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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


The squat just keep improving man. Nice work


Thanks Hog. Yeah I think they are.
I’m still a little high here and there, but that’s my stupid body.
I was almost searching for a meet to join after seeing you did it.

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Heheh, high rep drop sets of squats will have you feeling it later. I take it one of the goals of this protocol is to build muscle? Because in my experience that will put mass on your quads.


That’s the plan, but I’ve been lifting consistently for some years now … and nothing seems to happen… Oh I can build big abs… Just not sure it’s abs.
Over a 4 week span I do 2 days of high rep amrap sets and 2 days of low rep technique reps.


You’re definitely improving depth, so that’s great news.

Are you able to sit (relatively) comfortably in a “third world squat”?

I started sitting in this position daily while I brushed my teeth and it seemed to really help my hips open up and feel a lot more comfortable reaching and coming out of a deep squat.

After getting comfortable with this, my squat form changed a bit. I started sitting a bit more between my legs, and focusing less on “sitting back”. Sitting back is not a cue that works for me when squatting. If I squatted like @MarkKO and popped my hips back to initiate my squat I’d fold in half or be forced to cut depth. Play with it a bit, I’d recommend playing with the width of your stance as well. I narrowed my stance a bit this past year, and I feel stronger and more stable than ever. Contradictory to a lot of things I read/see online.


I’ve actually just started doing that kind of squat. I’ve been to a PT last week and this was one of his moves to loosen my SI joint and release my groin and hip.
So yeah my goal is to do 5 minutes at a time, when I can do that I’m going to do Ido Portals Squat routine 2.0. Probably not allowed to link it.
Ido is some sort of guru about mobility.
So in a year or so 3 plate squat to proper depth :slight_smile:


Those squats are looking way better! You are on a very good path right now.

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Thanks man, yeah I’m quite happy with it these days.
I found that filming it and watching it between sets have helped a lot.


Woke at 86,6 kg - 190,9 lbs
Feeling good. I used to be a bit obsessed when I should lose weight, not this time or at least not yet. I’m just eating a bit more clean, not counting.
Plan is to slowly get down to just below 84kg/185lbs and see how things look.


Your doing well with the squat Mort, it’s moving in the right direction.


Thanks Mate, I’m very satisfied myself. It’s gone of the I hate that lift list.

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Do it with an unloaded barbell on your back. Bit of weight to push you down and it keeps your form stricter so you don’t round your back or have a lot of pelvic tilt

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Woke at 86,3 kg - 190,3 lbs
Weight is behaving good.

Viking Power Builder protocol log

C1W3D3 Bench press 70%

Warmup: Bike for work 25 minutes, McGills big 3, BPA

Bench warm up giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 42,5 x 62,5 kg

Bench 10 x 20, 42,5 x 62,5 kg

Sit up 3 x 10 each side

bench press main EMOM

  • 7 x 3 @ 72,5 kg (70%)

BB row main EMOM

  • 7 x 3 @ 72,5 kg (70%)

Assistance giant set

Pull up 4 x 6 reps BW

Seated BB OHP 8 x 20, 30, 35, 40 kg

Side plank 3 x 15 seconds each side

Finisher WOD

Lat pull down 5 x 10 @ 50 kg

Push up 5 x 10

Goblet squat close stance ATG 5 x 10 @ BW

Almost no pauses took 30 seconds between round 3 and 4.

45 minutes + 10 min warm up

Another good day in the book, I am enjoying my own programming. I do get a bit confused so I have to bring a paper to the gym every time.

I’ve changed the finisher WOD to a more Wendler like 50 reps of push/pull/core or single leg today I didn’t do unilateral work for legs was in a rush.

Damn my legs are sore after Tuesdays squat


I have the baddest posture in the world I do always have a rounded back and pelvic tilt :slight_smile:
My form is far from perfect, I’ll try to film a set of empty bar next time, but I’m all over the place. Just seem to be hard to brace and stay tight.
Just you wait and see :slight_smile:


great to hear your experimentation is paying off. I like the switch to the Wendler style finisher.

and you know I’m a big fan of the paper!

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Woke at 86 kg - 189,6 lbs
A walk in the cold today, about an hour.

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Nothing like a cold walk to get you moving fast lol. What’s the temperature where you live? I know where I live it feels pretty damn cold at the moment (around 35 F yesterday)


We have around -8 to -2 C around 20 - 30 F so pretty cold.
But compared to other parts of the world t’s fine.

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Damn yea that’s pretty chilly. It got that way really early in the morning today in Alabama

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Woke at 85,8 kg - 189,2 lbs
This is just going the right direction.

Todays training

Viking Power Builder Protocol

C1W3D4 Deadlift 60%

Warmup: Rope skipping, armsvings, BPA, BW squats, lazy lifter, McGills big 3, complex

DL warm up giant set

KB swing: 3 x 8 @ 24 kg

DL: 5 x 60, 82, 92 kg

Brace thing ala Alsruhe 3 x 2 @ 10 kg 10 seconds brace.

DL main

4 x 5 x 102,5kg (60%) DOH 20 sec pause between sets

1 minute pause

17 x 102,5 kg belt + straps

Total 4 minutes 30 seconds from start to finish

Assistance giant set

Jump 4 x 3

Front squat 8 x 20, 30, 40 kg, 12 x 47,5 kg

Hanging leg raise 4 x 5


Wide NG pull up 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 2 (25)

Ring dips 5, 5, 3, 3, 3, 3+2+1 (25)

Plank 6 x 10-15 seconds

Took 45 minutes + 10 minutes warm up.

After the main set of DL 37 reps in 4 minutes 30 seconds I was absolutely wasted took me several minutes to catch my breath again.

Thank you (Or F U) Mark, for being the author/inspirator of the maniac stuff.

Somehow managed to pick myself up from the floor.

Front squats were the best they’ve been ever. Blaming 3’rd world squat everyday for this improvement.

Finisher stuff is something I’m really happy with, not really planning ahead, just picking three random P/P/L-C along the way.

Might take a walk in the new fallen snow today with the Missus.