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The Dadpool Files: Confessions of a Tr3yningBrah

I think that’s probably the route I’ll go

The more I think about the question (I tend to reread questions when big strong people disagree with me), the less I’m sure on what the difference is between the two options you presented.

A 5k for time is probably the gateway to harder drugs

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Are you saying I should run more than 5k to get the buzz, does this become a chasing the dragon type thing where in a years time I’ll be running marathons just to be able to smile again?

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I don’t want to know my max for anything, to include that 4x4. But it could be us defining max differently.

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I guess the difference is in an intentional testing period (a week or whatever) where you really strive for your best, vs. just saying “I typically handle 315 for sets of 8, so my max is 365.”

Maybe so.

To clarify, my approach to, say, the Kroc Deadlift program (for simplicities sake), would be to use an estimated max based on a recent heavy workset.

That being the case then, I plan to intentionally test once a year. Otherwise I use guesstimates based on recent lifts.

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So it sounds like we all lean to the guesstimate option


For me, it is pure Kentucky windage. I have a good sense of what I am capable of just based on how I am doing in terms of bodyweight and life.


Back in the gym today

  1. Assault bike
    30:30 x 6 minutes
    My conditioning is improving rapidly the last few days, and I feel good pushing it. Maybe my heart really was stressed.

  2. Bench Press
    235/3 x 3

  3. Flye Machine

  4. C/S Row
    2p/12 x 3

  5. Hip Thrust Machine
    1pps/12 x 3

  6. Arnold Press
    50/10 x 2

  7. Fat Grip Pushdown
    120/15 x 2

  8. Machine Shrug
    100/12 x 3


And I actually lifted again. One would be forgiven for thinking I’d stopped. I should be good to go back to normal next week; we’ll find out Friday. This week I’m seeing where my lifts are and just getting comfortable without getting my heart rate way up.

  1. Assault bike
    30:30 x 7 minutes

  2. Squat
    I have no idea if I hit internet-appropriate death, but this wasn’t the end of the world heavy so I was pleased. Neither was I thinking I left a bunch of weight out there, though; we’ll call this my max for now.

  3. Superset:

  • Belt Squat
    1pps/10 x 3
  • GHR
    3 sets of 6
  1. Superset:
  • Crunch Machine
    3 x 10
  • GHR Reverse Hyper
    3 x 10

I think if my limited time with Dark Horse showed me anything:

  • Quick conditioning before lifting checks a lot of additional blocks: warm-up, mobility work, injury prevention, mental “roadblocks” (it’s just easier to get started when you first walk in).
  • I don’t focus enough on the main lift.
  • I tend to take everything to failure, even when it’s some extra volume work, and that has an impact on the training week.
  • I knew this, but it bears repeating: for training, progress beats performance.

Anyway, I’m feeling a ton better after getting my blood pressure down. I didn’t know I was feeling bad, so I said I had no symptoms, but it’s becoming clear I was struggling a little.


Ehmm…pretty sure you meant depth. not sure what internet-appropriate death is :sweat_smile:


Squatting yourself to death - the internet approves of a macho death.


Ha! I like the typo better than what I intended to put there

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That would be like my bench miss this week, except I don’t get out of the way quick enough :joy:


Speaking of misses, I don’t know which one I hate missing more on, bench or squat. I’ve always done those in a power rack with safeties though.

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Glad to see your blood pressure is down and you’re feeling better :+1:

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@TriednTrue thank you!

@whang I rarely miss a rep and then I did this morning. You’re a jinx!

  1. Assault bike
    30:30 x 7 minutes
    I’m starting to like this thing!

  2. Bench Press
    45/5 x 2
    135/5 x 2
    275 flew up and then 300 didn’t go at all. I’m a little disappointed, because this should not be crazy weight, but this is absolutely the result my recent efforts have earned.

  3. Superset 3 rounds:

  • Dips
  • Pulldowns
  1. Superset 3 rounds:
  • Tricep Pressdown
  • Cable Curls

… but did you die an internet appropriate death?


My dignity did

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