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The Danish Viking: Back to 531 BBB'ish: Road to 2-3-4 Plates


Nice PR Mort


Three singles, a triple, then an AMRAP. All the same weight. Then two sets of six to eight at 10 per cent lower than the main sets using a variation.


Woke at 87,5 kg - 192,9 lbs
pretty sore erectors and hamstrings today.
Badminton later.

I’ve been thinking about something like that, thank’s my friend.

Then I would have to drop the weight, I’m using 90% of my 1RM, If I did it that way it would look something like: 1,1,1 3 (maybe), 1 :slight_smile:
However I could do my 90% singles then a triple and an amrap with 80%.

I have a couple of days of thinking before my next 90% day comes up.


I would advise using 90 per cent of your max for all your calculations. It works better most of the time.


That’s true, but working up to 90% would be like training maximally from the beyond book, where you’re working up to a single with TM.
If I used the 90% TM I would just have worked up to TM :slight_smile:
This is just trial and error, if this turns out to be too much, I’ll lower the per cent to maybe 85% or I’ll use the 90% TM and use 95% of that.


I’ve done a lot of trial and error and I tried 5/3/1 with the original 90% TM. I increased my upper body lifts by 5 lbs each cycle and quickly stalled. I think Jim saw this and finally dropped the TMs further and added the TM testing during the 7th week deload.

I ran SGSS twice and used conservative weights and had great success without stalling. Using those two as references, I’ve learned that more is not always better.

I’m guessing you’ll eventually lower your weights or use a TM but I’ll let you get there on your own :wink:


I’m all with you on the low TM and reduce the weight stuff.
When I did Jims work I always used the 85% TM. The last couple of cycles I even did the 7th week test to see if I was on track.

I’m doing a four week cycle were I one day uses a couple of single with 90% of my max. I’m not going balls to the wall with that weight, 3 singles with good speed is what I’m looking for.
I then did three amraps with 80, 70, and 60% which I could tell was a bit overdoing it.
I’ve been looking at prilepins chart when I did my program and for lifts above 90% he says between 4 - 10 reps with 7 as optimal number of reps.
The other 3 weeks I’m using 80, 70 and 60 percent of my max, with different focus. It’s only on the 60% and the 90% days I’m going for amrap sets.
I’m still debating whether I should progress after every cycle or let it be up to either a true 1RM or maybe a number of reps on one of the amrap days.
But I got 3 weeks to think about it :slight_smile:


Woke at 87,3 kg - 192,5 lbs
Weight is dropping, a lot of walking is partly due to it.

Todays training.

Viking Power Builder protocol log

C1W2D1 OHP 60%

Warmup: kneeling bottom up kb press, bpa, yoga flow, Mc Gill + fluff

OHP warm up giant set

Pull up 3 x 5 BW

OHP 10 x 20, 25, 30 kg

Sit ups 3 x 10 each side

OHP main lift

4 x 5 @ 35 kg 20 seconds pause between sets

13 x 35 kg

Assistance giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 47, 57, 12 x 67,5 kg

CGPB 10 x 20, 47, 57, 11 x 67,5 kg

Standing band side crunch 4 x 10 each side

Finisher WOD

Standing banded OH pull down 10 each side

DB press 10 x 12 kg

DB curl 8 x 12 kg

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes 4 rounds in 9 minutes 15 seconds. It was more like a giant set.

Donen in about 45 minutes.
Not much to say here, I’m walking around 15000 steps at work chasing villains.

Yesterday I hurt my knee, fell down in pitch dark about a meter, thought it was only a step and was sneaking in, and then boom like a ninja in small thorn bushes, and one stone.

I hurt my ego more than the knee I guess or hope. Got the villain later.


This needs expanding


Well I’m in this unit working part time prevention and part time gang/drug dealer crime fighting.
We have an area of low apartment buildings with open parking lots under, lot’s of walking paths and in several levels.
Just after new year two officers got threatened and told we were unwanted in the area… So for well over a week we’ve been massive presence all afternoon till late evening in the area. Making the place safe again. The vast majority of the population are happy to see us. The villains not so much.
It was during sneaking in, I went silently down some stairs then stepped down what I thought was just a step down to the ground, but was about 1 m… my foot just vanished under me and I landed in these thorny bushes, knee first, landing on what I think was the only stone or brick there. Made a big noise and the chase was over.
No big harm done to the knee, to my ego and pride was hurt big time, ended up costing me a round of lager after duty.
But it’s good cardio as well, have had some good sprints as well :slight_smile:


Shifty Boi: tells police to go away

*all the po po come over

Ironic lol


Woke at 86,9 kg - 191,6 lbs

Todays training

Viking Power Builder protocol log

C1W2D2 Squat 80%

Warm up: Ropeskipping, BPA, McGills big 3, BW squats, some agile 8, lazy lifter and some fluff.

