moved well today, nothing much to report here, maybe that the first rep on every set my grip was very solid.

What was to report though is that I finally sorted out the squat.

The cue thank you @I_Luc . BOOM.


I think I know what the Hog meant and I am down the same line.
So when I’m going for 1RM or a 10 - 20 rep squat form is far from ideal.

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Dang, Mort! That’s some depth right there. How does it feel?

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It felt surprisingly good, harder yes but good.
The cue about finding that space for the ass was money.
I’m really happy with it, and I did them quite quickly one set after the other. So 100 was fairly heavy but easy.
Now I know trees don’t grow right into heaven but I’m on my way. Woop Woop


I think I saw some “bounce” out of the hole. It looks like you’re able to take advantage of the stretch reflex. I find that the stretch reflex makes it much easier to come out of the hole compared to using all of your own energy to stop and reverse the direction of the bar (from down to up).


Awesome job @mortdk

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