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The Dancing Keepon Robot


I want one, goddamnit...


That thing isn't just bouncing randomly to the music, is it?


That is so awesome!


Nope, the original design was available mainly to research institutions for $30,000. I think it must be pretty high tech for that price.

They supposed to be coming out for $40 on the 14th of Feb, but I don't know how similar it's going to be to the above.


Thanks! It was a Japanese robot so I had a feeling there was "more than meets the eye". Looking at the vid it seems to 'dance' differently to every track you play for it and responds when the music stops. Which is cool. The bots at the end were slightly disconcerting because they were all dancing differently, but not randomly (they were all busting moves in time). A synchronized dance routine would've been more comforting.

I guess I'm not quite over the uncanny valley effect:


Ah, yes. I remember Ponce (I think?) first showed us that when someone was talking about a robot in an Orville Popcorn commercial.

I guess that's why they make this thing look 'cute'.


It's re comforting to know the japanese can build robots that don't fall down all the time.


Apparently it's the same phenomenon that blights photorealistic CGI. Like the young Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy. I call it 'dead eye syndrome'.


Seems like they only know how to do the robot.

Anyhoo, here's the Honda Asimo doing a fan dance. Watch till the end when Sara Connnor comes on the stage and the instantly attack her.