Squat warm up giant set

Jump 4 x 3

Squat 5 x 20, 40, 60, 80 kg

BPA x 15 while watching video of squats

squat main lift

6 x 2 @ 95 kg

Assistance giant set

BW goblet squat: 4 x 10 @ 5 kg

SG DL: 10 x 60, 70, 80 kg 12 x 90 kg

AB wheel 4 x 6

40 minutes + 10 - 15 minutes warm up.

Warm up filming my squats, coming up later.

Squats were good not heavy at all’ish

SGDL were better than last week.

No finisher WOD today, another long walk today


Sounds fun. It was one of our super secret squads that got into a shooting last Thursday. They were in an undercover car and tried to arrest a guy wanted for multiple felonies including armed robbery. He had just parked in the lot outside of a corrections building. His girlfriend is on parole/probation and she had to check in with her supervising officer.

When the three officers approached (two from the front, one from the rear) he tried to flee in the car. He backed into one police car and then drove forward and nearly pinned an officer between his car and another. He was shot for his efforts and drove across the street and crashed into a wall.

Be careful out there!

We’re not too good at listening or valuing the opinions of idiots.


Good thing you were strong enough and physically prepared to take the fall without getting hurt!

Every time I have a near miss, almost getting hurt or catching myself before I really end up injured, I’m glad I still lift Something.


Woke at 87 kg - 191,8 lbs

Exactly :slight_smile:

@FlatsFarmer Yeah I got scared there for a minute, but found out I was okay. I’m blaming all the workouts I do.


Woke at 87,2 kg - 192,2 lbs

Viking Power Builder protocol log

C1W1D2 Bench press 90%

Warmup: ergo rower, bpa, yoga flow, some pt stuff for my hip/SI joint.

Bench press warm up giant set

BB row 10 x 20, 40, 5 x 60 kg, 3 x 80 kg

Bench 10 x 20, 40, 5 x 60 kg, 3 x 80 kg

Sit up 4 x 10 each side

bench press main super set

BB row: 3 singles @ 92,5 kg

Bench press 3 singles @ 92,5 kg


BB row: 8 x 82,5 kg – 10 x 72,5 kg – 15 x 62,5 kg

Bench press 7 x 82,5 kg – 10 x 72,5 kg – 16 x 62,5 kg

Assistance giant set

Pull up 4 x 5 reps BW

Seated BB OHP 10 x 22, 32 kg, 7 x 40 kg

Side plank 3 x 15 seconds each side

Finisher WOD

Push up x 10

Lat pull down 10 x 45 kg

Lunges 10 each leg

As many rounds as possible in 10 minutes 4 rounds + 10 push ups, 10 seconds left on clock.

55 minutes + 10 min warm up

All good today, bench singles felt a bit to the heavy side

Seated OHP wtf! last week I did 11 with 37,5 kg and today was a struggle to get 7 with 40 kg.

Ah well it’s just assistance.

The WOD was a nice little one, pulse a bit up… maybe paused a bit to much between rounds


And here at last comes my squat videos from tuesday

60 kg x 5

95 kg x 2

95 x 2 side view

When looking I think it’s looking okay.
Not perfect far from that.
But I feel like I’m going ATG and I’m really only hitting parallel if I’m being nice.
I still have a lot of work to do, but I’m quite satisfied.


Squats look fine mate,don’t stress about it


That looks much better!


Squats look fine. On the second one, the bar comes forward a bit in the hole. Next time do a rear shot so the cognoscenti can check your toe out and your knees out.

EDIT: Didn’t see the first two vids, my bad. I think you may narrow your stance a bit, go a little more toes out, and push your knees out more - might make it easier to hit depth and keep the bar from moving forward.

Caveat emptor - Let some more smarter people weigh in before incorporating my advice.