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The Daily Routine of An Unemployed Person


Unemployeed person. Can anybody give me an Idea of what my daily routine should be? Currently its just waking up at around 10-11am and applying to 2-5 jobs and being bored until 6pm comes around and I go to the gym. Its Real depressing.

Did you guys have a schedule or a routine you did?


Apply to as many places as you can, you can make a full time effort out of that alone, other then that study a language, volunteer work, meditation,, explore new activities or interests... You can do plenty of things you just won't be getting paid for it.


Challenge people who pass by your house to an omelette flipping contest.


I'd also join forums and read up on newsletters about whatever you want to do for a job if it's a professional career your looking for. Also look up interview, resume, and cover letter tips. You could also volunteer to help build your resume.

And you can look for jobs full time. Instead of applying to a few jobs, you could apply to several.

If you are looking for professional career, it could take a long while so you may need to find something relatively unskilled and hourly in the interim.


What type of Job are you looking for? If your only looking in a certain career field, maybe get some random job just for fun and you could quit and it wouldn't be a big deal.


Spend your free time socializing with people in the field you are interested in. Join associations and stuff of the field you are interested in.
If you knew the right person, you'd have a job. Just saying.


Drink cheap beer all day and have as many kids as possible.


Any proof that you're actually going to the gym?


My position got eliminated 2 months ago after working the same job for 10 years. I came home that day and refreshed my resume and applied for as many jobs as I could online. Luckily I was able to collect and worked some small side jobs to provide for my family. I was extremely worried. I've heard so many horror stories of how hard it was to find a good job from others who got laid off years before.

There was no way I could focus on my training. So I just did random workouts. There was no pre-designed regime. I paired different body parts at random. It seemed to work. I didn't have to be tied in to structure. It actual was quite fun. I got some great workouts and enjoyed the freedom from my usually OCD self. Of course I made sure muscle groups had rest, but there was Back/Chest day, Quad dominate Leg day, Delts/traps/Tri's day, Chest/ Bi's day, Hammie hell day, Arms/Delts day, Back/Tri's, Chest/ Delts, Deadlift /Bi's, etc.

It let me focus on the work search and multiple interviews until I got a job offer (7 weeks later). I don't start until Aug 1st, so I will be enjoying the random workouts until then. Then it's back to a planned routine, daily grind and my OCD world.




Total thread hijack, but Steel Nation, you have an amazing physique. Nice freakin work, man!


Somehow that sounds a bit depressing in certain aspects, ever think of doing the usual work stuff, keeping a light routine and dropping the bulk of the OCD stuff?


Wake up at 6
Take a shower
Put on work clothes
Drink coffee and eat breakfast
Work 8 hours

If you can't find something productive to do for 8 hours then I don't believe you're actually looking for a job. You could also blame the economy, that seems to be a favorite of unemployed people.


This is kinda how I feel about it. What sucks is being way underemployed and using every bit of free time searching for a professional job. The hours of working really rack up quickly.


Best post.


Do things that will make you more marketable. If you don't have one, try going for an online degree. If you already have one get cpr or first aid certified, something that will get you motivated. It always looks good no matter what job to be CPR, first aid, and AED certified and it takes like one day to do it. If you are making out applications get out of the house to go do it, go to a coffee shop or something, at least when you go back home it will feel like you did something for the day. Just don't be the smoke weed and play xbox guy, he's not getting a good job.



@cstratton2......lol I've gotten better with it. The OCD has good and bad things about it. The bad part is I can get get stuck in same rep range, sets and exercises before I realize it's time to rotate. The good part is diet. I have no problem eating the same things daily. It's like I'm on autopilot.


Fix your sleep schedule so you wake up earlier so you can get more done in the early hours of the day. I guarantee you will feel better and get more done..


I fapped alot.


Being unemployed totally sucks. i have a friend who had been fired from being a long term employee on the basis of a personal issue. My friend used to date the new managers wife before he even knew who she was. The thought of this dude banging his wife was too much for him to handle so he made up some shit and fired him. And because Florida is a bullshit "right to work" state he has no remedy. Unless it is religious, racial or sexual discrimination you have no recourse. Every employer needs to have the threat of a lawsuit hanging above their head. This way they have to be more intimately involved in the firing process to be sure the employee is fired for a valid reason instead of on the basis of a lie. Now his life has been financially destroyed and he has no recourse. He should have the option to sue his employer so he can be fairly compensated for the time off. Total bullshit!