The CW High Frequency Training

Hello all,

Needing some advice and clarification once again, i’ve just started the Waterbury High Frequency System listed below (hopefuly the link will work) and just needed some help with phase II and what is expected:

“This phase consists of working up to a 5 repetition maximum (RM) for the following lifts. Start the session with approximately 70% of your 1RM for the lift, or a 12-14 RM. Perform 5 reps, rest and add 10%, perform 5 reps, rest and add 5%. Keep increasing the load 3-5% until you reach a comfortable 5RM”

Can someone assist and tell me how many sets this involves? (surely its not just 3 x 5??)

I appreciate that this may be a very simple question for some but i want this program to work and don’t want to mess it up.

Many thanks in advance

You work up to a 5 rep max… for example let’s say you think your max might be 300 pounds. Start with
210 x 5 reps (70%) then
230 x 5 reps (+10% of 210) then
241 x 5 reps (+5% of 230)
253 x 5
265 x 5 (you hit now just add 3 %)
273 x 5 (lets say you get 4) now stop

you will do 1 set with your 5 rep max AFTER slowly working your way up to that weight as he described (in 10, 5, and 3-5% increments).

So it will involve at least 6 sets (including the work up sets) maybe a few more if you go in 3% increments.

Nice one, much appreicated. I know its easy for you guys …just didn’t want to sound like an idiot, I shall crack on now…thanks!