The Dangers of Inhibiting Estrogen in Men

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The Dangers of Inhibiting Estrogen in Men
Dr. Rob Kominiarek D.O., FACOFP

Miami April 11-14 AMMG Friday General Session

Estradiol is a pleiotropic hormone that has instrumental influence over numerous critical functions related to the cardiac and vascular system, bone and mineral metabolism, cognition, memory, mood, balance, age related neurodegenerative disorders and lipolysis of fat.
Evidence suggests that estradiol has neurotrophic and neuroprotective properties and promotes the survival and viability of intimate brain structures. The benefits of estradiol on neuroprotection are attributed to genomic and non-genomic signaling, regulation of mitochondrial energy and antioxidant action.
Damaged neurons increase the production of aromatase, the enzyme that is responsible for the conversion of androgens into estradiol. Our own astrocytes after suffering trauma increase aromatase expression to exert the numerous benefits of estrogen to these intimate structures.
Knowing all this to be an evident truth, why then do some clinicians insist on blocking the aromatization of testosterone into the ever-important, pleiotropic hormone estradiol?

Just sharing something I feel most could benefit.

Because guys leave their TRT doctors if they don’t get to run a TT of >1000 and the guys that can run that does without an AI are 1 in a thousand. So AI are given so high TT doss can be controlled in the name of TRT of course haha. Most guys need some help in the E2 area if their dose goes over 120mg/wk.

Running a high E2 year round has some really bad sides. Like loss of libido. IF yor prolactin goes up with your E2 and stays there for a year or more you have the making of man boobs (gyno). Then there’s the being super sensitive about the silliest stuff. Tearing up, lump in the throat, crying!?! (((CRYing))) There’s no crying in Baseball. haha

You see I’ve been there 3 years ago. If my doc pulls my AI I find another doctor.



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Less is more with TRT. But everyone always wants more when it comes to feeling good :slight_smile: