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The Current Workout to Stay in Shape


Sup yall,
While in between jobs and traveling it is difficult to work out and difficult to eat to grow. I eat good clean food but I am definitely not able to do this the right way. But I need to workout so I guess this is just to try and hold on to my shape for the time being. Don't worry as soon as I have a permanent location and constant income I'm going right for my muscle building diet complete with the two surges. Please do not comment on this part of the post, it's just how it is. But I am currently doing this workout basically to keep myself in shape i.e. my best to hang on to my muscle and increase some strength (bodyweight). Point out any egregious errors that are hurting me.

I currently do the macguyver workout three days a week.
It's basically all bodyweight. Check it out. http://www.tmuscle.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/the_macgyver_workout

2X a week I do tabata protocol workouts for HIIT
One is 20 sec sprint 10 sec recovery X 8 for four minutes total

The other is Squat Thrusters 20 sec work 10 sec recovery also referred to as HELL

Why only four minutes? You try doing that shit and get back to me. Better yet do it with Front Squats.

For the next 3-4 weeks I also do HFT on my pushups because I always had a lagging chest.
It entails putting weight on my back and doing pushups to between 6-10 reps and then conitnuing every day trying to increase to triple or quadruple my numbers. One of Waterbury's babies, check it out.

Anyway if somebody sees any horrible problems working out like this (Keep in mind that I have no access to permanent gym (but can get my hands a bit of weight sometimes, enough for the squat thrusts). Also realize that this is only going on until I am back in an apartment with income to get back to training in the best possible way with supps and good food. I realize I am going to lose muscle and reps on lifts but this will still keep me active and stronger through repetition.

If you have any advice or something you did when you were in this situation let me know.


Id drop the Tabata. Its too trendy and you probably aren’t doing it right (very, very few people can do tabata running)

As for keeping muscle. You gotta make do with what is available. Pushups AND pullups are the bare minimum. If you for some crazy reason cant find a place to do pullups, then dont bother, just take the time off. But pushups, pullups, lunges, stepups, jump squats, etc. and you should be able to at least maintain for a short while. Keep the protein and calories high, sleep enough, etc.

If you have enough funds to get a heavy kettlebell or DB (60-100lbs or so) then you’d be set. This opens up a world of possibilities. (Swings, snatches, presses, rows, lunges, split squats, etc…)

Whatever you decide on, try a ladder workout. One of mine thats brutal is, DB snatch, Press. Basically i do 1 snatch right, 1 press right, then the left side. Then I go 2,3,4… When I fail, I then rest a bit longer and go back down, or start from the beginning.

This could work for pushups and pullups also. 2 pushup, 1 pullup, then 4 pushups, 2 pullups, then 6 pushups, 3 pullups, etc…

Good luck.