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The Danish Viking: 531 Paul Carter inspired. Road to 2-3-4 Plates

Hell yeah Mort, nice work!

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Multiple prs. Today is a good day!


It’s beginning to look like that weight gain wasn’t a complete waste of time! :muscle:


Bloody well done mate, 2 PR’s and some great lifting. Quality

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Quality. Video please.

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Woke at 89,1 kg - 196,4 lbs

Here’s the videos

Squat 125 kg

and 132,5 kg

Bench press 102,5 kg


I thought the depth issues got sorted out a while ago?

Solid effort Mort, great work mate.

It wasn’t really but it’s better. This was higher than wanted. I’m still trying to get to depth.


Heck yes Mort, well done!

Nice work there @mortdk double prs are the way to do it :+1:

Nice work mort. Is the squat depth a mobility issue?

Not really sure what it is. I just can’t do it right… I’ve tried all kind of things. Might go to a coach some day, I’ll try to video some of my warm up sets as well to see if it’s an issue all the time or just to much weight :slight_smile:


I’m not really sure if it’s a weight issue because it flew up, and I’m no squat expert, but yea maybe record a warm up squat and really go for the depth and we can see.

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I think with the max weight your changing your bracing and cues, maybe not sitting back as much as with lighter weight, or just not flexible. Wearing healed shoes for me is key for any sort of depth


Woke at 89,3 kg - 196,9 lbs
Still working hard moving. Tomorrow is an off day for us, so I’ll try to max my DL.
If I fail miserably I’ll use the one I did just prior to christmas

@idontbrag123 Well it certainly didn’t feel flying :slight_smile: But I somehow don’t really believe in my squat.

@I_Luc I think you’re right about the cues, I seem to forget them and just go survival mode, that might be the answer. I have some nice Risto WL shoes, I am not sure they help, but I like them.


Woke at 88,4 kg - 194,9 lbs

Todays training

The Danish Viking

Deadlift max tryouts for the Hogs Virtual meet.

Setting an eye on 4 plates today.

Warmup: Ropeskipping, BW squats, BW lunges, stretches, Yoga flows but for about 20+ minutes


Deadlift warm up giant set

KB swing 4 x 5 @ 24 kg

DL 5 x 40, 70, 100 kg, 3 x 120 kg

Plank 4 x 10 seconds


  • 1 x 140 kg doh (pr)

  • 1 x 155 kg mix grip

  • 1 x 170 kg belt x mix grip PR (375 lbs)

  • 1 x 180 kg belt + mix grip FAIL mid shin


That’s it for today warmup + DL about 1 hour.

Rest were about 3 minutes between the last three attempts

Well as said I had high hopes reaching that illusive 4 plates today, but it didn’t happen.

From the first KB swing I kind of knew it, no snap.

DL were heavier than usual.

BUT did manage 140 kg double overhand.

155 kg felt OHH that’s heavy.

170 kg it went up. F*ck it I’ll go for gold

180 kg damn my body gave up, before my mind.

Lots of excuses but I would have made it had I been fresh.

Videos to come, I’m off to see some friends.


Had time, here’s the videos, will post in Hogs meet later

170 kg

180 kg fail

I think I know why I fail btw… It’s youtube that wont allow me to hear Thunderstruck while lifting :slight_smile:
Never missed a lift with that song in my ear.


Soon I think

Also I’m surprised songs haven’t got stale for you. I’m a young boi and plenty of songs have got stale in the gym I imagine you’ve been listening to thunderstruck a while


I don’t know why you failed either because it looked like you had it! In my internet keyboard opinion, you gave up too soon. But I also know how a max deadlift feels and it always feels 100 times worse than it looks. I also know you know your body and dropping the weight instead of fighting and breaking something is a good call.

And you definitely have a 4 plate pull in you. I can’t believe you went for it after all of the moving you’ve been doing lately. Try again in 7-10 days and you’ll get it!