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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Ill pass it on to Greg. Now take the rests to 10 seconds.


Lmfao, don’t let him get soft mark. Quality


woke at 86,6 kg - 190,9 lbs

@MarkKO 10 seconds is really not a long time…

Badminton a bit later.

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I know this to be true @mortdk but once you’ve done 20 seconds, 10 won’t be too big a stretch.


Woke at 85,9 kg - 189,4 lbs

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol log

C1W4D1 OHP 90%

Warmup: Ropeskip, kneeling kb press, bpa, yoga flow, McGill big 3

OHP warm up giant set

Pull up 5 x 5 BW

OHP 10 x 20, 8 x 30, 3 x 37, 1 x 42, 47,5 kg

Situps 5 x 10 each side

OHP main lift

1 x 52,5 kg, 55 kg, 52,5 kg


Pull up 3 x 1 @ 10 kg
Back off sets

11 x 47,5 kg PR

11 x 42,5 kg

11 x 35 kg

Assistance giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 5 x 50, 60, 70, 80 kg

CGPB 10 x 20, 5 x 50, 60, 70, 77,5 kg

Side plank with lifting upper leg 5 x 3 each side

Finisher WOD

Band straight arm pull down 5 x 10 each side

DB press 4 x 11, 8+3 @ 12 kg

Reverse Lunges 5 x 9 @ BW each side

Little to no rest between sets

3 headed monster 12 x 2,5 kg db.


1 hour + 10 minutes warm up.

Really good session today, 90% OHP is 54 kg so did 2 sets of 52 kg and on 55 kg. (just because).

The amrap 80% was really an all out grinder for the last rep… 70 and 60% suffered after this could only do 11 reps of each the last couple of reps were really grinding.

BTW Denmark became handball world champions yesterday, first time ever, we beat Norway big time :slight_smile:


Congrats on the handball championship.

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Woke at 85,6 kg - 188,7 lbs

Todays training

Viking Power Builder Protocol log

C1W4D2 Squat 70%

Warm up: BW squats, some agile 8, lazy lifter, McGills big 3 and some fluff.

Squat warm up giant set

Jump 4 x 3

Squat 5 x 20, 40, 60, 72,5 kg

4 x 5 hanging leg raise

squat main lift

7 x 3 @ 82,5 kg (70%) EDIT this is an EMOM set.

Assistance giant set

KB swing 4 x 8 @ 24 kg

SG DL: 5 x 60, 90, 100, 110 kg

Plank 4 x 15 seconds


DB row 5 x 10 @ 14 kg each arm

DB incline bench press 5 x 10 @ 14 kg

Bulgarian split squat 5 x 10 @ BW each leg

Did them without any significant pause, but not rushing either.

Took about 1 hour + 10 minutes warm up.

Squat feeling good. Focus on every rep. From here it went downhill.

SGDL was absolutely shit today, like there was no power today.

P/P/L 50 reps was very tough no power.

Happy when it was finished.


These look like signs of unrealized improvement. Hopefully you’ll have some strong sessions soon.


Woke at 85,7 kg - 188,9 lbs
Weight seem to stay just shy of 86 kg.
Lets see if I can drop to around 84 by the end of february.

Did a bit of mobility work today, bike for work.
I am still somewhat drained of energy.
I haven’t planned deload on this program, but I might do it. Well lets see, I’ve been thinking about doing a deload day every week.
Making the EMOM 70% day a deload day, just do the EMOM set and no assistance or finisher.
@JMaier31 I’m not sure about that, I wish that’s the answer. I think I’m doing a little to much.

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I seemed to feel weak during SGSS a week or two before I felt strong. It’s just the weird up and down of training.

I think an EMOM only day could be refreshing.


