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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


@mortdk you can’t change your fiber makeup but you can still develop your explosiveness


Woke at 85,5 kg - 188,5 lbs
Was having a few beers and good food and shit with some good friends yesterday.

@littlesleeper I think you’re absolutely right about it, I was thinking about pushing away with the feets for the start. The belted one was feeling much better.
I noticed as you did the hips rise first, Bracing, bracing, bracing, I’m working on it. I’ll try to pull back more, I’ve tried it before, but it felt weird. I’ll try again.

@painter27 @duketheslaya I have never been explosive, my best 100 m dash when I was younger was 13 seconds as far as I remember but my 400 m was just below 60 seconds which apparently is better.

@simo74 they are really nasty, especially on the lower body lifts.

@MarkKO maybe / maybe not. We’ll see in a month or two. I think consistency is the key word.
I think the amrap days with 4x5 short rest and then all out combined with my singles + amrap as yesterday are the money days, with the triple and doubles day a bit more recovery days.


Thats the key, keep the percentages high, but not ridiculously high, leave 1 or 2 in the tank.


I have 4 percentages day 60, 70, 80 and 90,
60 is 5’s with 15 - 20 seconds rest followed by an amrap
70 is 8 sets of emom triples
80 is 6 doubles
90 is 3 singles at 90, then amrap 80, 70, 60

So four weeks between each lift. (60 and 90 is the tough days)


Nice deadlifts Mort. Looking like a hoss


Woke at 84,9 kg - 187,2 lbs

Todays workout
Viking Power Builder protocol

C2W2D1 OHP 60%

Warmup: Ropeskip, kneeling bottom up kb press, bpa, Yoga flow, McGill big 3 + fluff

OHP warm up giant set

Pull up 4 x 5 BW

OHP 10 x 20, 25, 30, 35 kg

Bicycle crunch 4 x 10 each side

OHP main lift

4 x 5 @ 36 kg 15 seconds pause

12 x 36 kg after 1 minute pause

Assistance giant set

BB row underhand grip 8 x 20, 40, 50, 60, 70 kg

CGPB 8 x 20, 40, 50, 60, 70 kg

Side plank with lifting upper leg 5 x 5 each side


Band straight arm pull down 5 x 12 each side

DB press 12 kg x 12, 12, 11, 11 10

Rope skipping single leg 5 x 15 skips each leg

Little to no rest between sets

3 headed monster 12 x 2,5 kg db.


50 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

Lowered the rest to 15 seconds on the first 4 sets made the amrap quite tough.

Assistance and finisher was good.

Overall a good day


Thats what she said


Woke at 84,7 kg - 186,7 lbs
Third time in a month I’m down here, as if my body refuses to go lower :slight_smile:

Todays workout

Viking Power Builder protocol

C2W2D2 Squat 80%

Warm up: BW squats, BPA, lazy lifter, McGills big 3 and some fluff.

Squat warm up giant set

Jump 5 x 3

Squat 10 x 20, 40 kg, 5 x 60, 80 kg, 3 x 90 kg

McGill curl up 5 x 30 seconds

squat main lift

6 x 2 @ 97,5 kg (80%)

Assistance giant set

KB swing 4 x 3 @ 24 kg

Power clean: 5 x 40, 45, 50, 55 kg

AB wheel 5 x 6


Incline DB bench 5 x 10 @ 15 kg

DB row 5 x 10 @ 15 kg each arm

Bulgarian split squat 5 x 10 @ 10 kg each leg

About 15 seconds rest between rounds.

All up about an 1 hour 10 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

Squat felt good, but I still do not hit prober depth. I don’t compete so I just go with it as is, trying to work on it.

Powercleans where better than last week, that don’t mean they were good though.

Finisher left me floored. Bulgarians really sucks.

Videos tomorrow.


Im going to record my deep water cleans in two weeks time. They are really gonna suck lol :rofl: its going to be a power reverse curl with a little triple extension thrown in


That’s about how mine looks :slight_smile: haha
We could make it a competition “Who makes the worst powerclean”


Looking forward to it!


Power cleans are great, but they suck at the same time. I learned a painful lesson yesterday half-assing a power clean, don’t be me…


I think you will make better progress being a little “sloppy” with reps. Your form is so money and every rep is near identical, which is a good thing, it may benefit you to drive some weight with sloppy reps and hone the higher ranges if you want to lift more.


That is absolutely terrible advice.


Woke at 85 kg - 187,4
I am not counting calories, I guess if I have to lose weight I’m going to do that.
Well for the time being, I’m okay with my current body composition.

@OTHSteve Yeah I read that in your log. For me when I’m not warm and mobile in my wrist, they take a beating too. But for me it goes away the day after.

@losthog @MarkKO If the Hog means lower the weight a bit and do 15 - 20 rep sets then I get the sloppy reps. whenever I do high rep near failure squat, then the reps gets ugly because of fatigue. However if it’s doing 80% or more with bad form I would hesitate doing that.
Oh and thanks Hog but I don’t think my squats are that good, mostly because I don’t seem to get to parallel. Otherwise I’m quite happy.


I see hogs point. Theres definitely a time and place for something like kroc rows or heavy ass barbell rows etc. Or 20 rep squatd


Time for some videos:

first two is squat doubles 97 kg first without belt second with belt

And then two sets of powerclean (Reverse curl muscle up) 45 kg and 55 kg (5 reps)


Squats look good mate. If your wanting to add more reps, do it with more sets, doubles,singles etc. with good form,don’t let it get sloppy, it you’ll fuck something up.


@mortdk what do you think is holding you back on depth in the squat. You mentioned you have been doing prisoner squats and can hit depth no problem. Is it just mental thing once the weights get heavier ?


I reckon depth looks alright.