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The Danish Viking: 531 Paul Carter inspired. Road to 2-3-4 Plates

Refined sugars are always simple sugars, which spike your insulin levels more than complex carbs. I’ve heard insulin described as a “storage hormone,” which is why carbs are great for bulking.

And, if what @duketheslaya said is true, and he really wasn’t working out very hard or very long, his body probably didn’t need the carbs/couldn’t use them efficiently. Unless your blood sugar is low, which only happens after long periods of rest or long, hard workouts, you don’t need to be eating many carbs at all. If your blood sugar is at an acceptable level, and then you ingest a ton of carbs, your body is going to kick on the lipogenesis and start turning the extra carbs into fat.

The cynic in me wants to get behind the whole “a calorie is a calorie” thing, but it’s hard. There’s a lot more that goes into diet than ONLY the amount of calories you eat. If you eat 400 calories of chicken vs 400 calories of fruit snacks, your body is going to react differently. Even 400 calories of whole wheat pasta (complex carb) vs 400 calories of fruit (simple carb) can affect people differently.

To get back to the point, though, I think cutting out added sugars is a great way to control calories. That eliminates so many energy dense foods. Cutting out sugar, period, is not a good idea. That means no fruit, limited veggies, and greek yogurt that tastes like butthole. You still need to eat nutrient dense foods on a diet, which can include red/somewhat fatty meats and fruits, but an apple is objectively healthier than two scoops of ice cream (or whatever your dessert of choice is).


Woke at 89 kg - 196,2 lbs
Maybe I’ll reach the 200 mark after all.

@lava2007 Agree totally, everything with common sense.


RoadTo200 - Weight PRs every week

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woke at 89,5 kg - 197,3 lbs PR
Moved for my buddy today. Didn’t finish it today, so on it again tomorrow.
No squat tomorrow.


i feel you :weary:

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'Twould appear 'tis a moving weekend on both sides of the pond :slight_smile:

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PR…LarryWheels approves

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How the hell did I miss all this?

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woke at 89,3 kg - 196,9 lbs
quite beat up after moving.
Half the shit weren’t on pallets and treadmills and machines are heavy AF.
I might try squatting tomorrow :slight_smile:
I might end up doing a mock meet in the middle of the week.


Woke at 88,9 kg - 196 lbs
Didn’t reach the 200 lbs, but got close. Tomorrow after tons of eating maybe.
Well as said been moving a lot of fitness equipment these last couple of days, been joking around with the good form lifting we we’re doing.
Stiff legged DL, with the weight away from the body and in an angle, hitting those twisted back muscles, done in a jerking movement. We could be posting in a PT magasin “this is how lifting is NOT done”. Really sore allover now.
Time to party later.
I wish all my TN cyber friends a very happy New Year. May the lifting Gods smile a all of us in 2019.


Happy new year

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Happy New Years Mort. Here’s to another good year :beer::beer:

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Happy New Year brother

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Woke at 90,3 kg - 199,1 lbs
Almost there :slight_smile:
It is though after a night of big eating and drinking.
Had a really nice evening with our Kiwi friend and his wife.


Damn you mort! I’ve added creatine in the mix so hopefully i can catch you. You’re still 1kg ahead…


Happy New Year, Mort! May you be blessed in all your good endeavors throughout the year!

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Woke at 89 kg - 196,2 lbs

Todays training

Squat and Bench max tryouts for the Hogs Virtual meet.

Warmup: Jump rope, armswings, ½ agile 8, yoga flow, BW squats and lunges. Lazy lifter.

Complex of: 10 x bar: DL, Row, clean, front squat, OHP, back squat.

Squat warm up giant set

Jump 3 x 3

Squat 5 x 20, 50, 70 kg

Plank 3 x 20 seconds


  • 3 @ 85 kg

  • 1 @ 100 kg

  • 3 @ 115 kg + belt

  • 2 @ 125 kg + belt PR

  • 1 @ 132,5 kg + belt PR (292 lbs)


Bench warm up super set

BB row 4 x 8 @ 40 kg

Bench 5 x 20, 20, 40, 60 kg


Bench press

  • 3 @ 80 kg

  • 1 @ 92,5 kg

  • 1 @ 102,5 kg PR (226 lbs)

  • 5 @ 90 kg Rep PR

  • 10 @ 80 kg Damn 11 would have matched a fresh PR


That was the first workout of the year.

Took about 1 hour + 15 minutes of warmup.

Squat I felt from the start that it could be good.

115 was good, 125 kg hard debated about 132,5 or 135, went with the easier one.

Two PR’s Videos coming up in the virtual meet when I’ve done my DL. Let me warn you they are high, but they are mine.

Bench were kind of meh, had my eyes set on 102,5 followed by 107,5 kg.
I only just had the 102,5 kg so it stayed there, went for the back off set with bench 90 x 5 PR and they were actually good, then I did 80 kg x 10 reps and found out had I grinded another it would have matched a previous PR, set in a non fatigued set :slight_smile:

Bench PR as well
I am very happy with this day.

As said I’ve been helping my friend his website is Trithon dot eu if anyone would like to see it, some is in danish. That is a not that well translated, he is still growing.

I’m gonna help again tomorrow it’s all about moving all the shit to the right places, and we’re doing some theft protection with the windows as well.
It’s all fun and bad junk food.
A good workout as well.


Nice PRs

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Awesome man, well done!

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Great news mort! You have worked hard for the lifts you got. Well done!

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