The Dangers of Ignoring Cognitive Inequality

I think low IQ people could be the next great frontier for left-wing identity politics. The road is already paved with terms like “ableist” and all of the “reasoning” that goes into identity politics as we know it today. It is, after all, a short rhetorical hop to get from “White Privilege” to “Cognitive Privilege”.

That isn’t to say that there are real concerns for low IQ people that are incumbent on high IQ people to address. This is just to say that left-wing cognitive justice warriors, should they ever emerge, should be ignored and left where they belong. Howling at the moon on the internet, where their toxic ideas are being increasingly ridiculed.


This is already the case if you look at public schools and inclusive classrooms. The irony is that a policy which appears to address a question of equality is actually racist.

Good paragraph from that article.

But much of this correlation is due to street-level petty and violent offenses, not mass murder, and it would be abhorrent—obscene, even—to suggest that people with a low IQ should be treated with suspicion, or as murderers-in-waiting. In almost all cases, these individuals pose a risk to no one but themselves, and are more likely to fall prey to victimization by others. On the other hand, it is equally irresponsible to ignore the specific difficulties which those with a low IQ face. The consequences of this wishful thinking—however noble in intent—can be devastating.

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I’ve worked with enough truly dumb people to know that the best you can do is keep them occupied and relatively safe and hope for the best.

Don’t give them chainsaws or blow torches and expect anything other than catastrophe. And for gods sake keep them the fuck away from cranes.


Oooh ooh, you use blow torches?! Can I try? Oooh oooh.

It’s funny, just a personal reflection here, my initial reaction was to suggest the use of “cognitive inequality” to describe the situation is a poor way to phrase it. A divisive way, really. It initially implied, to me, that those with higher/greater cognitive abilities are somehow holding those with lower abilities back. Much like the implications of income inequality, racial inequality, etc… Basically, my reaction was that of @twojarslave

If we ignore the social justice undertones, it’s a fine way to put it I suppose and it’s a growing problem. There are almost no jobs a person can do with a sub-80 IQ. The military won’t even take them. As technology continues to become more and more advanced so too will the need for a higher IQ to work. Something like 10% of the US population has a sub-80 IQ (32 million…). That’s a bit concerning.

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Without a waiver…

That is not as bad as it looks if you think of it as being spread evenly across the nation, which it isn’t. What’s bad is that some populations have a much higher percentage of low IQ people, and no one wants to admit it and deal with it properly. There are schools in which almost half the students are diagnosed as special ed. These same students will be placed in AP and honors courses because everyone deserves to go to college.



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I don’t think they’ll even give them a waiver for such a low IQ (ASVAB score). I could be wrong, we always joked about such and such being an ASVAB waiver, but I didn’t think it was a real thing.

I’m finally in the 1%!

Ok not really, but maybe upper middle class?!

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When I was in Basic, there was one private whose ASVAB score was technically too low for any MOS. I was in training to be an MP and when he told me his score I was thinking it couldn’t be right. It turns out he was actually going to be an 88 mike and was only with us for the first phase of Basic. His score was still too low but they were desperate for truck drivers.

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This story was arguing for such a thing, no doubt.This story was certainly edging for a welfare system to prop up the ‘cognitively disadvantaged’ while railing on incessantly about the lack of easy manual labor jobs when that’s a bunch of horseshit. Right now, the challenge is finding enough people to fill the majority of jobs that exist without the need for a college education.
The author proposed a solution while looking at only one aspect of a problem.
The fact that low IQ correlates with mental disorder, if in fact true, means only that they correlate. He’s inferring the causation part when in fact it could be the opposite, the majority of people with mental disorders have a resultant low IQ. Or there could be a million other things going on.

There is one thing I know about stupid is Ron White is right. “You can’t fix stupid.” Calling it an ‘inequality’ carry’s with it the baggage of bigotry. That some evil smart people decided to keep people dumb because they hate dumb people or want to manipulate dumb people.
There’s nothing we can do about cognitive ability. Even Eugenics doesn’t have a good answer. Cognition is a crap-shoot under the most positive of circumstances.

This is an imaginary problem which requires nothing whatsoever from me.
What’s next? Blue eye’d people tend to be prettier so we have eye color inequality? I am sure we can do a study that would back that shit up with data. Rate eye-color with attractiveness and blue-eyed attractiveness having the perponderance of money and power in a given place and viola, we have an inequality that needs fixing.

That number sounds a bit low… Or people tend to act dumber than they actually are. We’ve already dumbed down school and sports, why the fuck not dumb down the entire country…

I don’t think it was arguing that at all. It was pointing a reality that we will have to soon face. The thing about those “easy” manual labor jobs is that people with low IQs can’t even do them, especially as they have become relatively more sophisticated. Then you have automation.

Genetics do play a part in IQ.

Is followed by…

Calling it stupid doesn’t carry with it the baggage of bigotry? And it is an inequality as not all people have equal IQs.

For those who are low IQ, and those who work with them or have them as family members or go to school with them, it is not imaginary.

No, that would be green eyed people.

I don’t think that study would work out the way you think. Try doing it in China and see what your results are.

At the moment, the struggle is to place high skill work, as our current unemployed workforce is FILLED with low/unskilled individuals, but struggling to find skilled labor, as most of them are already employed.

I think some people assume that because a job doesn’t require a college education it must be so simple that any dummy can do it.

I used to run into that a lot cutting trees. Although legitimately, we did have a couple of guys that were actually below 100, they weren’t allowed to use chainsaws, absolutely not allowed to use the stump grinder, couldn’t work the chipper, etc. Basically just clean up and loading logs.

The flip side was that virtually everything we did and used could kill someone even on a good day. If you aren’t all least a little bit smart something bad is going to happen and it will most likely be permanent and/or fatal.

One of the glaring assumptions in that article is that no one is looking out for these poor dumb people. Quite literally everywhere I’ve ever worked there was “that guy”. He was the guy that the foreman or supervisor would quietly point out and tell you " Look out for him. He isn’t very sharp and sometimes screws things up.". But the look out wasn’t a warning, it was a decent way of saying keep him safe. The answer for why he’s even there is always the same too. “He’s good for some stuff, and he has to make a living somehow.”. I think that what the author doesn’t know is that outside of academia and the world of post grad degrees, a lot of people are charitably employed and there is a sense of sympathy for people that aren’t too sharp.


The study doesn’t work out period. The premise is bullshit at best.
We cannot ‘equalize’ made-up inequality.
Some people are smarter than others. Some people are nicer than others. Some people eat fecal matter… not every supposed ‘inequality’ requires somebody to fix it.
People are not born equal in talent or gifts. That’s just too bad.
Looking for inequality where it need not exist is a disability. It’s a fight with no end. You want all people to be equal then all people need to be the same.
I say people have the right to be dumb or smart without somebody else trying to fix them.

Used to work at a prison and can confirm this.

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