Woke at 85,9 kg - 189,4 lbs

Todays training

Viking Power Builder Protocol log

C1W4D3 Bench press 60%

Warmup: ergorower, BPA, kneeling bottom up KB press, yoga flow, + fluff

Bench warm up giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 40, 50 kg

Bench 10 x 20, 40, 50 kg

Sit up 3 x 10 each side

bench press main

4 x 5 @ 62,5 kg (60%) 20 seconds pause

15 x 62,5 kg

BB row main

4 x 5 @ 62,5 kg (60%)

15 x 62,5 kg

Assistance giant set

Pull up 4 x 6 reps BW

Seated BB OHP 5 x 25, 35, 40, 45 kg

Dynamic side plank 4 x 6 each side


Lat pull down 5 x 10 @ 52,5 kg

Push up 5 x 10

Ab Wheel 5 x 6

Little to no rest, exept last round had to take 20 – 30 seconds.

45 minutes + 10 min warm up

Still a bit tired, not on the main lift, but assistance and finisher are a bit rough.

Going to change a little for the next cycle, have some ideas.


Good workout Mort, you must have been flying to get that done in 45mins.

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I move pretty quick and giant sets just moves very fast.
The finisher is quite low weight and just one exercise after the other.
The two main lifts bench and row is 90 seconds for the first four sets then 1 minute pause and the rest is done in maybe 30 - 40 seconds. That’s just 3 minutes for 35 reps.
Really pump session… HEY why not just do the same for the finisher… made me think


Woke at 86,3 kg - 190,3 lbs
Was at a union meeting yesterday, had some great food after, so I’ll blame that.
Moving for a colleague and a longish walk otherwise resting today.


Woke at 85,6 kg - 188,7 lbs
Seems as if I’m stuck around 86 kg.

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol

C1W3D4 Deadlift 80%

Warmup: Rope skipping, armsvings, BPA, BW squats, lazy lifter, McGills big 3, yoga flow

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 4 x 8 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 70, 100, 115 kg, 3 x 125 kg

Brace thing ala Alsruhe 4 x 2 @ 15 kg 10 seconds brace.

DL main

8 x 2 @ 135 kg (80%) first two doh, the rest mixed

Assistance giant set

Jump 5 x 3

Front squat 5 x 25, 35, 45, 52,5 kg, 7 x 57,5 kg

Hanging leg raise 5 x 5


Ring dips 5 x 5 @ BW

EZ curl 5 x 10 @ 20 kg

Plank 5 x 20 seconds

51 minutes + 15 minutes warm up.

Last day of the first cycle, so far so good, I feel I’ve worked out everyday, and I’m a little bit tired.

I will make a few changes, one of them will be making one deload’ish day each week. I’ll take the emom day and only do 8 triples, no assistance or finisher.

Very happy with my front squat, which have improved very much.

I am just a little bit run down, but I’ll try to keep going, to if putting a single deload’ish day in every week will make any difference.


How much conditioning are you doing outside of your gymnworkouts ?? Maybe it’s time to get the cross country skis on and knock out a few kms.


A day probably won’t do much. That’s why it’s generally better to deload for a full week at regular intervals.

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Woke at 84,7 kg - 186,7 lbs
Hah just have to mention it in the log and the weight starts to go down.
I remember now, my weight seems to stall for a week and then makes a huge drop, goes back back up, settles again, before going down again. Weird.

OH the weight will go up over the next 24 hours, it’s superbowl today, we are a small group of guys watching it together, eating heaps of meat and junk.

@simo74 I do quite a lot of conditioning. 1 hour badminton every sunday, I’ll ride my bike for work about 3 times a week (2 x 25 minutes) and on top I do walk an hour or more 2 - 4 times going.

@MarkKO Yeah I know I should deload for a week, but I would like to see if it is enough, to do it once a week. I believe that when I’m not moving as heavy ass numbers as you guys, I can recover more easily. BUT we shall see this is a trial and error thing. I’ll be testing after 3 or 4 cycles, that is if I’m not beaten up so much I have to deload.


Yes and no I think. You work as hard and that generates the fatigue.

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I’m in the same mindset here. But I’ve read several places that a 600 pound DL taxes the body and recovery so much more than a 300 pound DL. Even if the lifts are an RPE of 10 both.
But as I said it’s going to be a bit of trial and error. Maybe I’ll come up with an awesome program :slight_smile: