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The Curl Thread


I love curls, Barbell Curls, Dumbell Curls, Preacher Curls, Zottman Curls, Concentration Curls, Hammer Curls, Machine Curls, Reverse Curls, Cheats Curls.....The list goes on and on. Struggling to hold onto the weight as i curl it up is truly amazing. Please write your comments on how curls are an awesome exercise. Real men curl!

Note:This is a follow up to "The squat thread," I stated i'd make a curl thread so here it is.


I don't honestly remember the last time I did curls, I guess I am not a real man.... but out of curiosity , what are Zottman curls?


its hard to explain but heres a vid



Far from being my genetic high point, I still love curls. I get the best results from preacher and reverse curls but I mix in just about everything even zottmans.

One of my new favorites is doing curls with an easy grip bb on the vertical side of a preacher bench. Close grip. They tear my biceps in a good way.

Mon I usually do reverse grip and hammer culrs and fri I do preacher, with drag, spider, or some type of cable culrs.


im going to have to try those..i guess it would be like a bb spider curl?


Ya its pretty much the same movement. I'll do a variation on them too where I squat down quarter way, with my torso at about 40 degrees, I rest my elbows right above my knee caps, right in that groove in your quads between the vastus medialis and the vastus lateralis (inner and outer quad) and curl. I saw a video of some guy doing these and gave em a shot. Both are at the same angles so if your at a gym with out that piece of equipment you can use the variation.

There's probably a name for them like "Ukrainian curls"

I just found out stiff legged dead lifts are now called Romanian dead lifts. When did that happen?


My favorites are one arm barbell curls and offset grip incline dumbell curls


Another fan of offset grip(you mean like thumb side pressed against the plate right?) dumbbell curls here. I know this thread is a joke, but it's actually WAY better than the squat thread haha.


Yeah, I wondered that too. And when did the Scott Bench get renamed the Preacher Bench??? Doc


When it was first invented, before Larry Scott was introduced to it by Gironda. With arms like his though it's no shock that bench took on his name.


Preacher Curls are by far my fave. Nothing activates my biceps like that. and (even though i know this isn't the most important goal in training but cmon..) these are the only curl exercises that get my biceps sore.


Its been called a preacher bench for a while. I'm pretty sure thats what its called in Arnold's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding.


How about some HEAVY curling http://youtube.com/watch?v=sl1XrHeG1WI 'light weight'




I actually quite like Reverse Curls. But I don't see anyone else in my gym doing them (there are a lot of big guys). Is it just me or is this a rather neglected exercise?


That's some funny shit! Let's take a poll about what the punk was listening to on his ipod during his two inch reps. My guess is James Blount's "You're Beautiful."


Curls > Squats by far

...and I'm not kidding


curls get u laid more than squats


My sarcasm detector may be giving a false positive here...


For most people they are the same thing, but for those who get off on the minor things, stiff leg DL's usually mean a greater ROM.

EDIT: I just browsed a few other websites and exercises indexes and apparently everyone has a different description. So ignore what I just wrote above. That is only what I always thought the difference was. Carry on.