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The Cyborg Complex (Fitness Related)


My Asian friend of 31 years shows me. :grinning: Plus I grew up with them and my old neighborhood is now nearly all Asian.


Yes, considering that in the current day corporations practically own the state and shape society, in several ways that are bad.


I come at this from a different angle than you I guess. I look at CEOs/Powerful Politicians the same way I look at athletes.

I for the life of me cannot figure out why people want professional athletes to be “role models”. They’re really good at their sport… that doesn’t mean I want to hear about their politics or moralized fables about how they live their life.

From an entertainment standpoint I want the absolute best running back on the field. 99 times out of 100 the best running back isn’t going to be the best person.

I look at CEOs/business leaders/politicians the exact same way. If I own the stock, I want the absolute best business person available as CEO. 99 times out of 100 that person isn’t going to be a paragon of virtue I want to model my life after.

Think about it this way: would a well adjusted, healthy, moral person be okay with closing or moving a plant to ensure the survival of a business? I had to lay off 20 people to close a business and I probably got ulcers over it. It takes a stone cold, chess-playing mother fucker to win as top tier leader in business.

Corporations wouldn’t own the state or bother buying politicians if government was limited like it was supposed to be. But that’s an entire thread and argument on its own.


I will write more but I take it you are saying you don’t care about what the business produces, even if the products are physically or psychologically harmful to citizens at large, many of whom don’t even know what’s harmful to them, so long as there is financial activity going on, and the product doesn’t react you or you’re able to insulate yourself from it.

Again, I only say this in the context of this conversation.


Yep. You have to remember I’m one of those crazy people that thinks free people should be free to make bad decisions. If there’s a demand for something, you should be free to produce and sell it. Heroine for instance.

I draw the line at products/services that require infringing on the rights of others or coercion: human trafficking to staff a brothel for instance.

In the context of this conversation, I don’t care if the company’s product or service serves a societal good. I got a job offer at a company that makes trans fats lol (didn’t take it cause salary was low). Just because I don’t see value in a product, doesn’t mean I want to prevent someone else from buying it.


What happens when heroine addicted people hang out around your home? I mean, if they were to.


They either:

  1. Die of an overdose
  2. Get clean
  3. Steal to support their habbit

If they try to use force against me, they’re going to end up shot (by my wife most likely, she won’t hesitate). If they steal my stuff while I’m away I file an insurance claim.

The argument that some products are bad and should be banned always just empowers organized crime. They seized $13 billion from El Chapo… that’s just what they seized. The Cartels control Mexico, they have their own armies with tanks and all. Our prohibition isn’t really stopping anyone from using drugs in the first place. Just making some very bad dudes very rich.




That’s just too much.

Especially the fake eggs. It’s brilliant, and I’m envious that I didn’t think of convincing a bunch of self centered navel gazers that They Are Saving The World by eating bean goo, but it’s just too much.


Aren’t all of us on here into self improvement?

That article has a mocking tone that labels the extreme as an average. I live in the UK and have never heard of huel or seen male beauty salons. Whilst it contains some startling information, like the male anorexia stat, it also contains a lot of crap written to appeal to a certain type of person.


We get Huel over here! (UK)

Never seen a male beauty salon but for a lot of lads, Saturday day-time is spent in the barbers, then the sunbed salon, then the waxing salon etc.

We probably have Geordie Shore to thank for that.


I wouldn’t disagree Yorkie but its not prevalent in or around Liverpool. I’ve never heard of it before anyway then again I suppose it depends upon the circles you move in. They don’t sell it at the match anyway, maybe we’re not their market. Now yer Leeds and them, almost like Brighton… :slight_smile:


Self destruction personally.

Just playing the long game…


Seems like a fair amount here mostly stick to the blue sections with no indications they actually work out.


I might be wrong, but I think Brick is talking about something beyond self improvement. It’s one thing to build some muscle, make a good living, etc… to work hard towards those things. I think what he’s referring to is the guy that wakes at 2:30AM, workouts, eats, works on his side-hustle, goes to actually work, training again, so on and so forth. People, like Marissa Mayer that supposedly work 130-hour work weeks. It’s a bit ridiculous.


Watch out, you’re in a blue section


Yep, its more a rhetorical type question rather than aimed at brick.


Sounds like something a beta male would say :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


It’s not necessarily what people do, but how they do it.

I work for a guy- highly motivated, multiple income streams, all the hyped up stuff, just without the hype and with a good helping of humility. Pleasure to be around.