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Heya T-freaks. There have been several dozen threads concerning bulking up, along with a substantial amount of posts concerning dropping double digits worth of bodyfat. Cool cool, quality cool. As I’ve mentioned in numerous and infamous past posts, I’m 5’7 and around 165. I desire not to be a hulking mass of muscle, but a purely ripped demon whose veins appear engaged in the process of being evicted out da body. Right now, I’m doing a routine suggested my T-bro Char-Dog, in which the rest time between sets is reduced by half. (Tried it the other day, narrowly escaped puking, quite impressed). I’ve basically eliminated complex carbs from my diet for now and am doing 4 caps of T2 a day. Are there any other members of the T-family in my situation of what I shall hereafter refer to as “Refinement Cutting”? If so, please don’t hesitate to share techniques, horror stories, successful diet plans, ect. And damnit, have fun when you train. Lata.

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sometimes going on a mass phase for short periods can actually help u lose fat long term rather than cutting all the time .the more muscle u have the easier it is to get ripped .at a buck sixty plus change maybe putting on a bit of muscle could be the ticket .

E-Man…you hit an awesome point–something you do more often than not, bro–Have Fun When Training Man, that’s what it’s all about…there’s nothing more fun than working your tail off (no offense, E) and then reflecting on how awesome and fun it was!

I’m not exactly trying to lean out or anything, but…I really like your method of madness of getting your carbs from veggies (if that’s the case) and less from starchy carbs. This is basically John Parrillo’s philosophy, and I’ve been suggesting it for a while. I was hoping that when JB said he gets most, if not all, his carbs from veggies when dieting, that some peeps might actually get the idea.

Are you sticking with your same anti-stress split, E-man, of chest and tris and such, or are you going with antagonists for you density packing workouts? The golden oldies definitely know wassup. The Blonde Bomber is Mr. Superset himself. A few techniques you might throw in (even tho rest intervals are short): stretch out working muscles hard between sets and flex/pose them in between; also, do lots of flexing/posing/squeezing throughout the day; do some thin tummy/stomach vacuums whenever–they’ll trim the waistline down to nothing! BTW, 5’7 at 165 (how ‘bout bf%?) is hella awesome, bro! Keep whoopin’ some ass…speaking of ass, I was doing a lil’ posing tonite and those cross-striations in the glute area might even put me in the same ballpark–not the same playing field, mind you–with Mista Ass himself, Char-Dawg!

Munerrs, thanks for the advice, I plan on doing a bit of a mass phase in the fall when I can wear something that covers any excess, but right now it be swimming season, son! And I, for one, am one primate who sta-rips in front of the chix. Ya know Timbo, bro, while the iron inflates my muscles you’re a workout for the ego. And I do sincerely appreciate it. Right now I’m doing the chest/tri’s Back/bi’s only because I was doing Chest/Back Bi’s/Tri’s Shoulders/Legs for a while and wanted to cycle on to something else, but I’m always open to new stuff, hell I invented a routine involving a swiss ball, a power-pushup, and the handles of a friggin’ stairclimber! For weeks now, since I’ve read about it, I’ve been flexing and posing all day, I think I look like a 24/7 mild epileptic case. But I have a history of flexing and posing anyway, so the family doesen’t even notice so long as I don’t speak of protein or the beauty of skullcrushers in their presence. Came up with a new one this week, Incline bench barbell California Skullcrushers, I don’t know how the hell the incline makes it a more effective exercise but I got a sick burn off it. As far as bodyfat % I have no clue. I have a visible sixer, though I still have those mother f’n little fat deposits further back, not exactly love handles, but I want them banished from my corpse. I’m open to any ideas not involving chain saws and silly putty. Lata.

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I just recently wrapped up a pre-contest diet, and here are some helpful tips for the last little bit of shredding.1. drop your calcium and sodium 2. High intensity cardio on an empty stomach after popping a thermogenic 3. experiment with some training splits, they are awesome definition routines. 4. drink tons of water 5. stack your carbs around your workout and do p+f meals berardi style other times. 6 get adequete rest 7. every week on leg day go eat a pizza

Obviously, don’t eat much…and what you do, make it protein. You can really loose the protuberant look of the stomach after a “mass” phase by doing some version of the MRP diet. I’ll typically do 2 meals (breakfast/lunch) MRP, and a low GI dinner. The low GI dinner always works–think like this: this is the meal that will set the metabolic tone for the next 12 hours. Make it a good one.

Other tips–run for fat loss, and finish up the session with a 10-15 minute swim. This helps with definition in the upper body.

Also…lots of potasium rich foods…this will increase salt losses, and theoretically should increase intracellular volume.