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The Current Diet!

Here’s what my current diet is looking like, any feedback on it??

8.30am (Immediately After Waking);
Glass Grapefruit Juice
Scoop Whey Protein in Water

4 Egg Whites Scrambled with 2 Yolks
1 Cup Rolled Oats
Mug of Green Tea
Multivitamin and Pure Cod Liver Oil Tablets

1 Banana
Scoop Whey Protein in Water

Cardio 11.30am -12.15pm

500ml Powerade Sports Drink
3 Amino Tablets

Pasta and Tuna Salad
Mug Of Green Tea

1 Cup Rolled Oats
Tub Fat-Free Yoghurt
1 Apple

1 Apple
Scoop Whey Protein in Water

Train 5.15pm - 6.15pm

Scoop Whey Protein in 200ml Skimmed Milk
20g Dextrose
20g Chocolate Milkshake Powder

Turkey Breast
1 Large Sweet Potato
1 Cup Green Beans
1 Cup Carrots
Mug of Green Tea

Turkey and Tomato Sandwich on 2 Slices Wholemeal Multigrain Bread
Half an Avocado

Half Cup Rolled Oats
1 Tub Cottage Cheese
Half oz Almonds

3430 Calories
254g Protein
458g Carbs
67g Fats

Post your stats Height, Weight, Goals.

Looking to gain some good lean mass, minimizing bodyfat gains, though willing to accept some (as I know it’s impossible not to!)
19 Years old
5ft 10.5inches
Bodyfat; No idea, but minimal- basically I’m skin, bones and a little bit of muscle…

Your body type basically calls for an increased calorie diet. Your metabolism seems naturally high so increasing past that 3400+ limit you’re at might be a worthy investment… try increasing 250-500 calories and track your weight and measurements 2 weeks later to see if you gain.