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The Daily Show With Jon Stewart - January 24th, 2012


This guy is not someone I watch regularly but the show was pretty funny.



Stewart's great. Clearly the tax laws need revision. But I really don't hold Romney's income or tax payment against him. He didn't invent the tax code. And why are people demonizing his net worth? Smacks of jealousy. And 47% of Americans pay no income tax? That's pathetic and embarassing. Get off your duffs, earn more money and pay your FAIR SHARE! Bunch of f'en free-loaders!

oh, and revise the tax code.


What people do not seem to get that Romney paid these taxes on dividends.

Meaning, first a company paid pretty much the highest corporate taxes for any civilized nation, then it reinvested what it could, after that the rest is paid out to the owners who THEN pay taxes yet again.

So sorry, but 40% corporate tax and then 15% for everything you actually get out of the company seems pretty high to me.

To bitch because he built a successful company despite of this outrageous taxation is insane.

What do you want to be, Albania?


The only problem I have with Stewart is he he rips both Conservatives and Liberals.....but in different ways.

He rips Conservatives for what they believe and chides the Left for not standing up for themselves and their Liberal beliefs.

It's disingenuous.




Not really, because when he does that, he takes quite a lot for granted, he simply does not question it, it does not occur to him that one could.

I bet in his own mind he is a middle of the road kind of guy and in NY he might be.

He could not do what Colbert does, because Colbert must actually understand conservatives and how they tick.

Having said that, and I am being dead serious, I think Jon Steward is one of the most honest and decent persons of the American media.

Unless of course you believe that anyone not agreeing with you is a partisan hack, but that would just be stupid.


Do I think that Steward honestly believes he is middle of the road....yes.

Is he...no.

But he is entertaining, and that's all that really matters. After all, as he loves to point out he is on the same channel as crank calling puppets.


The best was when he went on CNN Crossfire and tore open the hosts asshole on live TV


I find it funny the presenter of what is essentially a comedy/satire is held to higher standards than many newscasters.


I find it funny that the presenter acts like a political commentator until the argument does not go his way......then it's like "Wait up, I am on a comedy channel, you can't get mad at me"

Gets old.



Uh huh.


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Sadly, the Daily Show is a far more reliable source for news than most American news outlets. One of the largest problems with that country IMO is the decline of their news into entertainment.


Please share with us your country of origin so that we might critique your largest problems.

Fair is fair.


Stewart has been a shill for the democratic party for years now. Anyone who doesn't see that is either a democrat or stupid.



Jesus, I feel like I'm stuck in the same conversation....

Where's Bill Murray?!?


I personally think all corporations should be tax exempt but the tax code today favors one company over another . One may pay %40 the other get subsidies


Where are the gold bars when you need them :slight_smile:


And yet he is one of the closest things you have to real news reporting.

Anyone who doesn't see that is either stupid or... no, just stupid.


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