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The Cure to the Frequency Issue with Bro Splits?

Some of the biggest talk I see on these forums is how Bro Splits suck because they dont offer enough frequency for each muscle group. Now Im not proponent of Bro splits, full body push pull exclusively. I am for whatever will get the trainee to be a trainee and not a sitting their ass on the couchee (Im sure thats a dirty word in a foreign language). But I think people are on glue or using extremely specific exercises if they think they are only hitting chest on chest day. To illustrate this i will write out the most basic bro split and the muscle groups included in each exercise.

Bench - Chest, Triceps, Shoulders
Incline Bench - Chest, Triceps, Shoulders.
Decline Bench - Chest, Triceps, Shoulders.
Pull overs or flys - Chest, Shoulders, Lats

Deadlift - every pull muscle plus quads
Db row - Back, rear delts, biceps
Pull downs - back, rear delts, biceps
back extension - lower back, glutes, hamstrings

CG Bench - Triceps, Chest, Shoulders
CG Chins - Biceps, Back, rear delts
Oh tricep extension - triceps, shoulders
BB curl - biceps
rope pushdown - triceps
Preacher curl - biceps…

I think you see where Im going with this and can fill in the rest. The only muscle group I can see jumping out is quads (depending on your deadlift style). The other muscle groups just have a primary mover day and sometimes very frequent secondary mover days. So is the cure to the frequency “issue” with bro splits to throw leg extensions on chest or back day. Or do people blow this out of proportion and the most important factor is hard work.

There is indirect stimulation, as you have noted with “brosplits” And yes people do blow this out of proportion. Also, if you want to bring up lagging quads I guess you could do that (not sure how effective it would be)

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Tbh would take consistency or progressive overload over hard work.

good point dude, I was encompassing that. My bad for not saying that is necessary as part of the hard work.

Just giving it as an example of a light exercise away from the quad focus day.

Fair enough. Weird ass definition of hard work tho lel

lol the only hard work worth doing is the one that makes you better then yesterday… or more financially well off but this isnt that type of forum lol

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True…but the big question is how experienced those people are and what have they achieved during their time lifting.

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I’m not speaking for anyone else but the reason I don’t like most bro splits that a lot of beginners write up and ask if ‘we’ like their program, is because they either have too much volume (lots of redundant exercises) or they don’t use many compound movements.

Or they don’t work legs, a bit like your sample bro split.

Other than those typical faults I can definitely see the benefits of a bro split.

This is true. I fìnd alot of what people say is just following flavour of the week. Or the latest thesis proven correct by any means necessary based off whoever is sponsoring it. Just trying to tell people to get into the gym and figure out whay works for them.

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I left out legs and shoulders because i didnt feel like writing out an entire week just to show exercises work multiple muscle groups, if that is what you meant. When I said extensions on chest or back day I didnt mean it as the only leg exercise of the week lol that would be hilarious though.

I understand. I also feel like my point still stands.

I see many bro splits with way too much chest volume.

I see many bro splits with only isolation exercises.

I see many bro splits with legs omitted.

I personally like to train the movements and the body as a whole, rather than just work the muscle. That is why I don’t do bro splits. That’s just me though.

I was just discussing this earlier with Brad (@BrickHead) and we came to a simple conclusion (this might actually be our next podcast topic -lol). The two types who are trying to carry the torch of anti-bro-split/full body every damn day are:

-inexperienced trainers who fail to realize the limitations of available studies being applicable to non-beginner body builders and latch onto one specific aspect at the disregard of all else.

-trainers/coaches/anyone who had to make a living from constantly doling out new and improved advice, articles, and reasons to pay them mind and/or money. Usually in this case, whatever the community mindset amongst those who have some experience and education on the topic, the fitness author will manage to disagree for some reason. This can either serve to reinforce in their rabid fans how unique a thinker their hero is, or it can simply be an attention catching device as they will now be the topic of discussion among those who don’t typically need their advice.



I hear ya man but if your talking about working movements, motor patterns, coordination, and specificity it is much different then the main goal of most bro splits. Putting on muscle without necessity to have that muscle produce maximal force in a specific lift.

i agree with absolutely everything you have said. This is exactly the discussion i was trying to create. Getting to the real core of things.

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lol - I’m sure plenty of people will agree once they stop and think about it for a moment.

Brad and I both have a similar commute after work, so we spend an easy hour on speaker phone in our respective cars each afternoon. We joke that if we could record the bodybuilding related discussions we usually have, they’d be pretty entertaining to throw up online.


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Where do people find the podcast?


Why is frequency an issue that needs curing?


lol a moderator changed the name of my thread completely so that it seems like im arguing against my own point. it originally said “am i the only one to notice”… meaning am i the only one to notice that there is no issue woth the frequency in bro splits.

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