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The Cyborg Complex (Fitness Related)


Are they all interrelated within some sort of online ecosphere on social media? I know what most of these movements are except “manosphere” but I thought they exist separately. What I gather is that if they do exist within a common ecosphere, it’s a pushback against current social trends being pushed such as political correctness, group think and the perceived demasculinization of men.


It’s the algorithms. If you like this->you may be interested in that->if that, then this, etc.


No one is dissing them. That sounds like a great loop to be in. People that know how to live and enjoy passing it on are good people. Coaches, mentors, etc.

I’d think more along the lines of this guy:


Hey @BrickHead . Late to this. I’ve observed similar things to you. I don’t have social media (other than this) mostly because I have natural troll tendencies. Also because I know the gilded nature of those guys/gals “fronting” their success is just a way to get attention. In this modern social media landscape attention is literally currency.

The narcissistic, antisocial, lifestyle entrepreneurs that are pretending to have a Lamborghini, a plane and sleep with different chicks every night are fronting with an audience in mind that isn’t you. They’re trying to impress young millenials.

As far as trying to be better at everything and continuous improvement. I think there is something to that. I don’t approach it from the positive, self help, vibes to the universe mindset. Although I tried that. I stared into the abyss long enough and now I’m pissed at the abyss, because I know it’ll win eventually. I’m going out fighting with my hair on fire damn it.

What I need is a big enough “why”. My “why” is I don’t want to be as shitty tomorrow as I am today. Also I watched my dad work 2 or 3 jobs for 30 years only to still hate his daily routine and use sports, sitcoms, bourbon and daily chores to distract himself from his dissatisfaction.

I want to take my wife on a tour of Europe and the kids to Disney without sweating the cash. I want to give to charity, have visible abs and enjoy being around myself and others and live as long as Jack Lallane.

So I’m waking up at 3 and working a couple jobs and reading, praying trying to be better. But not for Instagram influencers. For me.


That’s a great, relevant post! You know I like you despite us disagreeing or seeing differently on some stuff.


I wrote a few days ago that I went and read up on INCELs. Now my youtube feed is showing me videos of angry nerds telling me why I shouldn’t watch Captain Marvel. It’s pissing me off. Captain Marvel isn’t fucking Ghostbusters 2016. It’s directed by the duo that did Half Nelson ffs. Stupid INCELs. And these idiots are just as economically illiterate as AOC.


I gotta agree with this. Where I grew up, “average” was working 2 manual labor jobs if you had kids to support and earning less than $500 USD per month and living in government housing. If you had no kids, you were screwed because you would end up doing backbreaking labor at 60. If you had kids, you would be a financial burden on them until you died. That was not how I wanted to end up. I don’t want kids. I hate manual labor. I can’t survive living in a small government flat. If you ask me to go back there and be “average”, I’d rather be dead. I’m not even overly ambitious. I did the “cyborg” shit(which I’m not going to go into details about) till my early thirties and now I’m far from “average” in relation to the people I grew up with.

Of course, I think people living in the US now generally have much better lives being what is defined as “average” there and a lot of people whine too much. But I also think it’s ok to be dissatisfied and not settle for average. That’s how a country makes economic progress.

Some people are born to be firefighters, cops, teachers, soldiers, etc. Some are not. Don’t hold them back by with faux moralistic ramblings about the pursuit of wealth and try to instill the idea that it’s a path that leads to unhappiness because life has to be “balanced” according to what the majority deems “balanced” to be. The latter certainly isn’t true for everyone. These people are large reason why “average” in the US isn’t “average” in the developing world.

I’m honestly not sure where I’m going with this since my thoughts all over the place but please understand I have no intention to insult anyone’s chosen goals, nor downplay the significance of what being “average” contributes to society. I think being successful(financially, and above and beyond what is average or just above average, in this context) requires balls, sacrifice and an ego that’s unpenetrable by constant failure and setbacks that average people will not be able to fathom if they’ve not tried to lead the lifestyle or do not possess the required kind of character or mindset. I don’t have enough of these, that’s why I’m not Elon Musk. Others do. Go for it.


Yeah. Mine cycles through all kinds of stuff. Welding, mechanical stuff, home shop fabrication, navy SEALS, Jason Blaha, Stevie Ray Vaughn, etc.

I avoid certain subjects like the plague, but if you search anything fitness related, there he is. The plague.


I don’t think anyone every implied or stated this. I was talking to a friend of mine on the phone before who is an orthopedic hip surgeon. He’s doing eight surgeries tomorrow. There’s nothing negative to say about the guy. He’s a great guy, as are all the rich and ambitious I know personally. I can’t say that for every rich guy just like I can’t say every poor guy is great either. Actually, after meeting many dirt poor people in NYC over the past few years, I can say most of them were very unlikeable and not only unbalanced, damn unhinged!


I don’t think anyone did and I tried to convey this is my post but I don’t think I was successful at it. I know exactly where you were coming from in your previous posts, which is why I stated that that my use of the word “success” means “financial success” within the context of my post.

The post was more to do with people taking sides on different ends of the sociocultural and political spectrums, which is manifested by things like marxist scum and identity politics on one end, and red pillers and INCELs on the either.

I mean, seriously, you have self-proclaimed socialists elected to congress and one them is running for president. There are politicians in the UK defending communism on TV. It’s fucking blowing my mind.


I’d like to comment on this tomorrow.

In the meantime, do you think cyborg can become a new viral slang term? :grinning:


It might. You just have to brand it right. Attatched it to a few things: Cyborg fitness, Cyborg Self Improvement…

Cychology-Think Higher, Perform Higher.

Stuff like that.


Lol it could. I just don’t know whether it’s going to used as a positive or negative one.


I want to reply more thoroughly later, so for the moment I’ll just throw out a couple thoughts.

The types of men Brickhead initially described seem to have a couple traits in common -

  1. consumed with self
  2. devoted to irresponsibility while claiming it’s modern responsibility

The first thing that came to mind is -

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”


Curiosity or to see what is being pushed out there.


It’s never going to be good, haha. But that may just be the cynic in me.

I dropped a LOT of frustration by avoiding social media.


I think it’s fair to say I have certain “hangups”, right? I believe I have them because of my past and because I have a kid and another one on the way. Having kids is not unique considering the world population of eight billion, but I don’t want a repeat of what I went through for my children. So I am privy as to what’s out there and what I see to be in store for them.


Yeah, with a kid as well, right now I am just carefully monitoring what they consume. Doing my best to reinforce what I can. I am glad we found a good school that reinforces a similar method.



I also admit I oftentimes have a chip on my shoulder. Less so now, but far more in the past. Hopefully one day it might be gone permanently.


I hear you mate. I did the same. So much bullshit and fake people.